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Make the Bed Days....

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Well, Tamme's photos of Roo playing on the bed made me laugh... we used to play "blanket wars," but of course the kitties decided to play it whenever they wanted to. Which, of course, meant being woken up nights with paws scrabbling around under the blankets, LOL!

So now we don't play blanket wars anymore, but we do play "Make the Bed" It is most of the kitties favorite game, but Shelly, especially loves to play hide and seek with "daddy" while we play "make the bed...."

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Of course, Tuxedo wanted in on the fun, once he'd figured out the game... I don't know how happy Shelly was about it though.....
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They look like they're having great fun! It's hard to make a bed with a cat in the house! And for those of you with more than 2 I can't even imagine what it must be like! Wrapping presents at Christmastime (for those of you that celebrate) must be exciting too!
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Laurie, Tuxedo looks like he's gotten back into great shape! I am so glad you were able to get him home with you!!!
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They are so cute!! Soloman loves to make the bed, he waits till I'm finished so he can hop up there and take a nap.
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We play make the bed with Trent. He like to chase the sheets, hop on top of them as we are straightening, and then we have to pick him up on the sheets like a hammock. Yes, he likes that! Silly kitty!!
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When Leo was still with us, he loved to lay in the middle of the bed while I made it. I would always have a big lump in my freshly made bed. Then I would have to flip up a corner so he could stick his nose out. I miss my big, goofy boy.
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Shelly likes being made into the bed, too. He always manages to find his own way out, however....

There is just something about "sheet waves" that kitties just love!
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Awwwwwwww Spunky kitties!
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