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This is sweet!!!

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A few weeks ago I told of a beautiful white, deaf odd-eyed cat who was up for adoption from an animal shelter. The shelter goes every weekend to our local PetsMart. When I was at PetsMart today I was talking to the lady who was there with several more kitties and dogs. I asked about the white kitty since I fell in love with her. What she told me made my heart melt!

She told me that the cat was adopted! But it was WHO adopted her that melted my heart. There was 2 ladies that came in talking in sign language looking at the cat. When she told them that the cat was deaf, the deaf lady just held out her arms to say that she wanted the cat!!! So the cat is now in a good home with a lady who understands what it is like to not be able to hear.

I told the lady at PetsMart about this site and how we are pro-spay and neuter and anti-declaw and she totally agrees! She will not let her kittens go until they are 12 weeks old. She had some mighty pretty kittens too!

So that kitty has a good home, her other kittens and cats are well cared for and will hopefully be in good homes too.
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Awwwww, how nice!
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That IS a sweet story - thanks for sharing.
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I will never understand why some people wouldn't take in a deaf kitty. They're no more work than a "normal" cat - some just "yodel" louder!
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Probably for the same reason people won't adopt deaf children or children with handicaps? It's not fair or right, but some people see it as a flaw they could not live with.
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So, will the cat have to learn sign language??

It's funny, the first time I heard someone here talk to their dog in Czech, I wondered (just for a moment) how that dog understands what it's owner says.

Never really thought of it until then.

So, if the dog changes hands to a speaker of another language, I guess the dog will have to take foreign language classes?
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Thanks for sharing such a nice story
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