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Favorite odor remover

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What's your favorite odor remover? I'm on a mission to eliminate pet odors in my home and have tried Knockout. It works but not as well as hyped and I'm interested in what other people like. Money isn't an issue when it comes to getting the house clean. Oh, and it needs to work on all surfaces: carpet, hardwoods, etc.
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I like natures Miracle! it works well for me and I use the steam cleaner as well ( on carpeted areas ofcourse)
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Maggie got locked out in the sunroom overnight a couple of summers ago. Unfortunately, she wet on the brand new sofa. I tried a couple of odor removers, including Nature's Miracle, but when it was humid outside, I could still smell the cat urine smell. I purchased ZERO ODOR (on the recommendation of a TCS member), and saturated the sofa cushions, and the cement floor of the sunroom. I put a couple of fans on the sofa and floor, to dry it. It took care of the residual urine odor, and I've never had a problem with the smell...even in humid weather. I swear by the stuff!!! I put a litter box in the sun room, because Maggie seems to get stuck out there every now and then! She also closes herself in the bathroom. Yeah, not the brightest light on the Christmas tree, lol!
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I llike Nature's Miracle for cleaning, especially if there are stains. And Zero Odor is fantastic for odors in general. What is nice is that you can now get it at Bed Bath & Beyond - before it was internet only, and the shipping of a liquid is just a killer, but worth it. It's a bit on the expensive side, so I'd hang on to the receipt til you try it, but for me, it works great.
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