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Cat survives being shot 27 times

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This story on my local paper's website makes my blood boil but don't worry it has a happy ending.

THE relentless torture of a pet cat that was shot 27 times at point-blank range in the head and neck with an air rifle has outraged animal welfare authorities.
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That absolutely makes my stomach turn! What is wrong with people??? How can they be so cruel??!! Shooting it while it's in a cage!!! I really hope they catch whoever did this!!

for poor Possum
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Some people make me so sick! what goes through someones head to think it is ok to hurt animals ( or people for that matter)! I hope whoever did this pays for thier actions!how horrible!And such a nice vet to make sure kitty is taking care of no matter the cost!
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awww poor thing. People can be so cruel. I hate that!! Someone should do the same to the s that did this to the kitty.
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I just don't know how someone could do that.
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Please, please tell us that they caught the people who did this!!!!
I pray that there is a special place in Hell for people who do this type of thing.
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whoever did this needs to be shot 27 times. I am outraged. I could not look at the link. I would be physically ill.
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OH.. How awful.. I hate animal abusers.. I hope the same thing happens to them...
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Poor baby, I am glad that he is ok. I hope that she has learned a thing or 2 and will keep him inside from now on.
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THE net is closing on those responsible for the brutal torture of a cat that yesterday underwent surgery after being shot 27 times in Cairns on Friday.
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OMG! This is appalling! It brought me to tears reading this! And then to the poor kitty is still alive! Who ever is responsible for this should be punished by death, and I mean this! Someone capable of this is capable of so much worse!
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There's another thread about poor Possum somewhere in the forum. It's still a major shock to read more about it! I hope they catch who did it and throw away the key! It's a major behavioral problem similar to Jeffrey scarey! I will never understand how anyone can hurt any animal much less a pet!!! I'm a big fan against spousal, child and animal abuse. How any of it can happen is beyond belief! You'd think by now we all would be more civilized. It makes me cry.
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Sending prayers and vibes that the perpetrator/s is/are caught & punished....and that karma catches up, too
Speedy healing, brave, determined Possum
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And if the perpetrator is caught, is it too late to put that "eye for an eye" thing in effect?
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