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Shipping Jack

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Need vibes and those in the warmer states to blow some nice warm air up here. Right now we might be able to ship on Thurs or Friday. Temps have to be 45 at Minneapolis. It will be 50/60 in Charleston, so no problem on her end!

We need warm temps please.
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for Jack's safe arrival. Hoping for warm days so his breeder can send him to you.
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I hope the weather will be warm enough and Jack ships on Thurs or Fri.
I know how it is waiting for the weather to be good.
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Sending that the weather will be good for Jack to travel!
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Ha, you just need me to make another trip up to MN! The last time I was up was the start of that ridiculous warm front, when I was supposed to be checking out the cold weather.

Hope Jack gets to go home soon!
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OHHH yes - would you please do that Sand????? - you can even stay with us for the weekend - we have a spare room
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Good luck with the weather Martice!
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Hope the weather gets warm enough for him to get home to you safely!!!!!
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Sending warm weather vibes

Hope you're ready for 2 Oci's I'm sure Charlie will be very happy.
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Hahaha, I wish I could come up there! That would make some people I know very happy.

Alas, this week is "prep for the boss' meeting next week", so I cannot leave. I will send some for warm weather though!
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