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Is this flea eggs?

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I found a beautiful long haired cat in January. I had it checked by the vet at that time and she did not have fleas. I have kept her indoors the entire time. Recently I have noticed where she lays small things that have fallen off of her. They look like sesame seeds. They seem to be hard but can crumble with my fingers. I have looked on her fur, and have not found anything to indicate fleas. She does not scratch or dig. I have had cats all my life and have never had a cat shed small seed like things. Is this flea eggs? Do I have a problem?
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Sounds to me like it is tapeworms. When they come out of your cats rear, they dry up and look like sesame seeds but you can sometimes see them in your cats stool and they are white. They are caused by a cat ingesting a flea and alot of cats get this. Your veterinarian can give you a medication, mine get a pill form, and it will get rid of them. They will dose it depending on your cats weight. Do not use the kind of wormer you can get off the shelf at your local store or pet store, it wont work for tapeworms and probably not as safe as something that your vet can give you. Your vet will probably advise you to put your cat on some type of flea control and it will help. I use Advantage on mine, and it last for a full month. Its not something to freak out about, you cant get tapes from your cat, from what I understand. But to me that sound like what it is.
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If they are white, they could be tapeworms- tape worms look like white rice kernels (cooked)

Being that she is a long haired cat, it could also be what is called a fly strike. A certain fly has gotten to her and laid eggs on her and you could be seeing those eggs.

A vet visit either way would be a good idea-
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Good luck, whatever it is.
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