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So, I woke up REALLY late today, I wasn't feeling well myself. But I woke up about 35 minutes ago and came in the living room to find Ricky Bobby having a sneezing fit. He came up for his "good morning" scritches and kisses and sneezed all during that. I fed him his "breakfast" (late, lol) and he sneezed about 3 times while eating. He is now walking around looking for something to get into and he's sneezing. I've never seen him sneeze this much. He's fine besides that, nose is fine, no gunk or anything on his eyes, they are as clear as can be. I'm just wondering why he is sneezing so much? Any ideas?
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He could be getting a uri or something.
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Are there any signs I should look for on the uri? I've never had a cat with an uri? He hasn't been around any cats at all. The last time he was out of the house was on Friday night, we took him for a quick car ride while we went to get fast food. He loves car rides! Could something have been in the air? Hopefully he just had something in his nose that he had to clear out, the sneezing is slowing down a bit...
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Is it a sudden onset? Has the weather recently changed in your area? Is he acting normally otherwise?
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Yup, it was very sudden.He's fine besides sneezing, acting like his normal self, just sneezing while doing it. I'm in Tx, so the weather is constantly changing. Just a few days ago t was 80 degrees, and last night it got down to freezing temps. I thought he may have been exposed to something in the air friday night, but what are the chances of that. We always take him for a car ride, around once a week maybe? He's still sneezing, but not nearly as much as he was when I first woke up.
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I'm in Texas, too, so I totally understand the weather! It was 29º here this morning and will be back to 80º by mid-week. Gotta love having 3 seasons in a 24 hour period!

I'm wondering if the sneezing is just a result of the change in weather. I would run a vaporizer or start some water to simmer on the stove to add some humidity back into the air. You can also do the bathroom steam treatment. Just get the shower nice and steamy, bring your cat into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. Let the kitty stay in the bathroom while you shower. This will help loosen any snot and help kitty breathe better. Keep an eye on him the next few days and if you see any colored nasal or eye discharge or if his eating, litter box, and/or play habits change, take him to the vet.
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Thanks Stephanie! Sounds like a plan.
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He stopped sneezing. But now he seems really lethargic. I thought it may have just been me making a big deal, but just right now DH just told me that Ricky Bobby seems really weak to him. I really hope he isn't getting sick. He was fine then a few hours ago he laid down for a nap, since then he's been really out of it, like walking around really slowly and not himself. I also noticed that he still has tapeworms. Around the 2nd week of January I had noticed he had tapeworms and got a prescription of Drontal for him. It seemed like the tapeworm went away. So I emailed my vet and asked for more Drontal, I should be able to get it tomorrow after work. I just hope he's not coming down with something. He's eating and drinking fine.
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The lethargy concerns me as do the tapeworms. He needs to go back to the vet and be checked out.

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I guess he was just really tired that day. The lethargy only lasted for an hour or two. He snapped out of it and was back to his old self.Sneezing stopped too. I called my vet and talked to them about the tapeworm. They said didn't have to take him in and just got me a prescription for more drontal. Hopefully this batch of drontal will take care of the tapeworm. I know it wasn't a case of him getting reinfected because he doesn't have fleas.
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Glad to hear he's better and glad that you don't have to take him back to the vet. I wish my vet would just give me meds for my kitties over the phone! LOL I always have to drag them back.
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