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Who Else Has the "Cat Butts" Magnet Set?

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I have it and I LOVE IT!!!

Last night I was watching United States of Tara (show on Showtime with Toni Colette) and Tara has a set on her fridge as well!
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I have them and my dad hates them.
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I have them! i did lose one of them during the move though
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I have them...people get so grossed out when they see them

I have also bought them for a couple members here!
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Where do you get them from? They are magnets?? My husband got me a big magnet for the front door the other day that says don't let the cat out no matter what it tells you!!!lol
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Yup... I have them... I've had them a few years now... I have a refrigerator and inside of my front door FULL of magnets and clipped comic strips help up by said magnets... The Cat Butts are only a handful of many...

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I haven't got them but I love them. It doesn't look like a Siberian butt though!
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Those are awesome! I would love to get them, but we don't put things on our fridge. We have one or two free magnets we got from our church when we first started going that we use when we put a note or a reminder (something to turn into DS's school, a bill, etc) that we need to take notice of so we don't forget, but otherwise our fridge is clean.
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.. I want one!...
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