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Little update

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Well Little will be 6 weeks old tuesday. I weighed him on the real scale at work saturday (instead of the gram scale lol) and he weighed 1.2 pounds! He has little teeth but is still not interested in eating any kind of big boy food at all. I have tried baby food, canned food (several different kinds), dry kibble, kibble soaked in KMR, KMR mixed with baby food and canned food, chicken etc etc etc and he wants none of it. I feed him about 4 times a day with the bottle. I don't know where he should be by now as far as that goes but it seems at this age he should at least be showing an interest?

He still can't potty w/o stimulation, although he is getting pretty good at the peeing part. My other cats still aren't super thrilled about having another around but are really great with him and when he gets annoying they just leave lol. He is getting pretty playful and would rather be down on the floor roaming around then snuggling with me anymore! How do I discourage him from attacking my feet? They seem to be his favorite plaything. He also has started playing with a few of the cat toys that are laying around. One in particular, a pink and gold foil crinkly ball, he will carry around in his mouth from place to place.

And as always, here are a few new pics of the little monster

Playing with his big brother's tail:

Sneaking a nap in the comforter

Camera shy? No way!
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He is so freaking cute he looks to be thriving! you must be doing a great job taking care of him
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OMG he is soooooo adorable! Looking more and more like a kitten every day.. and not an infant!

Can't help much with the potty and baby stuff, tho. But I do believe that at six weeks he should be showing some interest in solids. Have you tried rubbing the wet food or KMR/food mix on his lips and/or gums where he would lick it off? Sometimes they need... um... 'coaxing', b/c they get very attached to the bottle.
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Yes, I have actually put fingerfuls of food right into his mouth. He will swallow them but refuses to take any by himself. He will also lick it off his feet if it gets on him, but that's about it.

Tonight he discovered the litterbox. He was really interested so I put him in there and WOW what fun! He walked around, and scratched and explored and after a few minutes DayDay, the black cat in the picture above, came over to investigate. As if to teach him, he got into the box and squatted and peed right infront of him. He never covers his poo/pee so after he hopped out little walked over, gave it a few sniffs, and covered it up!! I should have put him in before I pottied him, I wonder if he would have tried to pee!
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Omg he's soooooooo cute. I got Luna at 4 weeks and it wasn't for sometime afterwards that she really ate much. She preferred for me to be bottle feeding her milk, but unfortunately there were times of day when neither my boyfriend or I could be with her for hours at a time (she was fine with peeing and pooping on her own, just not able to use the kitty litter) and so she ate some wet food out of desperation I suppose. She only ate very very small amounts though, like a 1/4 of a pouch of food at a time!

As far as the feet thing go, discourage it by making loud noises and walking off as soon as he tries. Or walk off before he gets a chance to attack if you notice him getting ready - my kitty would wiggle her bottom and lower her head when she's about to make a leap for it. Discourage it ASAP - something I didn't do and am really regretting it now!
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When my orphans were going through that stage I tied a shoe lace to my ankle and sometimes tied a small toy to the lace. That way they chase the string and not attack the feet/ankle. They really get tuckered out chasing the shoe lace and will just pass out asleep where they stop. Too cute.

Yea, I learned several things in hindsight that I thought was "cute" at the moment but later proved to be a bad idea. I let one of mine get on my back and shoulders to watch me as I cooked or cleaned. Well at 10 lbs and over a year old, it's not cute.
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