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I treated myself!

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yesterday me and a good friend took the bus to NYC to go shopping for the day. I got to meet up with a dear friend of mine i havent seen in quite some time. We spent most of the day on canal st, cause im all into sunglasses and purses. I really didnt see any real good knock off sunglasses, but i got 2 bangin knock off purses, i got a black channel tote and i swear it looks so real! sometimes you can tell its a knock off but this one totally looks real. Then what i really wanted was a louis voutton with the cherries all over them but i couldnt find one so i settled for a LV traditional cylinder purse. i like both of them but the chanel one is just bangin! then the guy kept bugging me to buy a fake movado, and he wouldnt leave me alone so finally i bought it for 20 to shut him up lol. Me and BF both have real movados we dont need any fakes so ill just give it to one of my friends. Then in macys i bought a DKNY shirt that was on sale. I took 200 and still came home with money YAY! Oh and they had Ed hardy hats for 10 bucks each and i swear they have to be real cause i bought BF a real one for xmas, so yesterday i bought one for myself and i got another for BF and we compared it to his real one wich i paid 80 for and they looked totally the same. so yes i had alot of fun. i always used to drive in to NYC but screw that, that was the first time i took the bus and for 33 dollars RT, its better than paying for gas, parking, plus the toll for the lincoln tunnel.
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Sounds like you had a great time!
I would love t go to NYC for a long weekend in the summer. So many things to do and see there!
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Good time and lots of good deals!!
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awesome deals! I love finding things like that.
I found a Louis in a consignment shop last year and I swear its an amazing knockoff. I love it. but its a little hard to carry! Oh well!
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i love shopping, yesterday my best friend and i went to visit her grandparents and i hadnt been to our old shopping centre for 7 years they had renovated it too, as we pulled up I could barely recognise it! it was purely full of designer clothes and really expensive stores. I did not enjoy it one bit! i needed new skirts and pants for work. DH told me i could spend up to $200, i only spent $20!
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Real Ed Hardy hats for $10?? If they were real, they were stolen goods. Those are $60 hats.
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