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Sunday!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Another bitterly cold day here with the temperature sitting at -21C. Hmmm who else is looking forward to spring.

Nothing to serious to do today, the usual routine of litter boxes, dishes and tidying up a little. Am going to do some more work on my quilt patches later.

Thinking about making a Chicken Pot pie for dinner so will start the filling for that shortly.

The kitties are good, tearing around the house like banshees, even Sassy is being frisky this morning which of course has Linus and Pixie completely wound up. They love when the old guy decides to play with them.

Everyone have a great day
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I am headed out to brekkie with some friends right now. After that picking up Josh, heading to pick up our $100 gift cert for the Keg We won it!

Then groceries!
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Promise is sitting here on my lap looking absolutely adorable. Tre wants to be up in my lap too, so he's fussing and generally giving Promise dirty looks. Tiny and Thufir are in the den asleep in the chairs. We've got a little snow shower this morning, but the temperature is already above freezing so it won't stick and will probably just turn to rain later on.

As for my plans today, I'm going to spend a little time this morning planning out the week, then after lunch it's off to take in my recycling and then off to Border's. I plan to spend the afternoon there checking out the books and sipping on coffee with a couple of friends.
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the usual...


going to the rents for sunday dindin

hittin up sams club, petsmart, and wegmans

then coming home and relaxing some more
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Well, my husband has been out of town so I have to clean house before he gets back! I turn into a complete and total slob while he's gone and really prefer that he doesn't see that side of me. So I need to hide the evidence.

I also volunteered to babysit my best friend's twins (3 year old girls) while she goes to the baptism of her boyfriend's son.

While I have the twins, I'll attend my nephew's 13th birthday party.

It's going to be a full day!
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Well we finished closing the books for my business and I made a little bit of money!!!

Also caught up the book for 2009.

Made pancakes for a later breakfast and have to run to the store as I want to made some fried rice and later a potato crusted canadian bacon and smoked cheddar quiche.

Didn't make the movies yesterday so we plan on it for this afternoon

Sunny but unseasonably cool weather continues. There is hope though with three weeks until the start of spring.
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We went out for breakfast this morning and ran into some friends at the restaurant, so we joined them and had a great time.

We're now just about to leave for a bowling party with some other friends, so that should be fun.

After that, I'm headed to my parents for dinner. My brother and his family are down from Milwaukee for the day.
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