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RIP Jeannie

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Just wrote this for the rescue, and thought i would use it as his tribute.

It is hard enough to comprehend people dumping cats on the street, but so much harder to understand when you come across an old and disabled cat. Poor Jeannie was found walking on a road, despite being blind and deaf, with a bad ear infection - it is a wonder he survived, and can't have been out too long with his disability. No one thought he had long left (we initially thought jeannie was a girl, hence the name!!), and a foster home was found, but he proved us all wrong, and had 15 weeks in a home environment, despite vets not being very positive when he first came in, as he wasn't in great condition. Sadly he also had arthritic legs that didn't respond to treatment, and this was ultimately what meant we had to let him go, but he got to end his life in a home, with people who loved him, when it was his time, the fact he was unhomeable was never an issue, it wasn't an easy 15 weeks, but the important thing was giving him as long as possible, which we did. My fondest memory is walking into the kitchen and seeing him curled up fast asleep in front of the washig machine while it was on - not a sight you normally see!! RIP little one
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He had 15 wonderful weeks - play happily over the Rainbow Bridge.

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I'm so sorry about Jeannie. Bless you for loving and caring for him in his final days. RIP sweet boy.
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R.I.P Jeanie
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Poor Jeannie. I'm glad his last days were with you where he was loved and coddled.

Rest in peace, Jeannie.
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RIP Jeannie.
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Rest in Peace, Jeannie - Heaven is a great place for kitties and their angels
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So sorry to hear that

At least he knew love at the end.

Rest in peace sweetie
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I'm so sorry about Jeannie's passing. I'm glad he got to enjoy warmth, a shelter over his head, and most importantly, love.

Rest in Peace, Jeannie
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Thanks everyone
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What a horrible thing to do to the poor boy At least he had 15 weeks of love and affection

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