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OMG Luna still has stitches from her spay!

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I got Luna spayed about...a month, 2 months ago now?
I'd notice something a bit rough when I'd pick her up but thought it was maybe some of the scab that had formed, and I could never really examine her because she HATES her tummy being touched, but finally with my friend and my boyfriend over we were able to hold her down so I could have a look, and it's stitches!
But not the stitches which were originally on the outside wound, I think it's stitches from inside. When I had her done the vet explained to me that there were 3 layers of stitches, one on the outside, and 2 on the inside.
I think it's from one of the inside layers.

What do I do? I know the vet is going to try to blame me for not noticing sooner - but I can't help it, Luna can be very agressive (she draws blood from me on a regular basis!) and she does not like her belly being touched AT all, and there's not much I can do about that.

Could it be bad for her? I was under the impression they should dissolve, but this seems to be well stuck...argh!
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Is it on the skin or still on the inside?
The ones on the inside will take months to disolve but if its on the outside they should be gone.
I can feel the inside ones on my cats but there are none on the outsid anymore.
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they're from the inside but they're sticking out through her skin. it's almost like, the ends of the stitches they didn't cut off and managed to leave them sticking out when they stitched her up on the outside.
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Thats not good.
Meeko and Cleo are not like that.
You can feel them inside but nothing is sticking out.
Is there another vet you can go to?
Its not right for a vet to blame you.
My Sasha just had a lapo spay 2 weeks ago tomorrow and she is not like that either.
How many are sticking out?
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I think there's 2. I can't hold her down long enough to check, but they're quite long. And now she's running away from me because she knows I want to look at her tummy!

I could take her to another vet but I really don't have the money. Because she ate the plastic bag right after I got her spayed I ended up spending over a $1000 in those 2 weeks, I just can't afford it.

The original vet I took her to wasn't bad, it's part of the Sydney Animal Hospitals, but I just don't know how they could have missed this.
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This happens sometimes. It appears to me that when the cat licks they can expose them. I just take sterilized fingernail clippers and cut them off as short as possible
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I believe internal stitches are ones that can dissolve. However, it does take 2-3 months for that to happen (I think). The vet here uses dissolving stitches on the outside, too, often - and those take 2-3 months to come out.
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I know they used dissolving ones on the inside, but on the outside only the cotton type ones were used - and we took her back to get those out. However it was my boyfriend who took her to get them out so I wasn't there to watch. But this isn't like it's stitched on the outside, it's like they've accidently left some sticking out from the inside when they did the outer stitches.

I guess I may just cut them - I'll call them and double check btu I don't see what could be done about it other than just cutting them, trying to get them out would involve opening her up again and I definately don't want that.
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