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How Does Your Cat Respond to Fresh Catnip?

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My boys (Leo and Taxi) respond in what I consider a normal way...lots of rolling around and licking anything touched by the catnip. They get a little bit spunky and want to tear up toys that I've rubbed in the leaves. But it all seems normal and cute.

Minka turns into a psychotic little devil. You really can't get anywhere near her because she will launch herself at you and goes into complete attack mode! It's rather frightening. It's really kind of ironic because she is the cat that loves so much to be cuddled, held, and pet. But on catnip, you can't lay so much as a pinky on her without the risk of losing it!

Do your cats do anything unusual/funny with catnip?
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Bugsy will try to tear the catnip toys apart, and acts like a stoned goofy head. Lucky is not affected at all by it...
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Iv'e had kitties in the past that completely freaked out with catnip! Maia is such the exception....she will sniff it and walk away, doesn't care what so ever that it is there! She will look at me as if to say "Oh please, this is all you got?!"
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That is so funny that you each have a cat who could care less! Mine go crazy every time they see me go to the catnip clay pot on the deck because they know what's coming. My husband never had cats before we me and he is still amazed by the power of catnip!
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Mine do not care at all. I've tried dried, fresh, grown my own, sprays catnip and valerian - none of it brings any reaction at all.

But they are nuts anyway, so probably don't want them on catnip
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Pumpkin once dumped out a small plastic tub of 'nip... on the bed, no less. She mostly just rolled in it and ate it, until I came in with the vacuum.

Zero turns into a completely feral jerk. When he's 'nipping, he doesn't know me, my GF, or care that we exist. he just wants to run-play-kill-maim anything and everything, and develops the ability to run on vertical surfaces. Pumpkin is the only one who can slap some sense into him when he's on 'nip, and usually leaves him a small but very precise scab on his cute little nose. Of course, sometimes he flips out like that for no reason, too. Eventually he crashes and turns into a purr-bucket snuggle-muffin...
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Mine pretty much have the regular reaction, one is more into licking and eating it. However, one thing gets pronounced with all of them and that is 'drug wars'. All of mine are very docile kitties (haevn't tried our newest kitty on dope yet) but give them 'nip and low and behold after some nice nipping they will be at each other.

We tend to laugh and remind them in the beginning of the session how it will turn sour in the end anyway, so brace yourself. Someone will always start the nastiness and go for someone else's stash or throat. Luckily it's not too vile but they certainly express quite a lot more hostility than when they are sober.
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Mine all seem to react differently, Nemo acts aggressive and somewhat mean on catnip!Trouble and Mischief roll around and act goofy!Princess sniffs it a little and then goes and acts lazy.Itty Bitty is not affected by it at all.
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This is what my Minka looks like on catnip:

And she is usually our sweet darling cuddlebug!
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Zane is completely indifferent to catnip. Smog went crazy over it, but I don't remember my folks ever giving PurrPuss any.
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Swanie will sniff it, shake his head, sniff again, shake his head. Roll around with the toy, rub it on his face and head, chew on it, etc. After he gets done doing that, he will roll over and take a nap.

Cindy sniffs, says whatever, and walks away.
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My RB cat Sphinx wasn't affect by catnip of any kind. Kuce just likes to snack on dried catnip but doesn't like fresh. Luvbug rolls on his toys and snacks on it. Lil' Jag eats it and acts wild.
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All my cats love fresh or dried catnip They roll in eat it and just go crazy. Fun to watch
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Shareena and Miss Patchwillow don't react at all. I don't even bother to buy things with catnip in them because plain toys cost less and the girls enjoy them just as much. I don't know about Goldy or her kittens. I haven't even tried it with them.
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They'll roll in it and rub all around it, but Spooky Bear is the only one that really reacts to it... he'll go zooming around the room. It's completely opposite of his usual personality.
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Does anyone know if other feline species react to catnip? I'd like to watch--from a safe distance--a tiger or leopard on a catnip jag.
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i have some real catnip nuts here! they all go crazy for it, even the newest cat in the fold. actually, that's how the newest cat found my house surely, because I grow fresh catnips & catmints! yay!

I have a cat that also seems to enjoy lolling about in sage & lavender, too.

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That is such a beautiful photo!
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All four follow me around with the catnip and sniff it out they love to eat it and roll in it but never anything too crazy unless I break out the catnip bubbles. They are bubbles (like a little kids) but made with cat nip oil. They go nuts cause of the smell and the fun of chasing the bubbles. I think all cat owners should try it a great way to play together
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Gus absolutely LOVED fresh catnip and would go nuts for it. We'd just give him a branch from the plant and he'd hug it and chew on it, then run like a wild man around the house, then he'd pass out. LOL

Nora has never been given the fresh catnip, only the dried, but she loves it. She doesn't really go crazy, but she rubs all over and starts to drool, and she eats it. Then she gets really stoned. lol I'm curious to see how Nora reacts to fresh catnip, but it is a noxious weed and I refuse to plant it again. I could never get rid of the last plant I had at our old house, and it took over the garden.
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They roll around in it and drool. I sprinkled those cardboard scratch pad thingys a few times and in minutes their soaked. eeew!
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