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I have noticed within the last couple of weeks that when I pet out guy he tends to drool. It's only when I'm petting him and it's not a great deal just little drops here and there. I've checked out his mouth and it looks fine, and he's eating and drinking just the same. I'm just wondering does anyone else have a kitty that drools out of sheer joy?? I'm hoping that's it, but he does go into the vets next I will ask just to be sure.
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Yeah, that's not too uncommon. Several members here have mentioned the same thing.
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One of my girls does that Lulu. As soon as she comes and lays on me and kneads starts purring she starts drooling. Its some kind of stimulation or something. Theres nothing wrong, you just get a little soaked.
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One out of my 4 guys is a drooler. The more pleased, the more drool. The more tired and pleased, more drool. Kneading and fantasizing, SUPER-drooly.

I think when he feels very babyish on my lap, he gets mega-drooly (just eaten, tired, kneading my armpit, and thinks he's a tiny kitten)...

We just call him loose-lip when he does it.
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My Trouble drools when getting loved on too
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Maggie is my drippy-drooler. She'll lay on my lap and knead, purr, and drool. Sometimes I'll end up with a dinner plate sized wet spot on my leg (yuck!) It's really nasty when she's drooling away, and then shakes her head....drool goes flying around (and always seems to get on my glasses!) Lola also drools when shes kneading and purring. Hers is just a few drops at a time, not a faucet like Maggie!

If it's a relatively new occurance, you should have your vet carefully check out the kitty's mouth, teeth and throat. Sometimes there are problems that can cause drooling. If he checks out okay, then...welcome to the club of drooling kitties!!!
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My kitty does this, when she's kneading me or in the morning when we have our wake up cuddle. I only notice it when I pull her off me and I see all this slober coming off her mouth, or she shakes her head and droplets spray everywhere!

Or if she's been kneading my hair in my sleep, when I wake up there's usually a frizzy curly section of my hair where she's slobered all over, hehehe.
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Zero drools. Only when he's really happy, comfy, and being snuggled. Not much, just a drop here or there from the corners of his mouth.
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