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Pregnant foster

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I am fostering a pregnant cat named Tessa II(my kids named her that because she looks almost identical to another cat we fostered a little over two months ago and her name was Tessa)
Anyway the shelter says that Tessa was an owner turn in. She apparently got out Jan 10th while she was in heat. She was gone about a week. She was about 5 weeks pregnant when I got her. She is now about 7 weeks pregnant. I have her in her own room, with her own litter box and food and water dishes. I think I am going to set up my x-large dog crate and put her nesting box and everything else in there, that way she doesn't try to have the kittens in an odd spot. I have been researching cat pregnancy and birthand am feeling pretty confidant but does anybody have any tips?
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You should be feeding her a high quality kitten food. Other than that, keep her separated from other cats. I am sure someone will come around soon to let you know of anything else.
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I am feeding Innova Evo dry and wet. Should I switch to kitten?
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Yes, she needs the extra calories and protein.
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Evo is an ALS food. It's already pretty high in protein and calories. I believe the numbers are 48% protein and 22% fat. The only food I know that has a higher protein is Wellness core at 50% but the fat is only 18%. Is there anything specific in kitten food that the EVO lacks?
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Eeek! One more week! Go Tessa II!
Keep us updated!
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That Evo food should be enough.

Kitten food is recommended because it is better then most standard cat foods.
But this Evo seems to by skyhigh better then most standard cat foods...

Kitten food contains also a little more taurin, and perhaps something else.
But as said, this Evo should be a good base.

If you want to give her something extra, you can.
If it looks like she is going to get a big litter, you should also give extra calcium. (Cheese is ok, milk if she doesnt have issues with milk. But many cats do have problems with milk!
Otherwise laktose-free milk is ok. Yoghurt has also lesser content of laktose, etc).

How is it where you live. Do you have salomonella in eggs? if not, raw egg yolk is good. For example together with minced meat.
or together with gruel (if you think she may have issues with milk, use gruel from corn/maize).
Thus: Gruel, egg yolk, a little butter... perhaps even a little dextrose. very good for cat moms, especielly when they are tired by the labor.
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Any kittens yet?
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