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Kitler & her dipstick tail!

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Not only does Molly have a mustache, but she also has a white tip to that tail of hers! I love this girl - she's goofy, funny, weird, & sweet. Oh & flighty.

Forgive the eye - we are battling an eye infection (still) on top of severe herpes. She had just gotten eye meds. She was hiding, ya know, look how well she blends with her surroundings!

...then she spots it - the elusive camera string *insert dramatic music here*

"I hide, be one with the blanket"

"Then I pounce!"

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Ahh, she's adorable! I love her little mustache.
Get better soon Kitler
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Molly sounds like she has HUGE personality! Love the pics! She is soooo cute. Love the mustache too. Kitties with unusual markings are great
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LOL I just noticed her tail (scuze me, I'm slow). It looks like a artists brush with white paint! How cute!
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Aww! She's beautiful I hope her eye feels better soon!
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Awwww that beautiful little mustached girl, I love her white tipped tail
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She is a pretty girl! She looks like one of my ferals.I love her mustache and white tipped tail
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I love her hiding pics. She does it so well!
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What great markings she has!! She looks super soft too. Hope her eye feels better soon
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What a great face & name!

Love the tail, too! My Johnboy has the same little dab of "paint" on his tail.
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How cute! She checks her own oil level!!!! The lower the oil level, the less black markings!
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