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Just found 2 young kittens in my barn

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Ok..Just found the cutest kittens in my barn. They are both gray, one long haired, the other smooth, about 5 months maybe...they are about as long as the area between my elbow and my wrist. Still have a really baby face and baby teeth. As I still have Fuzzy, Smooth, Gray, and Orange, we are naming these smokey, (#5) and smoke (#6). smokey has a little clear liquid in one side of her nose, but seems ok. She sure can purrrrrrrr. Smoke isn't that sure of me yet. time will take care of that. But from what I can see, he/she seems to be healthy. Of course, after Orange Cat, we said no more ferals, but of course, when they show up we can't say no. What's another couple????
I guess I should try to get them to the vet as soon as I can get smoke in a trap. We are going to get some bad weather tonight and tomorrow, so I hope they stay in the barn with the other cats who seem to be ok with them.

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If I were a priest, I would now send you my blessings for your good and big heart.

As it is, I must contend myself with sending you and your family good vibrations.

But try to find them adoption homes. A good rescuer should be careful not to collect on herself too many rescued cats.
It is after all easier to be a good home than a good rescuer, good rescuers being thus more scarce.
Try to find them good homes, and proceed with what you are really good at = being a good rescuer and fosterer.
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I would love to find them good homes, but I really don't know many people here. I live way out in the country, and have only been here for 6 years. I can ask around at our feed store. Our neighbors are on the older side and have small indoor dogs. There is no way they could, or should, have a cat. You are right tho, I don't need to keep them, although I have fallen in love with smokey (5). Smoke(6), her brother/sister, will have to be trapped, or next week she will get so tired of hearing my voice that she will come running out of the tack room asking to be moved I could check with the TNR group where we got our others from and see if she would want them. I know she wanted me to socialized her ferals then she could get them adopted. Maybe this would be the start of something. I'll give her a call this week. We are due to get up to a foot of snow between today and tomorrow. Do you have any other ideas? I'm open to all of them. Even hubby said this morning that we just don't have enough mice to keep all the cats happy. lol.

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Originally Posted by lostmary View Post
Our neighbors are on the older side and have small indoor dogs. There is no way they could, or should, have a cat. ..... Do you have any other ideas? I'm open to all of them.
Do I understand you right? The answer is:
There is no contradiction between being a dog-owner and also a cat-owner.
Or rather, no á priori contradiction between dogs and cats.

Especielly small dogs and cat have good possibilities to be good friends with each other. They should have much joy of playing with each other. Unless these dogs ARE learned cat-chasers of course. Big dogs are also often good friends with cats, but the play is more cumbersome, and sometimes may even be dangerous for the much lesser animal - it may be simply accidentally crushed by the much heavier dog...

It is not even necessary to make a big fuss about this. Homeless cats wanting in, do make much to please themselves in. To resident cats, to people (if they arent too shy) - and also to dogs.

Although it is surely good if you do foster them some first.

About ideas for finding them new adoption-places. There are some of them in the thread about rescuing cats from euthanizing at SPCA.

Perhaps some of the ideas there are useful to you too...
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I may try to bring in one of the kittens to see how my girls act to her. Maybe as she is a kitten they will be nice to her. My dogs are rescues, and 2 of them are very very old. They have all come to me with problems, and so far I have been able to help with most of them. I haven't been able to fix all of them. Cats are one of them. 3 of them would be kinda ok. one of them would like them for dinner, and not as a guest. Orange Cat was on the deck with us the other day and 3 of the cats jumped him at once. He did run out of the yard, and boy was his nose out of joint. Of course, since he was neutered, gray cat has been really beating him up. I don't know what her problem is. Poor guy doesn't know what has happened. As weather is getting bad, I may try it in a bit. If I do, I'll let you know how it goes.
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That is so great you took these kittens in and are taking care of them!I noticed you live in Fredericksburg VA? I grew up there!!
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Well, I now have both kittens in the back of the house. Smokey (5) is the cutest kitten. She is a duilted (sp) calico, in fact, they both are. Smokey is going to go to by daughter and her husband. We are going to get her tested and all shots and spayed. that is what they are getting for their birthdays. Smoke (6) is going to shadowcats, and will be on petfinder. I will keep smoke till she is adopted out tho. They both seem to be about 4 mo. old. I'll find out Thurs. when I take then to the vets. Smokey (5) has a cold and some green stuff coming out of her nose. I try to keep her wiped clean. Also, with long hair she tends to get poop on her hair. That is always a joy to clean up. My life if all poop involved. My horses, my dogs, cats...at least my kids grew up.... I've come to terms with the fact that I can't keep everything that comes to me. That means horses, dogs, cats, etc. I can only help so many at a time.

Oh well,
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