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Ally is injured! Need prayers!

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This morning, while I was asleep, my family came into my room and took the cat out without my knowing.

They then left her unsupervised and she managed to get up onto the upper rail on the second story of the house and fall all the way down onto marble. This is the second fall she's had, and this time it was a good 10 feet higher than before.

I woke up apparently right as it happened.

She defecated on herself almost immediately, and was in pain. I quickly gave her a bath to avoid any infection from feces getting in her eyes, nose, or mouth and took her to the emergency animal hospital.

The vet verified that she is indeed injured as I suspected. The extent of her injuries is unknown right now, but she was in and out of consciousness in the waiting room and in clear pain.

They are giving her pain meds and taking complete x-rays. She will also likely need to go to a veterinary neurologist on Monday. I needed to leave her there while they do a complete work-up and take all the x-rays and will pick her up in about an hour and a half.

Please. I need as many prayers for Ally as I can get. I am unbelievably upset right now and scared for her.

Please pray for her.
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OMG, this doesn't sound good at all! I hope she is able to be stabilized so a full assessment can be made.
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OMG I am so sorry this has happened again....pls keep us updated.....I don't know what else to say at the moment...this is just so sad
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Make sure you give Ally plenty of love and talk to her! Give her plenty of reasons to live. Her will to live should increase. Hope she does well.
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I'm so sorry! Poor Ally! that your little girl is ok.
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I'm sending out Prayers and vibes that she'll be OK!
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I'm so sorry this has happened again. so that she gets better quickly! Make sure you let your family know that she is just a little one, and needs supervision. It's just like having a toddler - no one in their right mind would let a toddler roam around near a 20 foot drop!
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Make sure you let your family know that she is just a little one, and needs supervision.
They had already been told. Unfortunately, they seem to have short memories and I'm not happy about it.

I'm angry that they took her out of my room without any intention apparently of keeping an eye on her.

If she makes it through this, I will be installing a lock on the door that only I have the key to.
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Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon. I'll be praying for her.
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Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm really concerned about the safety of this kitten in your home. Perhaps you should reconsider having a cat until you are living on your own. Your family seems to have no care at all for this little one and Ally has already suffered injuries very recently. This last one could well be terminal which would be a travesty.

You've previously mentioned getting another kitten - I would strongly advise you not to at this point.
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Oh, I'm so sorry that happened!! I'll be thinking of both of you!!
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Poor little Ally. Many many Prayers and go out to her.
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Poor kitty! She seems to be using up her lives way too quickly...
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If I were you, I'd move into a different house that doesn't have 20 foot drops for Ally to fall off of. I wonder why she keeps doing it? I hope she gets well soon.
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OMG I am so sorry I hope Ally makes it I know you aren't happy at your family, but most people have stairs in their homes with railings, it was a good idea to try to prevent this by keeping her in your room but even if no one took her out, it's possible that she could have escaped...Just keep in mind that it isn't something intentional that was done to her, it's an accident and can happen to anyone Sending LOTS of vibes and prayers
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that Ally will be OK!
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adding my & for Ally to the rest - & i'd get the lock, too!
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Senind many for wee Ally.
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Sending many prayers for little Ally.
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Omg i'm worried about Ally, he said he is picking her up at in an hour and a half and he still hasnt' posted. I hope the reason is not because the news is bad ..MORE VIBES GOING FOR ALLY I HOPE THEY HELP
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Please let that beautiful little girl be ok - prayers and best wishes for you and the the little one.
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I have Ally.

The vet didn't do a complete X-ray for some reason. I wasn't going to argue with them. They did X-ray everything up to her neck.

No internal injuries as far as organs are concerned. No internal bleeding. No broken bones from what they could see.

She does have a neck injury and a possible neurological issue. Whether it is a fractured disk or a herniated disk - they couldn't tell me because once they saw she was in pain there, they X-rayed everything except the neck and head (anybody who can explain that one to me is obviously smarter than me). She probably got a concussion, but there is no way to diagnose that for sure.

She is on kitty pain meds (some synthetic opiate that I get the impression is chemically similar to Fentanyl). The vet advised me to crate her for the next week. I bought an animal crate/carrier at Walmart that is for a medium/large size dog and it has her bed, food, water, a litter box, and a few toys that require minimal activity to play with.

Unfortunately, getting her seen by a specialist for her neck won't be possible until Monday. If she is still showing pain in the neck by then, I will take her over there.

Sorry for the delay in posting. As I mentioned before, I wasn't too thrilled with my family's recent actions, so after I got Ally set up at home with her crate and all, I made a trip to Home Depot and am installing a bolt on the door to the room I'm staying in - to which only I will have a key (until I move out at which time I'll re-key it for the standard interior room key for the house).

I love my family - but I don't trust them around Ally anymore. I hate to say it - but there have been 3 separate incidents now that they have shown total disregard for her safety and well-being. After the second time, I figured shutting my door would work. Today showed me the flaw in that thinking.

I was planning to leave Ally here and have my brother take care of her when I go on a trip in a week and a half. That won't be happening. I will be making alternate plans for her.

Linda (TCS member and moderator "Yosemite"),

Unfortunately, it is tough to not take that kind of advice the wrong way and to not be somewhat offended.

I agree with you about my family - but it seemed like you are inferring that either I am a bad pet owner, or am incapable of taking care of Ally or another cat? Am I wrong and misread that?

I disagree with that. What I am - is stuck in a bad situation right now where I am living at home until I move out in a few months. I will agree that getting a second cat while still here is a bad idea. However, I don't think I'm a bad pet owner and I think one would be hard pressed to find somebody who cares more about their pets than me.

Once I'm out of this house however, and have 100% control over the environment of my pets, I don't anticipate having to deal with this type of issue again.

In the meantime, I've taken action to see to it that my family cannot jeopardize Ally's well-being anymore. If they want to play with Ally, they will have to do so under my supervision.

It's sad that it has had to come to this - but I can't change reality.
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How is she doing now? I was so scared when you said she was unconscious at times...Is she acting like she is in pain now or like she isn't herself? Well I would assume that she wouldn't act as herself, after all she's been through but still...Did the vet say she was in a stable condition or anything like that? Wow poor Ally, she is such a sweetheart, her and Jake are close to the same age so what happened to her is something that I fear of happening to Jake every single day...
I don't think you are a bad pet owner. Accidents happen unfortunately we can't control 100% of what happens to our pets.
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The issue with her going in and out of consciousness is probably neurological. She seems better with that right now. She's more of herself than she was earlier for sure. Then again - she's on powerful pain meds and being somebody who has dealt with chronic illness and bad injuries I know not to read too much into behavior while medicated.

I have a bad herniated disk myself from putting up last year's holiday lights. Lifting things is very painful for me right now (which is why I'm not supposed to do it). Prior to my injury, I was doing some serious weightlifting including well over 1,000 lbs on my legs. I can't do ANY weightlifting now, and even basic stuff is painful. If I pop 2 Vicodins though, I probably could run a marathon. So - with Ally on pain meds, I have to be skeptical about how well she really is underneath.

From what I can tell, right now her biggest problem is her neck and possibly a neurological issue stemming from that neck injury. The vet tested her for numbness and she didn't exhibit any. The only real neurological symptom seems to be CNS depression (which is why I have to be careful with these pain meds which only increase CNS depression).

Other than that, right now she's ok it seems. If I hold her and pet her, she purs. She likes kisses and still is very affectionate. She just can't really turn her head very well and cries in pain if she tries to turn her head more than a little in any direction.

If it continues, Monday I will take her to a specialist for that.

The one thing she has going for her is her age. If she's going to be able to heal from an injury ever - it's going to be now.

Her eye is a great example. When I first found her, almost dead, her right eye was totally scarred up and over from an infection. I was sure she'd never see out of it. Now, only 2 months later, if you looked at that eye, you'd never know there was ever an issue unless I told you. She has perfect vision (also, btw - the vet tested her vision and it was perfect, so no neurological issue there either).

She's still Ally. Still happy. Still loving. Just having a bad day and has a neck injury.

Anyways, some reflection allows me to post a lessons learned:

1. Don't trust anybody with your pets. Not even family.

2. When I get a place in a few months it will be 1 story.

3. A bolt on the door is better than a talk with the family.

I guess that's all I've got right now. I'm still a little miffed I guess.
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Wow..I am surprised she didn't have anything broken ( that they could tell ) How is she acting now ? Gawd I sure hope she doesn't have any neurological damage ....poor little thing...I have some stairs that my younger cat or older for that matter could fall from....After reading all this I am brain storming on how to put something up there so they won't fall off.....how scary is this
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Man, oh man... I would be STEAMING right now!!! If it was my cat and I was in that sitch, the person who took her out and left her on her own would be verbally flogged! Everyone in the house would get a tongue lashing, too.

I thought your family didn't like the cat? In particular, that your parents were indifferent to her? So I am confused that anyone in the house would have gone into your room and removed her to play with her. Would they have left a little puppy unattended? I don't think so.

You have every right to be really p*ssed right now. But your energy needs to go into getting Ally well.

Head and neck/neurological -- serious stuff. I am sending mega mega MEGA vibes for her complete recovery!

ETA: the one thing here that really bothers me about this is that your family doesn't seem to respect your wishes and requests. Even if they don't really care for the cat, it is important to YOU that you have her, that she be looked after properly, etc.! Why they would do anything counter to that puzzles me.

For instance -- my mother doesn't like cats, dogs, any animal. We didn't have pets growing up. But if I had a pet here, while she wouldn't look after it, if I told her not to open my BR door and let the cat out or something like that, she wouldn't -- she wouldn't "mess with my stuff." To me it's an issue of respect.
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Thank God whe will be OK. I have been checking this hourly since I read your first post.

The same day Ally fell the first time, my Kody also fell from the top staircase handrail....Not sure how it happened--never in the 9 months we have had him had we ever seen him on it--but all of a sudden we heard a crash and chimes--we couldn't figure out where the chimes were coming from. He had hit the Grandfather clock that is at an angle to the downstairs wall. He was trapped behind the clock and jumping and screaming. My husband pulled out the clock -- his little lip was bruised and under his chin. It scared me to death.

Then the next day I saw about Ally falling......

I know you are upset with your family. But please don't let anyone make you feel guilty. I don't know how we could stop this ourselves, but luckily I don't think he has been up there again. My huband pushed the clock up flat against the wall however....so much for the decorator that had come and angled it when we moved in.

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I just logged in, and my heart sank when I saw the thread title. Sending vibes and prayers for Ally.

Stuff can happen, even in what you think is the safest home. My senior guy fell Monday night sometime, and when I got up in the morning he wasn't bearing weight on one leg at all. He got an immediate vet visit, then x-rays, and pain medication. (he's ok now and walking alright) I also lived with family and had my own pets, but was at the mercy of living in their house. I understand how frustrating it is.

I really hope Ally heals up quick.
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Thank GOODNESS she's okay! And thank goodness she has such a caring daddy!
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I thought your family didn't like the cat? In particular, that your parents were indifferent to her? So I am confused that anyone in the house would have gone into your room and removed her to play with her. Would they have left a little puppy unattended? I don't think so.

You have every right to be really p*ssed right now. But your energy needs to go into getting Ally well.
I am pretty P/O'd for sure.

As for my family not really liking the cat - they're fickle lately and really got me steaming today. Not just for taking Ally out of my room while I was sleeping only to leave her unsupervised - but then after she got injured, while I was waiting for the call from the vet to let me know they were done, my parents were trying to tell me that if she is injured in any major way that would require major money to fix, that it's better to put her down.

Put her down?! I was thinking to myself, "You're the reason she's injured, and now your solution is to kill her?!"

I kept my tongue. They're my parents at the end of the day. What I wanted to say, stayed within me because:

1) It wouldn't do any good.

2) My energy, as you've mentioned, is better spent productively by making sure she's ok, gets better, and this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

I know you are upset with your family. But please don't let anyone make you feel guilty.
I am indeed upset with my family. I do feel guilty - in that I should have put a bolt on the door before when I got the impression my family wasn't going to be totally responsible with her. However, like what I said before, I'm trying to focus my efforts on getting her better. She's sleeping right now in her new crate/cage which I've taken the time to make really really comfy for her.

The one thing I have going for me with all of this, is that I will be OUT of here soon.

I love my family - really, I do. That doesn't mean I can't be angry at them, not want to live with them, and not trust them with certain things.

In a few months, I'm gone - permanently. I won't be moving back in ever. Not just because of this kind of stuff, but also - it's just time to move forward with my life. I was happier living in my own apartment before, and I will be happier living on my own again - plus Ally and any friend(s) she has will also be happier and safer away from here.
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