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A stroke of luck!

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Today on my way home from my boyfriend's house I stopped at Petco to get a Cat Charmer and some wet food for Mony. I was thinking about buying a cat carrier there, since I've been borrowing my boyfriend's and haven't bought one yet, but they seemed so expensive so I didn't get one.

On the way home from Petco I saw a carton that looked like a cat carrier in a city trashcan, so I pulled over with my hazard lights on and went to look at it. It was an old, but perfectly usable pet carrier! So I got one for completely free! I'm about to go wash it out in the shower now.

I feel so lucky!
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One gets to wonder why would anybody throw away a carrier. They could have donated it to a shelter or something.
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Thats Great! You sure can't beat free And I agree the cat carriers do seems expensive! I rescue cats plus I have my own 5, and I try to get them whenever they go on sale.Petsmart had them for 20% off last month
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Lucky! why did I have to pay that money and YOU didn't?!
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Wow!!! That is pretty awesome! Someone is lookin out for you
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Cool! A free carrier. Can't beat that.

For those who aren't so lucky :p .....Wal-Mart has a very nice cat carrier for about $17.50. The SAME carrier at PetCo costs around $40.00. I love those carriers, because I'm trying to have enough carriers on hand to hold all the animals in case of emergency. So far I have 11 carriers......with 10 cats, 2 ferrets (can share a carrier), 2 rabbits (ditto), and the tortoises (ditto), I really should have 13 carriers. I try to buy one every couple of months to spread the expense out.
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