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cat allergy?

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to start off. I'm a college student, but I''m taking a semester off to rest (and see my 3 cats more ^_^) ok, so my Cat Simba, who is about 5 years old, has been sneezing like nonstop everyday for the past six months, like 20-30 times a day, often mutiple times on each occasion) He seems happy enough and issnt in distressd but I am worried. He runs and pounces and sits and cuddles with me and tumbles with the other cats, but I'm still worried about this sneezing. Everyday he has a snotty nose and watery eyes that I clean up. Could this be allergies, or a respiratory in fection, and are there medications (cheap) to help with this. I am not well financially so I can't oay for a vet right now.

We live in Georgia and there might be certain native pollens in the air in this location (Auburn), because he didn't used to sneeze b4 when we lived in Braselton , GA or previously in Chicago.

He is fed well (Good Life Recipe hard food, and nine lives wet food and hard food), groomed well, and is a strictly indoor cat.

any recommendations are welcome

I just want him healthy

btw , heres a pic of him ^_^

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My male cat had those symptoms and turned out it was a respiratory infection . You should get it checked out to be sure...something little could turn into something big.
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I would have him checked at the vets.
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