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Hmm, unless I just can't remember (which is always possible, lol) I would have to say I have no stories to add! Guess I've never met anyone famous.
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I met Terry Fox's dad last summer. Nice guy!
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Paul Newman!! Wow!
And Scott Bakula, I miss Quantum Leap too!
I went to a Melissa Etheridge concert a few years back and the first several rows got to stand infront of the stage and I ended up shaking her hand. I think that's all though.
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i was an 'extra' in the bleachers for Scott Bakula's film Necessary Roughness, which was filmed in Denton, Tx. saw him on the field during breaks in filming, playing 'air guitar', but didn't really meet anyone.
that's the closest i've ever come, tho!
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I have met Catherine Bach and John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard. Both are really nice.

I grew up with a few NZ celebrities.

Scribe - a hip hop singer in NZ He recently opened for Kanye.

Ladi6 - another singer - her older sister was one of my best friends

I am still in touch with both of them through facebook.

I also went to school and was good friends with Nicky Watson. She is more or less famous for marrying a rich guy and then her career took off after that.
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I thought of a couple more.

I handed toilet paper to Koko Taylor under the stall wall in a bar bathroom. Chicago has intimate Blues clubs, and she and I happened to take a break at the same time. Yes, my cat is named after her.

Ran into Burt Reynolds in Chicago while he was filming a movie. I actually walked out of a restaurant right into a scene that was being filmed. They stopped the camera, he just smiled at me, and I walked away quickly.

Mr T. used to walk down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago all the time. I saw him often.

I was shopping at Crate and Barrel in Houston's Galleria one time. Lyle Lovett was in the store and his fans were pestering him for autographs. I didn't want to disturb him, so simply looked up at him from over a display and told him that I really love his music. He walked around the display, shook my hand and asked me my name and where I was from. He was annoyed at people who hounded him. He obviously preferred my approach.
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I went to a Gavin Degraw concert one time... I noticed a guy standing in the crowd. It ended up being Richard Lee Jackson. He was in 'Bring it on Again'. His brother is Jonathan Jackson who was in 'Tuck Everlasting' and both of them were on a couple episodes of Boy Meets World. He was looking at band venues for him and his brother's band. He was really nice and autographed the back of a vet bill for me horse. [It was the only thing to write on in my purse!]. At the time I had a MAD crush on his brother Jonathan... but he was pretty cute in person too :p

A long time ago before I was a twinkle in my parents eyes my Grandfather met a very young Bill Murray in vegas. They had a few drinks together and he ended up giving my grandfather a bunch of Silver Dollars which my grandfather gave to my sister that she still has.
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as far as movie stars i've met Goldie Hawn and Bruce Dern
i've met David Copperfield and Gallagher and Gabriel Iglesias
i've met quite a few musicians Paul Rodgers of Bad Co, Ian Anderson &Andy Giddings & Jonathan Noyce of Jethro Tull, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Michael Schenker and the rest of UFO, Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash, every member of Uriah Heep, Rick Derringer, Ted Nugent, Jeff Lynne of ELO, Sammy Hagar, Buck Dharma & Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult
of authors at booksignings i met Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, R.A. Salvatore, Clive Barker, John Sandford, Terry Goodkind, Dean Koonts, Stephen Hunter, L.E.Modesitt
i probably forgot somebody
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I forgot to mention that I met Jeremy Piven the last time I was in New York.

And Elisabeth Moss (who plays Peggy on AMC's Mad Men).
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oh i forgot i met Anthony Bourdain, the chef from the travelchannel at a booksigning
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Well, one of my friends back in Seattle went to school with Kim Thayil (lead guitarist for Soundgarden) and I've sat around drinking many beers with Brad (my friend), Kim and Chris Cornell.

I share my tiny hometown with NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne, and Boston Celtics' Brian Scalabrine went to highschool in my hometown.
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How could I forget these?

My friend studied under Jan Fennell, the original Dog Listener. She got Jan to come to the states to do a book signing in our city and another friend and I helped to organize the event. Jan asked my friend if we wanted anything in return for our help. I asked if we could take her out to lunch. I had 3 glorious hours sitting at a table with Jan Fennell discussing dogs, how she got into her practice in the first place, and actually challenged her knowledge of cats (she had virtually none, so I taught her some things).

I met Nathan Winograd (a leader in the no kill movement) at another book signing event in the city. Again, I volunteered and had about an hour in the lobby prior to people arriving to chat openly with him.

More book signings (just attended) and did the quick face to face with:
John Glen
Jimmy Carter
Madeleine Albright
Al Franken

And I was at a convention dinner with Bill Cosby as entertainer. He walked the room as he talked and happened to stop right behind me. He stood behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders for a couple of minutes as he did his routine.
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Does anyone know the show Whose line is it anyway? Or Don't forget the lyrics?

Yes I met Wayne Brady tonight and shook his hand and I was apart of his show. LOL We had front row seats for his comedy act here in NZ. I rushed off stage real fast and he came and gave me a hug
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Does anyone know the show Whose line is it anyway? Or Don't forget the lyrics?

Yes I met Wayne Brady tonight and shook his hand and I was apart of his show. LOL We had front row seats for his comedy act here in NZ. I rushed off stage real fast and he came and gave me a hug
Is he as nice as he seems? I love him!
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I forgot to mention that my wife had John Kerry's mother as a girl scout leader for a year or so, back in the 60's.
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I live in an area in NY riddled with celebrities...unfortunately I don't care enough to notice!! SO I am sure I see them all the time I'm just too busy to notice...

For example Donald Trump's golf course is like 5 minutes from my apartment.

Lets see...times I;ve acutally noticed...

I went to school where the NY Knicks praticed and one day I walked into the gym and bumped into these HUGE guys. I said ummm this isn't my yoga class and they were laughing but very nicely told me that my class was downstairs.
I went home and told my father what happened and he started to laugh because I didn't realized that my college was home to the knicks. Opps. They were very nice though.

Hillary Clinton made me late to work one day...I was leaving one of my private students enroute to another one when I got stuck behind these two black SUV's they pulled aside and waved me on to pass them and I looked back going there is no accident when I noticed they were following two ladies who were walking down the street. Hillary was out for a walk. I told my student what happened the next week and she said ohh that is because they live like down the road.

My fiance has seen TONS of celebrties since moving to this area...he has met most of the NY Yankees. And one day we were out to dinner (I was on crutches) and this guy came over to talk to me and said he hoped I feel better...I said thank you. and Joe was sitting there with his jaw on the floor apparently it was some big celebritity and to this day I still can't remeber who!!

I walked into Crispin GLover in Manhattan during the Halloween parade a few years ago. ...literally but he didn't notice since it was crowded in the street that day.

Let's see I'm sure I see them all the time...I just not looking for them. LOL
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I graduated high school with Jim Belushi, but really didn't know him.

In the late 70's I interviewed hockey player Bobby Orr for a book I was writing at the time. Through him I met Phil Esposito, Stan
Mikita and many other players.

I've also met Walter Payton, Burt Reynolds, Engelbert Humperdink, Fess Parker, Hugh O'Brien and Chris Sarandon.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
As a teenager, DH was offered a job by John Wayne Gacy. If you don't remember the story, he would entice teenage boys to his house by offering them a job, then kill them and bury them in his crawl space. I'm very glad DH declined the offer.
OMG! That's way too creepy. A cousin of mine was a detective on the Gacy case and to this day won't talk about it, it was so horrible.
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
Is he as nice as he seems? I love him!
Yeah he's really sweet. I was in a skit but I got really nervous and just stood there he ran over and started to wind me up like a robot so I had to do robot moves! Half of his show was like singing and dancing, which I wasn't into as much! I think he's in CHCH tonight?
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When John Travolta was in my town( Mechanicsburg) he ordered pizza from the shop I was working at. It was while they were filming Lucky Numbers. It was something like 15 or 20 pies. 200 buck tip. I also met Sandra Bullock and Jesse James at the North West Arkansas airport 2 years ago this past weekend. They were standing at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags and I was waiting for mine. Turns out it was walmart week in Bentonville. Oh and in 1996 my aunt paid for me to come visit her in San Diego. It was also the week of the San Diego Comic Con. On the flight out there I sat next to Ron Garney( he used to be the artist on Captain America).
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