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"My brush with fame"

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A guy who I have mentioned here before, known as Mr. Whitekeys, collected "my brush with fame" stories. He kept an interesting list, with people telling about how their mom's hairdresser's sister once threw up on Elvis, and such things. So...how about you? Did you have a brush with a famous person?

My closest such thing is that Tim Allen (then Tim Dick) attended the same school I did in Denver, when I was in fourth and fifth grade. He was a year behind me, and a year ahead of my brother. And no, I don't recall him.

After that, I have an acquaintance who performed in the LA production of "Hair," and a friend who played the drums on some Bangles recordings.

Got a story to tell?
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Tim Dick? No wonder he changed it

I saw "Dwayne Wayne" from "Its a Different World" at the train station in Toronto.
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I used to work at a restaurant that was down the street from one of Walter Payton's bars. He used to come into the restaurant on quiet nights to drink coffee and do his paperwork. I waited on him several times. He was a really nice guy, and a good tipper.

I also got to interview one of my favorite actresses, Marlee Matlin, for my college newspaper. She's a graduate of the community college I went to for two years. She was as wonderful in person as she seems. A few weeks later she came into the restaurant I was working at and was seated in my station. She actually remembered me from the interview.

And finally, DH is good friends with an actor who worked on a TV show called "What's in Herman's Head" with Hank Azaria many years ago. We went to his wedding and Hank was there, too. Hank had a good long stare at my breasts.
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My best friend went to school with and is still in contact with actor Aaron Eckhart, she also went on a couple dates with Steve Young back in the day.

Doc from The Love Boat ran into my parents when they were playing Tennis at a country club in Houston, held me and said, "What a beautiful baby girl!'

Years ago, I met Travis Tritt who was filming a video for "Here's a Quarter" at the oldest operating bar in Gruene, Texas (Gruene Hall). He signed his name over an article about my horse in an equestrian magazine (it was the only paper I had) then asked me if I wanted to stick around and be in the video! It was SO much fun!!

A couple years later, I met William Hurt, Andi McDowell and John Travolta at that same bar. They were fiming the bar/fight scene in the movie Michael. (the bar is pretty famous) My parents and I went every summer to New Braunfuls, which is 5 min away from Gruene.

Oh, and I have met Brooks and Dunn and Trick Pony. I worked for a man who is a famous session artist in Nashville and got to go backstage to "kill some time" with the bands.

OH! And when I was working at Continental Airlines, I spent a long while on the phone with this one Platinum Elite member, dealing with some issues he had in his travel schedules. I got everything worked out and at the end of he convo he asked what city I was in..."Salt Lake City" He said they were coming there for a concert in a couple weeks and would love to give me tickets and backstage passes... WOW! He was the manager for Rod Stewart!! So I got to take myself and three friends front and center, then back stage to meet him and Rod!

That job at Continental was a fun one! The President and CEO of Toys R Us sent me a Furby for helping him! And that was when NO ONE could find a Furby anywhere! lol

I think I am done....lol
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Before my parents were married, still dating, they went skiing in Tahoe. My dad fell and broke his leg. While he was at the ski patrol office waiting for my mom to get the car. She was having a hard time starting the car because she was so flustered and a man walked up to the window and offered to help. She slid over he got in and started the car. He got out told her to have a nice day and then walked away. She said she had no idea who he was untill she saw his butt and realized it was Clint Eastwood.

My dad use to surf with Greg Noll.

I was a manicurist back in Denver years ago and had Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown as clients. They were very nice to me and tipped okay, not great for them but great for me. I also worked on a few Broncos and their wives.
DH and I have met many famous skaters from back in th eday. We met Wentzl Ruml. We are friends with Chris Yandall. Dh has met Christian Hoisoi. I know we know others but I can't think of everyone.

DH went to school with Big Head Todd.
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Gee, I live a boring life lol The only celebrity I ever met was at an airport saying goodbye to my brother who was going on a trip. I stopped in at the girls room and when I got back there was my brother sitting next to Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune talking like they were friends. She's actually a very down to earth person
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I might have a few.

I'm on pretty good terms with New York Times Bestselling author R.A. Salvatore - I've spent something like four or five hours in total talking to him, exchanged emails a few times, and he recognizes me now on sight at his signings. Awesome man, and really great with his fans.

I convinced my family to go to a Marionite Catholic liturgy on Easter Sunday because one of my favorite priests on the Catholic channel EWTN was presiding, so I managed to chat with him a little afterwards, and got pictures taken.

My brother and I got to meet magician Lance Burton way before he was famous - he used to greet his guests in person after his shows in Las Vegas, before he got a new theater. Have his autograph somewhere in my parents' house.

I was a big Siegfried and Roy fan, back when they were still performing, so for my graduation present after high school, dad got us tickets to go see one of their shows. The only seats left were in the pit, surrounded by the stage, but because of the proximity to the cats, you had to be over 18 to sit there, and my brother was only 16. The cashier looked, said "Ah, you look 18 to me" and let us pass. During one of the acts, Roy runs through the pit, and he gave my brother a hug. :-) Gotta admit, I was a little jealous!
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I was on an airplane with Muhammad Ali in 1971. Mom and I were coming back from Jamaica to Chicago. When I asked the stewardess to get his autograph, I was upset because I was expecting to see the name Cassius Clay. We spent about 30 minutes with him in the international customs at Chicago O'Hare. I recall he was very friendly, and HUGE.

As a teenager, DH was offered a job by John Wayne Gacy. If you don't remember the story, he would entice teenage boys to his house by offering them a job, then kill them and bury them in his crawl space. I'm very glad DH declined the offer.
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Oh, I forgot to mention, Norm Grabowski is a member of our hot rod club, of which I was the national VP for one term. I've stood and talked to him, ate with him, etc.

"And who," I hear you cry, " is Norm Grabowski?" Well, ladies... If you are not old enough to remember it, ask your mother about "Kookie" on "77 Sunset Strip." All the girls had a crush on him, and he drove a really hot car, built and owned by Norm Grabowski. Norm was also in an article Life Magazine, as well as playing bit parts in many TV shows and movies, including several with Annette Funicello. He also built and owned the car in "My Mother, The Car."

And he can whistle and drink root beer at the same time.

I also had a lengthy conversation with Little Richard when he was in one of his "sin remission" periods. He's an ordained minister, and every so often he gets "re-saved." He's quite the guy.
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Thanks to tax incentives, Connecticut has been brimming with movie stars lately. lol

I met Robin Williams and John Travolta while they were filming their upcoming movie "Old Dogs" at UConn in Stamford. It was really interesting as they turned the school into a Tokyo office building. One of my co-workers was making funny faces at Robin Williams between takes, and he was making them back at him!

The movie, "The Life Before Her Eyes" with Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood was filmed partially in my friend's house.

I met Donald Trump also there also since he's putting a building across the street. My boss made me go up to him to autograph a book before. He was a real jerk and ignored everyone that wasn't all dressed in a suit.

I also met one of my favorite bands, Evanescence. I won a contest and got to meet them before their concert in Hartford. They were all really nice and signed everything I had.
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I've only had one.
I once worked a fundraiser for my high school band that involved us working at the Bristol Motor Speedway races delivering food to the suites.
Well I had a cart of food and was getting in the elevator and someone stuck their arm in and it was Dale Jr. That was pretty cool. No major talking just some small talk.
I also saw kid rock but didnt get to meet him or anything.
And I met all the guys from HURT but thats about it...
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Gary Coleman lived next door to me while he was starring in "Diff'rent Strokes". He attended my birthday party in 4th grade:

I grew up in Los Angeles so it was very common to have a run-in with a celebrity several times per month.
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For some reason, I have lots of celebrity stories!

Everyone who lives here in Augusta, Georgia, has a James Brown story. I met him at my grandfather's nursing home because his father was there as well. He was very nice and sweet and even gave my Mom and I his autograph!

In another celebrity run-in, my mother (who is German, from Frankfurt) was childhood friends with Christine Kaufmann, a German actress who was married to Tony Curtis in the mid 60s and has two children with him.

I went to high school with Josh Kelley, who is a musician and married to Katherine Heigl ("Izzy" on Grey's Anatomy). His father, John, is a cardiologist at the hospital where I work.

My husband played football at TCU when LaDainian Tomlinson came on as a freshmen.

My husband and I met Brett Favre when we were at the Daytona 500 Speedway in February of 1999. He was very nice and even agreed to let me take his picture with Todd (my hubby)!

I am a huge Tori Amos fan and have met her briefly several times. Two years ago I had a backstage pass and was able to spend 20 minutes with her in her dressing room - just me, my best friend, and Tori!

When I was in NYC this past December, I saw Helena Christensen (supermodel from the late 80s/early 90s) in the Bed Bath & Beyond in Soho. She's very tall and thin, obviously, but kind of plain-looking in person!

I also went to high school with Ashley Smith, who was a hostage of the Atlanta Courthouse killer Brian Nichols in 2005. She read to Nichols from the book "The Purpose-Driven Life."

I met Telly Savalas while on a high school band trip to Hollywood.
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Let's see...

Met Van Halen backstage at the Great Western Forum in L.A., right after the riots.

Went to High School with Tom Dumont of NO DOUBT and Adam Keefe, who played in the NBA.

While working at Bear Mountain Ski Resort in 1998, Scott Bakula came through my line many times. (I was a lift operator) He was very friendly and allowed people to ski with him and take pictures.

Oh, and I saw Rasheed Wallace, then of the Portland Blazers, in HomeBase when I worked there.

And.....I met Rob Liefeld, back when IMAGE COMICS were all the rage. Got his autograph on a copy of Youngblood #1.
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Originally Posted by Whisky'sDad View Post
While working at Bear Mountain Ski Resort in 1998, Scott Bakula came through my line many times. (I was a lift operator) He was very friendly and allowed people to ski with him and take pictures.
I love hearing about celebrities who are nice to fans.
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Originally Posted by Whisky'sDad View Post
While working at Bear Mountain Ski Resort in 1998, Scott Bakula came through my line many times. (I was a lift operator) He was very friendly and allowed people to ski with him and take pictures.
Scott Bakula lived 15 miles away from us but unfortunately never met him. I know people who went to high school with him though and he use to sing.
I miss Quantum Leap lol
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Oh yeah, I have a few celebrity stories....... When I was a tenn I somehow met and hung out with several musicians and bands, like GBH, Meat Beat Manifesto, Henry Rollins, Circle Jerks (who were jerks), Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, 80's punk/industrial groups. Oh the stories behind each one!
Then I moved to NYC and started working at Limelight Night Club in 1990, around it's prime.........I was a guest list person and became a hostess. I met Billy Idol (he was very drunk and ridiculous), Bjork, Christian Slater ( he couldn't stop hitting on girls), Christopher Walken (who I have always admired as an actor and was definitely star struck at the time!) He loves to dance! When you see him dancing like a weirdo in a movie or video, that's really him, that's how he dances! Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin (back when they were married), Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs ( when they were dating), Pamela Anderson, and so many more!
Also was working during some amazing shows that I was upclose and personal with, Pearl Jam, Moby, Dee Lite, Jane's Addiction, Aphex Twin, to many to remember all........ Those were the days....the days I was caught up in having fun! I have lots of memories, lots of ridiculous stories, but not much more...........
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One of my friends has a neat story about a Star Trek convention he went to. He and a couple of other friends got dragged there by one friend who was a huge trekkie. At the convention he ran into Kate Mulgrew and she seemed so relieved to have someone normal (i.e., not dressed as a Kilingon or wearing a star fleet uniform) that they ended up talking for quite a while.

At work, my boss used to have physics lectures from some of big-name people like Enrico Fermi.

As for me, one of the neatest people I ever met was Lt. General Hal Moore. He wrote, "We Were Soldiers Once, and Young", and Mel Gibson played him in the movie of the same name. The one thing that really struck me was that he had an incredible memory for faces and names. Someone would walk up to him and say, "I doubt you remember me, sir..." and Gen. Moore would reply "Oh, yeah, I remember you. James Smith. We met at a party in Boston 5 years ago." I watched him do things like that over and over and it was very impressive.
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Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, 80's punk/industrial groups....Aphex Twin
these are all bands I listened to obsessively in college! I had even had my own radio show on the college station where I played nothing but industrial. Interesting that I would find an industrial music fan like me on a cat forum!
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When I was 15, my best friend and I were up at the mall and started talking to a long haired head banging guy (not unusual in the mid 80's ). A local band, Kix, was playing at the fairgrounds the next night and he was from the opening band. He gave us both notes to show security to get backstage passes if we went but our parents wouldn't let us because they served alcohol. Kix took a quick nose dive but the opening band made it! The name on the note?? Brett Micheals! I still have it somewhere. Five years later when Poison was top of the charts, I just cried.

When I was a waitress I got to wait on a HUGE table from the local Country Muscial Festival. I wasn't really into country so I have no idea who most of the people there were (but there were some big names that were performing and 2 tour buses were in our parking lot) but I did recognize Roy Clark and Grandpa Jones from HeeHaw. Grandpa Jones was a sweetheart but Roy Clark was a pain in the butt. Nothing was right for him, and he just had this attitude of "Do you know who I am????" .
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I almost met Barbara Bush once! She visited the library where I now work; it was when I was a teenager; I can't remember if I was working there yet or not (I was "visiting" in the day; I worked part-time, a few nights a week). I was browsing the art section, when she came in, followed by reporters--she was a huge supporter of adult literacy, and my library won an award for it, hence her visit. I'm not into meeting celebrities, so I didn't go over to gawk (and I'm not a gawker, anyway). My Mom was with me, and she went over--and Mrs. Bush accidentally bumped into her, knocking her over. She bent over to help Mom up, apologizing profusely, "I'm so sorry, my dear! Please, let me help you up! Are you o.k.???" Mom thought she was a very nice person.

I did try to meet Glenn Beck at a local book signing a few months ago; we waited at a table in the bookstore, but Glenn was more than 30 minutes late, so we left (we had to get home to feed the cats!). Drat! The only time I've ever wanted to meet a celebrity, and this happens...
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Oh, MargeCat's post reminded me of another of mine.

I almost had lunch with then President of Texas A&M and later Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and he gave me my diploma on graduation day, so I have a picture with him.

When I was a sophmore, I had put my bag down at a table, and gone in to get some lunch. When I came back, there was an older man at my table. Assuming that he had just not noticed by bag there, I grabbed it and moved over to where some of my friends had sat down. When I mentioned it, one of them looks and says "That's Dr. Gates!" Apparently he liked to sit and takl with the students at random sometimes. Makes me sad I moved!
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I'm not sure I can remember all the rock stars I've met over the years. When I would go to concerts, I always tried to get autographs. Ah, those were the days...back in the late 80's and early 90's.

The latest would be Alter Bridge in 2005. (The guys from Creed, with a much better singer, Myles Kennedy.) I was able to hang out with them for four of the five shows I went to. I have a ton of autographed stuff and pictures. The guys are very nice, polite and humble.

I guess the most famous person I've met and hung out with was Carlos Santana. He was very nice too. We were backstage and he asked if I wanted anything to drink and that I should try some cheesecake because it was really good.

My grandpa (Mom's dad) was best friends with "Uncle" Vincent Furnier. He was Alice Cooper's uncle that he's name after (his real name). I had a chance to meet Alice when I was 15 yrs. old but my grandpa and Uncle Vincent didn't think it was a good idea. If they only knew how much of a rebellious troublemaking teenager I was. They did get me an autographed b/w glossy for me though.

Let's see if I can remember some of the bands, without having to dig through my closet for the autographs & pics...
-Slash, Guns N Roses (In 1988, I made him an anklet to put on his boot, in GNR colors, and I have a picture from a magazine where he's wearing it on his boot.)
-Mr. Big
-Suicidal Tendencies
-Flotsam & Jetsam
-White Zombie
-Submersed (they were in concert with Alter Bridge)

Oh, in 1999 I went to LA for vacation and was really hoping to see/run into someone famous. We saw no one! Two weeks after I get home to the metro Detroit area from LA, I was at National Coney Island eating lunch and a saw Eminem walking out with two huge body guards.
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Bruce Willis and I attended the same high school - unfortunately was/is about
8 years older than me, so our paths never crossed.

I used to work in a hotel just outside of Philadelphia.

One Monday afternoon, I got a call from the front desk and as asked to take a
guest's dry cleaning up to their room. When I knocked on the door, there was
Howard Cosell, on the phone, in his boxer shorts and T-shirt!

The Cowboys were playing the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football
and Howard was waiting for his pants and blazer to be pressed before being
driven to Veterans Stadium.

Howard never interruped his phone conversation, he just took the clothes,
handed me a $5 tip and shut the door.

Then, there was the time I nearly ran over the band Heart in the parking lot of that same hotel.
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I have a couple silly ones...

When I was a kid, I went to a water park in NJ. There, we ran into the kid who was in the first couple Child's Play movies. He was there with his dad and sister. He ended up going on one of the rides with me and my aunt, because his sister was too small and he needed someone to ride with

When I worked at Linens 'N Things, Jane Curtin came into the store and went through my line.

On a trip to Atlanta, my friend and I saw James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins in the Atlanta airport.

My grandmother passed Cher in a hotel hallway.. she gets her own ice, believe it or not

Last year, when I was out to dinner with some friends, we ran into Mr. Jay from "America's Next Top Model." We actually chatted with him for a few minutes while we waited for a car to pull out and make room for my friend to use the wheelchair ramp.
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I haven't really met anyone famous. The closest I have come is meeting members of my favorite bands and some authors and artists at gaming and fantasy conventions.

If you are a fan of power metal, I have met all of the members of Kamelot, Edguy, Simone Simons from Epica, Leaves Eyes, Symphony X, and Blind Guardian. These were all after concerts where we chatted, got things signed, photos, etc. As for authors, at conventions I have met Ed Greenwood who created the Forgotten Realms setting for D&D. I have met him several times, and he always dresses as Elminster, and when he votes in costume contests he votes for very attractive girls. I have met Todd McCaffrey (Anne McCaffrey is his mother, she writes the Pern series) who writes Pern books also, and Robert Aspirin's wife Jody Lynn Nye. I met a younger author, Brandon Sanderson, as well. I have met a few artists whose work I appreciate also.

DH has had a real brush with fame, though. During his 8th grade trip to the Art Institute of Chicago they got to pick where to have dinner, and his group picked to go to Planet Hollywood. They ran into Arnold Schwarzenegger while they were there. Arnold stopped to talk to the kids and specifically talked to my husband. All DH remembers is that Arnold told him that he was REALLY tall. DH was about 13 at the time and was 6'4", taller than Arnold! Apparently Bruce Willis left right before they got there also.

DH has also met Ryan Sandberg of Chicago Cubs fame.
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Mine are mostly "World famous in New Zealand celebs" but here we go:

- Had McDonalds with the boys from Elemeno P (Music Band)

- Went on New Zealand's Good Morning Show (To talk cats, of course!) and met the gorgeous stars on there. I love Brendon Pongia. He's a former Basketball player also. See his sexy pic here http://www.stuff.co.nz/sunday-star-t...ainment/667583

-I've met heaps of the All Blacks (NZ's rugby team) players because we used to own a gourmet pizza shop and heaps used to come in

- I've met three stars from NZ's soap show 'Shortland Street'. I even had afternoon tea with Toni (Laura on the show) as her best friend was buying a kitten off my Nana

- My Nana's cousin is the 3rd in the National Party of NZ (Currently next in line for Deputy Prime Minister)

I'll probably think of more
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Working as an actor, I've had several encounters, but the ones I remember most fondly are from working as an extra (or, as we call ourselves these days, "background actors".....but we're still furniture that eats.)

I was doing background on a low-budget film starring Tim Roth. (He's on a new TV series now...can't even remember the name). They were actually having a pre-shoot make-up thing, where they were trying out make-up on me, and I had a cup of coffee. Tim Roth was in the room, and I had left my coffee on the make-up table to go get something in my bag, and I turned around and he was drinking my coffee! I smiled and sat down again, and he said, "Oh my God! Was I just drinking your coffee? I'm so sorry!!! Shall I get you another?" (He was so polite!) I said, "No, that's okay. I'm sure you don't have any germs."

I was doing background on Splash - the skating rink scene. Ron Howard, at that time (who was directing), liked to set up all sorts of different angles of a shot, so he was in the middle of set-up, and Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah were on the fake ice, (Teflon), skating around, waiting. I was standing by the railing, where I had been placed. Tom Hanks just skated over and started talking! He said, "Wow. Ron Howard, eh? Just think! He worked with John Wayne!!! And Aunt Bea!!! And here he is directing!!" We had a nice little chat. Such a nice guy!!!

One of my favorite encounters was when I was working as a waitress. (Lots of that when you're an actor! ) One night I was serving drinks to a two-top and the girl just stared behind me with her mouth open. The guy with her looked and said, "Paul Newman is standing right behind you." I sort of collected myself and turned around and he was with Joanne and Shirley Knight and a couple of other people. Out manager was pushing tables together for them, and Paul Newman looked right at me, I said, "Hello!" and said "Hiya! What kind of beer do you have?" I told him, he ordered, I took orders from the rest of the table and proceeded to wait on them. What a nice guy!!! Shirley Knight was doing a reading of a new play a couple of blocks away.....Joanne Woodward had directed it. I was told that they had been in the night before, when I wasn't there, but I never thought I'd have a chance to see them! (Good tipper, too.)

Once, when I first started at this restaurant, the first night I worked (rather than lunch), it was packed, and I had a table of two and I was rushing around with my other tables and when the two-top was finished, they paid, and left, I turned around and went to a four-top and they were all excited and were asking, "What was he like? Was he nice? Was he a good tipper?" I said, "Who?" And they said, "JFK Jr. You just waited on him." I was astounded that I was so busy I hadn't even noticed. I was just freaked that it was my first dinner night and I was so swamped. I said to these people, "No way!!!!!" And he was a very generous tipper.

I met quite a few people at that place. Dolph Lundgren, who was an absolute a**.....I won't go into it, he was so drunk and rude. Yuk. But most people were really, really nice.
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A couple of years ago Rita Coolidge did a concert at our Performing Arts Center, which happens to be part of the high school. She invited the high school choir to sing back-up with her on several songs and also asked them to sing some of their own pieces that they were doing for their school concert. Since I accompany the high school choir, I got to work with Rita on the rehearsals and the concert. She was very nice, great with the kids, but also very busy. I actually spent more time hanging out backstage with her band, which was a lot of fun.

The only other "near miss" that I know about is that one of my sister's high school friends is married to Gary Sinese. I do know her friend, but have never come close to meeting Gary Sinese.
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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post
The only other "near miss" that I know about is that one of my sister's high school friends is married to Gary Sinese. I do know her friend, but have never come close to meeting Gary Sinese.

OMG! I love Gary Sinise. Now there's someone I'd love to meet! What a fine actor he is!!
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