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Sam are you and the kitties OK?

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I hope everyone is OK. I'ld be scaired to death if my blower blew up!!! I have a shop vac that I use to blow dry my kitties. Did you get a good dryer?

Hope all is well.
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What happened? What blew up? I missed something! Can someone fill me in?
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What? I must have missed something too! Sam...Are you ok? Kitties?
Now I'm all worried!
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Sam posted earlier that their cat dryer exploded and they had to buy a new one. I don't recall her saying that anyone, human or feline, was injured, I know how devoted she is to her kitties. She was getting ready for classes, and I doubt she'd have gone if anyone was hurt. She should be on here soon, she usually is on late at night(late for me anyway, LOL, across the world from her).
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Good to hear that she or the kit's weren't hurt! I'm such an overreactor!

Thanks Sue for the heads up!
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Wow, I just found this thread , Thanks for caring you guys! , Yes I don't think I have been so scared for ages, I was drying my Holly and the dryer went bright green and all firey, I was soooo scared and so was Holly, No one was injured though, We did get a new one today , It was a slightly more expensive one and had heat levels, We had the one that blew up for about 3 years and we got it 2nd hand and it was a bit "dodgy"., Everythings under control though! , I think it burnt out because I had washed 3 cats that day, 2 1/2 hours drying each, and you know..

Thanks again you guys , and I think I'm going to have breaks between drying cats so it doesn't burn out

Sam, xx
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Sam, good to know everything is okay... I can understand how you and Holly were spooked!...
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Thanks Katie .. Holly sends kitty {{{HUGS}}}
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I'm glad everyone is OK! Electrical fires are so scairy!

We had one in the wall once and It frightened me half to death.

Persians just take so very long to dry! Maybe one a day from now on, OK?

Give the kitties a hug and snuggle from me!
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I'm taking a few days off school for the biggest show in the year ( held by my club this year ) and I just finished bathing one cat , one tomorrow and two friday,(morning and night)

I will , Love Sam, xx
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