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He is comfortable, no pain. Luckily he is a lap cat so we sit him on our lap when we are home. His biggest hardship is trying to use the litter box with that cast on, not a pretty site.
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Deizel had his first checkup since his surgery and everthing looks real good. He will go back in two weeks to have a new cast put on. The vet was not sure he will make it two weeks since he is growing so fast. Something we need to watch closely. But all looks good.
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Originally Posted by piikki View Post
Great news that the surgery went Ok. One hurdle passed!
I always fear what might happen when kitties panic. I have tried to restrain to prevent worse things happening, and it has occurred to me that it is also a risk because those tiny brain cells fire in weird ways in that state, and limbs shoot out like with deranged helicopters. All the best for the recovery process!
Trying to hold on to a panicked cat is like wrestling with a running chain saw. There are youtube videos showing how dangerous it can be!
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Hi all, I wanted to give an up-date. At the two week point Diezel had grown 2" and the Doctor removed his cast and splinted his leg. Something was wrong and Diezel was in severe pain. At 11:00pm on Friday night we rushed him to the Vet, they kept him overnight and put a new soft cast on and took x-rays. The x-rays were very positive and Diezel was very comfortable with his new soft cast. On Saturday night at 3AM he ripped his cast off!!! We rushed him back to the Vet and they kept him overnight. When I went to pick him up on Sunday they decided to not cast him at all. Our instructions were to keep him caged and keep a cone around his neck so he can't lick his surgery site. It's been 1 1/2 weeks since that craziness and Diezel is doing great. He no longer needs his cone head and he really, really, really wants out of his cage. Two more weeks and hopefully we can start exercising him. All seems good.
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Well sounds like your over the worst part...I can't imagine how hard it is to keep him in a cage...I had a rough time keeping my chihuahua that broke her leg still...but she a chi and they love just to be lap dogs...but cats !! Must be hard ..I guess you can't even let her out of her cage...I like positive post...
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Thank you for the update. That's great news.

for Diezel.
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Thanks for the update.
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Oh my gosh, I am reading about Diezel's ordeal for the first time.
I am glad he is on the road to a good recovery.
Sending healing vibes to your handsome boy.
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Wow, what a gorgeous cat! I've just seen this thread now, and I'm glad to read that he's healing so well. Just goes to show how quickly things can go wrong! Holding a panicked cat is not fun. More that he can get out and be up and running soon.
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Up-date: Last Friday was the 6 week point and Diezel got checked out and had x-rays. The Doc said he is 95% healed and we can start exercising him, Yay!!!
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Wow, that's good news!
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That's wonderful! Now where are some new pictures of your beautiful Diezel?
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That is wonderful news.
Keep it up Diezel.
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Yay Diezel!
Healing for the other 5%.
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Have been following your kitties story. So glad it's going to have a good outcome. Congratulations!!
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Good news.
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