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Tragedy strikes, broken leg

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My 6 month old Savannah, Deizel, severely broke his back leg! He was in my wife’s arms when he got badly spooked. He started to claw and panic and my wife was trying to calm him when he kicked out of her arms. She happened to be holding his leg and he twisted on his leap and she heard the crack. We took him to our regular Vet who took e-rays and it showed a brake through the growth plate. I had to bring him to a specialist who is performing surgery this morning, Saturday. The surgical doctor is not real confident he can fix the brake but will do his best. There is such a small amount of bone and the bones are so soft that there is no telling if it will take. We have only one shot at this and if the surgery is successful Deizel will have to be immobile for 8 weeks!!! If anything happens, such as the surgery not taking or Deizel moving the wrong way and re-braking the repair then he will loose his leg. I just can't believe this has happened, so, so sad.

Thanks for listening, Michael

Here are two of my favorite pictures of him:

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Oh no your poor, poor boy!! Man, things can change on a split second! I will keep him in my thoughts and say a prayer for your friend. We saw a special on Cats 101 about Savannah cats. They are certainly regal. I am pulling for your guy. Keep us posted. Stay strong. He is in good hands.
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Healing vibes for Deizel

I am so sorry this happened
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Awwwwwwww poor baby I hope the dr is able to fix his leg!he is so handsome
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Oh no Michael! This is so sad!!!!
He is young, so let's hope he does make a full recover... Vibes to him, you, and your wife...
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Rooting for him!!!!! Keep us posted.

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sending healing & - hey, Icky [eilcon's foster] made a full recovery from a badly broken paw!
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healing for Deizel
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Add more vibes that Diezel's break can be repaired and you won't lose him.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. Prayers going up for Diezel.
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Prayers for him.
He is such a pretty cat.
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Poor baby. Lots of for a successful surgery and full recovery. I'll be praying for Deizel, your wife, and yourself during this sad time.

Get well soon Diezel!
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Vets can do amazing things theses days...My tiny chihuahua broke her leg just this past summer..the only advice I can give is def keep her immobile...and she I bet will heal fine....That in itself isn't easy at all but will pay off in the end ..I'm so sorry this has happened
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Thank you all so much for your thoughts.

Deizel had surgery this morning. Going in the surgeon couldn't guarantee that he could repair the damage but he called me at 11am and said things went well. He will be calling me on Sunday morning and if all is well we can bring him home. He will need to be crated for a minimum of 6 weeks, maybe 8. He will need to be recasted at least twice because he is growing so fast so my next 8 weeks will be hard on my wife and I but we will do everything possible for him.

Thank you again, Michael
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Prayers for a successful surgery.
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I hope everything works out for him and he feels better fast.
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Glad to read that the surgery on your handsome little man went well. Continuing to pray for a speedy and full recovery.

BTW, you might want to invest in a large dog crate for his recovery period at home. Not a dog carrier, but one of those kinds that's black metal and stands about 3 ft high. You'll be able to keep him confined and he'll be able to see what's going on.
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We ran into another issue dealing with my Lola's broken leg...she was so tiny they couldn't cast it ...only splint it...and it came off NON stop.....each time they had to put a new one on she had to be sedated...and they charged me $200 each time...the last time I let them do it..it only lasted to the next morning...so I went out and bought my own supplies and splinted myself best I could...I hope you dont have that issue....but if u do....and the vet whats to charge you each time...just know it can be done at home...with a good supply of vet wrap and medical tape and gauze....and a plastic splint..but since its your kitties back leg they might just wrap it...good luck...it could be a trying few weeks
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Oh, Michael, poor Deizel! I'm glad the surgeon was able to operate.

Lots and lots of healing for Deizel!
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Oh I am so happy for you and your precious boy!! I have been thinking of you all and hoping things worked out. Looks like things are looking up! He is such a beautiful guy!! What eyes and ears!!
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Deizel had a rough night and kept us up. He does not like being caged. Here is a pic of our poor little boy resting on my wifes lap. I tell you that because I don't want you to think that those are my PJ's.

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Oh no!! The poor baby

I am sending many healing vibes for Diezel.

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for poor Deizel! He does make that cast look good though
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Oh poor Deizel. Plenty of good that everything heals up well.
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Michael I'm so happy to hear that your beautiful kitty is okay! My Minka broke her leg when she was about 6 months and it was pretty scary. Now I look back at that time and laugh because she looked so silly...she walked around trying to hold her hind leg (which was casted) in the air!
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Oh, poor baby! healing that everything turns out ok... and for you and your wife.
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Just saw this thread. What a beautiful cat. I'm glad the surgery went well. that the next two months go just as well.
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good healing vibes for Deizel.
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Great news that the surgery went Ok. One hurdle passed!
I always fear what might happen when kitties panic. I have tried to restrain to prevent worse things happening, and it has occurred to me that it is also a risk because those tiny brain cells fire in weird ways in that state, and limbs shoot out like with deranged helicopters. All the best for the recovery process!
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How is Diezel today?
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