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Did you think if clay was "cute" he would have won?

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Personally I think he is a doll, but if he was cute cute (like what most young girls think is cute) do you think he would have won? I was just listening to the songs he did (I down loaded them) and I just think he has an amazing voice and should have won. Ruban is good, but i just think clay is better.

maybe this should be imo...we will see how it goes
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I think that if Clay hadn't been such a "geek" at the beginning of the show he would have won more fans earlier. Sorry, but I have to agree with Simon on this one. He did get more handsome as the competition wore on. I also think his consistency on some of the later shows cost him a little. Obviously it didn't take much, Ruben won by so little. By that point in the show it came down to switching loyalty, and Ruben had been consistent throughout the show. Clay was more diverse, but sometimes he didn't pull it off very well.

Of course, I also think the big reason was the comments of the judges. Face it, many Americans can't think for themselves, so when all the judges, but especially Simon, compliments Ruben week after week they listen. There were times when I noticed Ruben was pitchy or just not on par, yet they would still sing his praises. They were pretty hot and cold with Clay.
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This is little funny, but on the radio station that I listen to, the morning dj thinks that Clay is gay I dont know what started it, but I think it had to do with the fact that a lot of women (i am guessing) thought he was cute or something.
Personally, I dont think he is ....
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Ummm, is this a TV show we're talking about? This isn't a cat, is it?
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Sorry to be dense.
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Clay and Reuben were the last to stand on American Idol. Reuben got the title, but again, I believe Clay deserved it more.
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They both got record deals, so its all good.
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I don't watch the show, but I did read an article where it said that it was obvious that the judges had picked Ruben from the very beginning. They gave several instances of situations where Ruben got to redo things when the others didn't, etc....
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My husband had heard something about a scandal going on with that show. Something to do with the very last night's voting thing. It would tell you you have so many minutes left to vote, but Rueben already had known he had won.
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I think he's gorgeous! and he should have( or is that of ) won!!!!!! , I hope Clay goes solo I will sure as h*ll buy his albums!..

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I just find ruben so boring. There were times I thought he was awful. That darn vicent song messed clay up I think. Ruben got a good song to sing and clay got a crappy one. I also think they should have had more phone lines open. I tried to vote for clay for two hours and didn't get in once. I'm sure he is going to be very successful and I hope his cd does even better then rubens. I liked ruben from the start but he just started to get boring towards the end.
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I think Clay is adorable, but my s/o said he looked like a gay elf. I think he'll end up being the most successful, even if he didn't win.
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Some of you know I was a professional singer and teacher. I liked Reuben as a person, and his voice was ok, but it was hoarse at times, and often off pitch-flat. I tried closing my eyes to really concentrate on the voice only. Kimberly had a much better voice than Reuben.

Clay had a wonderful range, and could have done either pop or broadway. He didn't have to force his voice. He had better technique and a better voice to start with. In pop music, it's often a gimmick that brings popularity, not talent, however. There are singers and stylists. Clay is a singer.
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