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UTIs and Fish

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I'm aware that fish can be bad for cats who are prone to UTIs and I've read on here that a lot of you avoid the fish variety of foods for that reason. What I'm wondering is, what about foods that contain fish or fish meal lower down in the ingredients list? For example, Authority has a canned Chicken & Rice formula and although it's not considered "fish-flavored", there IS fish in the ingredients list. I also see salmon meal in the Wellness Chicken Meal & Rice kibble.

I'm wondering b/c I want to start feeding the stray/feral cat outside all canned...and I can only afford the foods from Petsmart for him...most of them contain fish somewhere on the list. He is getting really chubby from eating dry. At the same time, I don't want to increase his chances of getting a UTI.

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my vet told me if it is at least past the 5th or 6th ingrediant some fish is okay for my ph/uti boy
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the Authority lamb & rice flavor doesn't have any fish at all.
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And I'm not sure that fish causes UTI, it only irritates the bladder if they are prone to them.
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I would say that if its on the lower list of foods in chicken, beef, etc. - then its fine. Just that you do not want to feed them a can of tuna, salmon, or other fish that is one of the first few ingredients.

I noticed that some of the canned foods I feed do have a little fish in them. Charlie won't eat fish (which is a good thing cause he had UTI) - but will eat the foods where fish is a very small portion in the rest of the can.
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Good to know - thanks for your responses! Hopefully he won't gain weight on wet food...he's getting too chunky for a feral cat. I'm afraid he won't be quick enough to escape danger!
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