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Luna warmed up to me . . . here's proof!! (Pic's)

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Hey y'all . . . my baby girl is settling in very well. She comes almost all the time when I call her. She talks quite a bit for a Ragdoll, but I encourage it like crazy by meowing back at her. I like hearing her little voice! Anyway, I let her see the rest of the apartment today. She did very well. She's asleep right now, and I just woke up. Here's some pic's my fiance took of us when he got home from work.
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I think the flash woke Luna up, here's another one of her looking at him:

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She is an absolute sweetheart!
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THEN he woke me up, AFTER taking those pic's of me! LOL! I almost didn't post those first two since I think I look kinda weird asleep, but Luna is cute in them, so oh well. Here's another I took of her after I got up:

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Actually, you look at peace while you're asleep. Some people look really dorky (I think I'm one of them) while they're asleep.
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Thanks for the compliment!
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Aw, what sweet pictures of Mommy and Baby. She does look like she's bonding with youa lot!
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What a precious picture.
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Here's another one:

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aww you are so pretty!! and so is your little kitty!
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And one of her on my lap: (Last one, promise, LOL! For today, anyway . . . )

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What a beautiful kitten, and such lovely eyes! I'm glad to see Mommy and baby are getting along so well! You look very pretty asleep, and so does Luna.
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She is so pretty!!! You both are! (I don´t think I have seen a photo of you awake, is there one somewhere?)
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How sweet!!! Viva, it is easy to tell how excited you have been for Luna to arrive. It is a real treat to see the pics of the both of you!
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She's beautiful! More kitten pictures!!!
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Sesselja, I have posted a my engagement pic (with me and Alex). It's in this thread:

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BTW, thanks for the compliments y'all! You're too kind!
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Aww Luna loves her mommy! The two of you look so happy curled up there.
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OH...Those are TOO cute!!!

You both look so sweet, asleep!
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Viva, at least you weren't drooling, in your sleep.
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OMG, cuteness overload! You better go lock your doors, Viva, or my little Spike might just get a new baby sister! I'd be very tempted if not for the fact Spike would kill me as I slept. Luna is adorable!
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You two look lovely together!!! really!

And I wen tback to take a peek at you and Alex, and you're such a cute couple... when are you getting married?
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OMG That last picture made me cry, She's so gorgeous , I'm in like soo much , She looks totally different then NZ Waggies( That's what we call them ) , and she's precious, You're gorgeous also, but she melts my heart, Give me a Luna anyday, OK I have 4 cats staring at me now, with a p'o look on their scrunchy faces , I lurrve her, Luna & Nakita(Russian Blue's) , are spunky kitties , of course everyones are,,,, but I get so emotional when I see their precious faces! :

Thanks for sharing Viva! .. Love Sam, xx ( Gotta keep in your good books in case you ever wanna "flick" her over here
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Oh Viva, she's beautiful. I'm so happy she is finally at home with you! Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a kitty.
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Luna, you are so beautiful!!! I love your blue extravagant eyes!!
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Viva, the day finally came!!! She's home!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS... and so are you!!! (Cindy - you crack me up!!!)

Not getting much sleep these days, are you? LOL! I remember when we first had the kittens around... I thought the entire owned-by-cat world must be sleep deprived! Kittens are so cute, but they're so much work.

TAKE LOTS OF PICS - they grow up WAY too fast!!!!!!!
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