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My Quest for a good Massage!

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I'm still on a quest for a good massage therapist.

The first massage I had last month absolutely sucked! It was more like a physiotherapy appointment than a massage.

I went to the same place for a second massage, but asked for a different girl and after arguing with her about what I wanted, she finally gave me a massage that left me feeling like a puddle of melted marshmallows!

However, when I went to her again this past Monday, it absolutely sucked. She did a lot of what the first therapist did: pressing hard in spots with 1 or 2 fingers and doing small circles. It hurt!!! and the whole massage didn't leave me feeling relaxed at all

So today I made an appointment at a place across the city from where I live. The place comes highly recommended. I even booked with the same massage therapist as the girl I work with. She said to ask for a "deep tissue massage." Apparently the guy looks like a bar bouncer...big and scary but apparently he gives a great massage!

A good thing about this place too is that I only have to pay the 20% that Blue Cross doesn't pay and I'm not out of pocket money while waiting for Blue Cross to send me a refund.
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I used to go to a hair stylist (when I still had hair, that is ) who also did
massage on the side. So, once a month I'd make an appointment to get
a haircut, shave and massage. Cost me about $75, but it was worth it.

Then she went and decided she wanted to have a baby (damn inconsiderate
of her, if you ask me ) and decided to do the massage in her home for
a few select clients, which I was not among.
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OMG, if only you were in my area Linda. My RMT is amazing...she is this little woman with hands of steel! I love her!
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