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What is the "lancet" surgery for cats?

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I know this will probably spark a flaming war, but I am curious to know what is this method of declawing called the lancet surgery. I found this brief description on a cattery website:
"The lancet surgery, commonly known as removal of the claws by surgical blade"

What and how is this procedure accomplished? has anyone ever heard of it or had it done to their cat?
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This is a very hot topic around here. This surgery is very painful to your cat. It is the removal of the cats first knuckle of it's toes on each foot that is de-clawed. We have many suggestions as to the retraining of your cat to prevent inappropriete scratching. Soft claws is the best option.
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One of my cats, that I have had for 11 years was declawed already when we got him. He is very sensitive to this day about letting me or anyone touch his front feet. He will not let us touch them at all. It looks kind of funny too, like part of his toes are missing, which they are and looks kind of flat footed or something. He is a very loving cat but when it comes to his feet, hes like leave me alone. I would never put a cat of mine through having it done.
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Any treatment using the word 'lancet' isn't going to be comfortable or nice. Usually lancet procedures of any type is the pulling way of the surrounding skin and removing the undesirable. Your thread title intrigued me because that's how they described the surgery they did to remove a cyst that had developed on my eyelid. They pulled the eyelid as far away from the eye as possible, slit it open, and scooped out the gelatin.

Now if that didn't sound pleasant, imagine that being done to a cat's toes and their claws are much desired by them.
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