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Wild Child

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So my kitten is a healthy 5.5 month old Maine Coon boy. We got him when he was a little more than 13 weeks old from a reputable breeder. Nothing but love and happiness.

He is always crazy! He sprints from one room into the other, attacking anything that moves, or doesn't move, so attacking everything! Sometimes when we pet him he'll pull away and he's rarely affectionate. It's just gotten worse as he's gotten older.

Will this calm down as he ages? Did we do something wrong? Should we be doing something else? Is this just cat teenage years?
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He should calm down as he gets older. I understand that Maine Coons mature more slowly than some other breeds.
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Typical kitten! He will calm down with age.... Meanwhile... Good luck on your quest for peace!
Make sure that he has lots of things to make him busy... does he have a cat tree? Shelves work great too... Vertical space keep them going in the right places...
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