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Post-Spay care

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I'm a little frustrated with both the animal medical center and the humane society in our area right now.

We got our two kittens Reilly and Lilah fixed (one nueter, one spay) on Wednesday. The Humane society paid for it (it was part of our adoption fee when we got them 4 months ago, but they didn't want to do the surgery until they were 6 months). They made the appointment, we just took them in and got it done. I'm feeling like I'm getting no direction or information from either the clinic or my Humane Society contact on post-op care.

Reilly is fine - bouncing off the walls again already, being super protective of sister.
Lilah (who is pretty small for 6 months, I'm guessing around 8 lbs) seems to be in pain. She was of course super drugged up Wed evening, and then moving slowly all day yesterday. She is looking thin and doesn't seem to be eating or drinking much. Her scar on her stomach seems to be healing fine (they did dissolvable stitches and glue), not red or infected looking or anything. All in all, she seems to be about normal for having had surgery about 48 hours ago. They didn't give me any pain meds for her.

I'm just looking for some general tips or things I should know - since the clinic is not helping me at all! I called this morning and asked about pain meds and they said "Oh, we usually give those to all of our patients...I guess we didn't because she's a humane society cat" I would have gladly paid for the pills if I knew it was an option!!

Should I give her pain meds? (The clinic said I could pick some up)
Should I switch her litter to a newspaper type (she pooped outside her litter box with feline pine last night)
Should I have her on any special food (she eats a mix of dry and wet, is either better?)

Anything else I should watch out for? Sorry that is so LONG!!
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Pumpkin was rather down and out for a few days after her spay. She was about the same size as Lilah, only a few months older, and actually, maybe a bit smaller (probably 6.5 at that point). Also, it turns out that she was about a week pregnant at the time of her surgery.

I wasn't given any meds or anything, but she did seem generally uncomfortable and low-energy. But after a few days, she was up and about and playing. I didn't give her special food, but I did give her lots of treats because she didn't feel good. I seem to remember that I also used the least dusty litter that I could find.

Our vet said to keep an eye on the incision and make sure she wasn't getting obsessive about licking it. She also said that she should bounce back in a few days... with males, they frequently don't really notice, but spaying is a pretty major abdominal surgery (ovariohysterectomy), so a longer recovery time is to be expected. Rest and lots of love seems to help nicely.

I hope Lilah feels better soon!
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I hate places like that.
My cats got pain meds for 3 days.
Sasha was fine when we got home except pain.
Meeko had a lot of pain but jumped off the table at the vets.
My cats were not drugged up like yourcat at all.
There pupils were big and that was it and Meeko had pyo which a worse surgery.
I picked them up the sae day also.
I think some places over drug them.
To bad they were no help to you.
We got a list of what to look for and everything.
Of course I used the vet.
I hope yourcat feels better.
My other cats I had fixed were drugged up but it was not the vet I use now.
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I would take her to a vet...then u can be sure to get the correct pain meds....not good that they didn't even give pain meds....sad actually
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I've never given pain meds post-spay. I've heard it can cause younger cats to become too playful too soon and they'll rip their stitches out---if they can feel the pain, they won't be too active. I did have one older cat spayed, and I really wish I did get her the pain meds. I know she wouldn't have been too active, and she really was miserable. I expect about 3 days of low activity and general blah-feeling from younger cats who are just spayed. Any longer than that and I'd definitely be concerned.

Hope she's feeling better by now!
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Nora was spayed at the beginning of February, and she got a 3 day lasting pain injection after her surgery. She still could feel pain, though, and stayed pretty "blah" and mellow for 3-4 days, wouldn't even climb the stairs at all the first 3 days. After that she was mostly back to normal, but was still cautious. She was completely back to her normal self a little after a week. I was told not to let her jump or climb stairs at all for 8-10 days, but after the first 4 days there really wasn't any stopping her and it didn't seem to hurt her at all. I just checked her incision once a day to make sure it was healing well and wasn't getting red or inflamed or was oozing, but otherwise I just left her be. She instinctively knew how to take care of herself and she naturally limited her activity until she felt well enough.
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Hi !
I dont know if this will help, I work with the local animal welfare and I've cared for more than 30 spayed cats.

The vet here does not give pain medicine but antibiotics to avoid any infection. He does an incition in the stomach and stitches inside and outside.

I keep them locked in my wc to follow up their recovery closely.
90% of the cats are better within 24 hrs. Only 2 gave me some trouble.

one would not eat for 2 days, then she started eating but only superpremium food, would not eat the cheap brands ... whatever made her happy as long as she was recovering

The second one gave me a huge scare because she did not eat alone for 5 days i force feed her good quality canned food and gave her vitamin paste (lucky me she loved it and licked it from my hand) that was the only way I was sure she was eating enough, it took her 10 days to start eating well again.

After 3 days when she did not eat alone, My vet only said to continue with antibiotics from normal 5 days to 7 days.

The weaker ones need patience and care and a little help.

I wish your girl feels better now.
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All my female cats and dogs for that matter have gotten pain meds for 3 days...when spayed
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Thanks for the help everyone! It's been about 5 days now since her surgery and she's almost returned to herself. I called the clinic and asked about pain meds and they seemed surprised they didn't give them to me. Won't be going there any more! (hadn't planned to anyway actually).

This morning I actually got her and brother starting to wrestle a little bit, so I know she must be feeling better, and he seems THRILLED to have his playmate back.

Everything was fine, I was just a worried mama. Thanks for all the tips!
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I am glad she is ok now.
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