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Yeah, I noticed that too! It's too bad that Cleopatra doesn't like other kitties. She was so pretty! I did find A LOT in California! Not too many that are close to you though. It happen when you least expect it Sue!
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I know this is WAY off the beaten path, but did you see this little guy? He's apparently a siamese/bengal mix, but he's so adorable! I just love his coat! Too cute not to share!
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Wow, what a cutie! Love that coat! Where is he?
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Here's Ray-Ray's ad:
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Ray Ray's gorgeous and so was Cleopatra
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Ah, I've already been in touch with that rescue organization. They were very friendly until they found out I had 13 cats, and then stopped replying to all my emails without offering an explanation. I think they ignored a total of 6 emails. So I guess they aren't interested in letting me adopt from them.
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Just got this in an email from the Aby Rescue:

"Sadly, Tulip, the young North Carolina Aby we had listed for adoption has
died. The cause was a ruptured cyst on her spleen. It is certainly a very
rare occurrence.

Thank you to all of you have offered to adopt this sweet girl. There were
a lot of you."

She wasn't even mine, I knew she wasn't going to be, but I can't help crying.
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The Aby in Brooklyn was claimed by his human! Turns out he was a lost pet. I am so glad for them both that they had a happy ending!!!!
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That's so sad about Tulip (((HUGS))), I know you will find that aby soon Keep at it.

Good to hear about that Aby from Brooklyn

Love Sam.
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Poor Tulip! That's so sad!
(((((((((((((((HUGS to SUE))))))))))))))))))
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There is an Aby on Petfinder within 1 1/2 hrs of me!!!!! I am going to see him tomorrow, if he wasn't adopted today. They just added him to Petfinder this afternoon, so I am HOPING he is still there. His name is Tinker, he's a ruddy (the color I was hoping for!) and is 5 yrs old. He is already neutered, and unfortunately is 4 paws declawed

He gets along with other cats!!!!! But not with kids or dogs, which is fine, we don't have either.

The Aby's shelter opens at 11, so I will be there waiting for them to open the doors!
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I got an email back from the shelter, he is still available! They are going to pass word to the Cat Manager, who is going to call me tonight to discuss why I want this particular cat, and if she's satisfied with my reasons, will hold him for me to adopt tomorrow.
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How gorgeous! Definitely doesn't look like a Tinker to me though
Hope you get him Sue...I know how badly you've wanted an Aby and I hope that he's the one for you!
Keep me posted and best of luck to you!
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Good Luck with Tinker Sue
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I have decided not to get Tinker, after much heartwrenching consideration. If an Aby presents itself to me, I will be happy to adopt, but I'm not going to look for one any more.
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it is a really hard choice but I think you made the right one Maybe one will come into your shelter that needs a home
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Well, there was a change of circumstance. I found out that the Aby in NJ had been abused, had been kept in a tiny, mold-ridden bathroom for over a year and had had almost no human contact during that time. Since he was rescued by the humane society, he has become a very loving, gentle kitty. He loves people and other cats and craves companionship from both.

How could I resist? It was a 2 hr drive in summertime shore traffic each way, but he sang to me the whole way home. He's currently exploring the bedroom and trilling and purring.

Tinker's going to get a new name.I found out the shelter had been calling him that because his previous "owner" called him Stinker. Geez. He's going to get some sort of noble sounding name, probably Egyptian.

He is home furrever now.
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Oh my gosh, you are so wonderful. So glad he has a furrever MOM and family now!!!!
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Sue, I'm doing a little happy dance for ya right now! What a huge surprise from this morning when I popped in!

I can't believe someone would be mean to him! I just don't understand people who get animals and don't care about them at all. It just makes me so angry....BUT now Tinker has a complete family to love him to bits!

Can't wait to see the pictures!! Hope you post them soon!
I'm still so happy for you...still doing that happy dance!
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Wow! So Mom of 15 cats Congrats to you Sue!

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What a sweet boy!!! He napped in between us for a while this afternoon, waking up periodically to writhe around in happiness and make bread on us and headbump us. I got kisses on my cheek, he kissed Tybalt's hand. He is one very happy boy right now!
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awwwww!! I'm going to have to add the kitty to your siggy ya know! let me know when you have a pic (preferable of him sitting up, i have an idea of where i want to add it)
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Well, he has met Blondie, who sneaked in when we were coming into the room. They sniffed noses, Tinker hissed at Blondie, and Blondie leaned in for a closer sniff. He then made a big Flehmen response; I guess Tinker has bad breath or something!

Now Tinker is asleep at the head of the bed, Blondie at the foot of the bed. Since Blondie is our alpha cat, I am guessing this is an excellent development.
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When will we see Tinker on your siggy

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
When will we see Tinker on your siggy

As soon as I stop petting and cuddling him and take a picture. LOL! He is sooo cute, and his coat feels like silk.
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Oh MY Gosh 15..LOL WTG

I love you Sue. The way you save all these animals lifes.

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He slept in between us last night for a while, then settled on the foot of the bed. When I woke up, he ran to me and head bumped my chin. What a guy!!!!
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How Sweet
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After a week with Khepera, I will say that he and I are well smitten with one another. He is a love, full of purrs, chirps and headbumps. He comes to me when I call him, he's learning his new name very quickly, and he loves to come running over and FLOP next to me (I call it stop, flop and roll ). He gets along fabulously with the other cats, he snuggled next to Jules during yesterday's thunderstorm for moral support and he gets groomed by Midnight. I was truly lucky to find him!!!
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LOL Ra sounds adorable!!!!

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