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Larry Makes Me Laugh So Much!!!

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I could not stop laughing the other night. He plays with his dry food. He'll pick a piece out, then bat it around. He'll act like it's alive and pounce on it. A really high pounce, where he arches his back, then he bats it around the floor (which is tile) and slides after it. Then he'll eat it and go get another one. He can really amuse himself.

Then, later, I looked over and he was lounging on his side by the food bowl, casually dipping his paw in, getting one piece and putting it on the floor and eating it that way.

He's been doing this for awhile, but he seemed so engrossed and content the other night that it made me laugh and smile.

Anybody else's cats do this?
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Larry! Don't you know it's bad to play with your food?

Mine don't play with their food, but one of mine likes to dig in the water bowl
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Calypso (RIP) used to eat his food with his paws. He'd dig a piece out and then c a r e f u l l y inch it up to his mouth and do that kibble by kibble!

It was a hoot watching him! Thor does that with water. He'll scoop it out into his paws and up to his mouth like a person taking a sip
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My Domino does the same thing!!! he also "talks" to his food before he eats it.
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Lucy is just messy. She will push the food out of the bowl and then later we can hear her playing with it. But she doesn't eat it until I put it back in the bowl.
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That is so funny. You've gotta get that on video one day!

Ricky Bobby will sometimes, not often, spoon out a kibble an dip it in his water bowl, then fish it out and eat it, lol. He doesn't do it too often though.
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