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Petwell drink fountain

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I have a six week old kitten who is evidencing a reluctance to drink water from his bowl and I am considering the purchase of a Petwell to see if that will entice him. Do these work, how often do you have to change the filters and are the filters expensive. Also does anyone know of someone selling them for less than the standard $89.95? Many thanks.
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I have a petmate freshflow and my cats love it. They drink from it more than from a bowl. When my kitten was really young, he didnt like drinking from a bowl either, and I put down a little saucer and he liked it much better than the bowl, but now that he is older he will drink from anything, but they all prefer the fountain.
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I got my Drinkwell fountain plus the reservoir and replacement filters off of eBay for about $40. The cats love it, and definitely drink more water since we got it!
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I have the Drinkwell Pet Fountain too. I ordered the fountain without the reservoir from PetCo. The fountain was about $46.00, and each replacement pack of three filters was about $4.00
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I have 2 of the drinkwells and 1 petwell sitting in the garage. They worked, but imo, they clog up too fast & the water evaporates, so I switched back to bowls.
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I don't have one, they are pretty expensive. But I would like to try one one day, when money isn't quite so tight.
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I have the petmate, but, it leaked all over the place. I think the kids and I filled it too full. I guess I should try it again.
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I have had both and liked both. I am currently using the Drinkwell, as one of my cats seems to prefer that the water stream is like a faucet, as opposed to running down a ramp. The Petmate seemed to have a larger reservoir and didn't have to be filled as frequently. There is a reservoir for the Drinkwell, but I don't have it. I make sure I top off the water every morning. Since I use filtered water, I don't bother with the filter.
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Deb, I never thought of that...not using filters if you use filtered water. Our cats drink the same water we do, spring water. So I guess I don't need to run to Petco tomorrow and get replacement filters like I was planning on doing....
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My Sister had one of those water filter/fountain things, and let me use it. But my little Miss Mischief(Missy) spent ALL the time, splashing it out, as she was fascinated with it! I can just see Spike with it!!! (N-O-T!!!) He would be sitting on top, hanging off it, with his toenails and batting the water up into Missy's face! hahaha
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At one point i felt that my furbabies, Daisy and Venus, were not drinking enough water.

i got them the same thing as Terri - a Petmate Freshflow. They are definitely drinking more water now. Venus loves to drink it from the ramp.

i wash it every 3-4 days, refilling with distilled water. i think the filters are 2 for $2.95. Can't remember now. (i will not do well in the T.V. game show "the price is right".

i purchased it from a small, local pet store, and the price is much lower than the ones i saw at Petco or Petsmart. (i scouted around before making a final purchase.) So, i was wondering if you could compare prices before making any purchases?

Smiles and Cheers!
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Greeetings all!
WOW!! I'm both thrilled and overwhelmed by the response. It looks like I finally found a forum where people actually interact and try to help one another. You've certainly given me a lot to mull over.
My new kitten Rowdy is doing better but I still would like to see him drink more. He is only six weeks old and I have never had a kitten that young before. His social skills are improving but he still gets a bit, well, "rowdy" from time to time but I'm glad to have him. My Birman Mittens passed away tragically and unexpectedly and there was a void there that I desperately needed to fill. I miss Mittens terribly and that's why I'm so glad that I have Rowdy. In the fall, I will be acquiring a pedigreed Ragdoll. At that point, I will have two males and any advice on introducing my cats to one another and what actions I need to take by way of preparation (regarding litter box arrangements, feeding, etc.) will be most appreciated. Thanks again.
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Hey Mark~

Yes, we're a pretty chatty group. Hope you enjoy posting with us.
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I have one too and Fitz loves it! I like it better than the fresh flow (Only lasted a year). I got mine from Drs. Foster & Smith's website for about 60.00 and that included replacement filters and the add on reservoir.
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My kitties dont use the Petmate fountain HARDLY.. How can I make it more "appealing"?
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I found that it took about a week for my cats to really get use to it. I would try taping some catnip on the sides of the fountain, or take the cats to it and wait for them to drink out of it. When this happens, give the cat a tasty little treat and give them encouragement like "good boy".
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