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Daily Thread TGIF Feb 27!

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Woooooooooweeeeeeeeeeee! Its Friday!!!

Also, its payday...also, I get to see Josh tonight!! Best day ever.

Its going to be 6 degrees today..but alot of rain. I don't mind the rain..I would rather rain then snow.

Heading to work in a bit..and then to the gym after work. This weekend, we are meeting some friends on Saturday for lunch. One of Josh's groomsmen who I haven't met yet.

Have a great day folks!
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I'll send you some snow!! I just finished partially snowblowing the driveway. I'll wait until afternoon to finish it up as I know just a few minutes after cleaning the plow will come through and clog up the end of the driveway.

We actually had thundersnow later yesterday afternoon!! Yep-thunder and lightening with intense heavy snow-we got 4" in three hours alone. Neil said drving home was terrible due to the intense snowfall.

So it sunny and windy now. Much be having a finch migration going on since yesterday and today there are MANY,MANY of them-quite noisy too.

So work continues on closing my book for 2008-discovered some errors (fancy that).

Might also continue putting items away in basement as well.

Would like to go out for Friday night fish but the restaurants may be pretty busy.

Have a good one!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
We actually had thundersnow later yesterday afternoon!!
Wow, that's pretty rare isn't it? I've only seen it once and it was weird. Usually snows are so quiet compared to rain, but that one wasn't. BTW, whenever I hear about thundersnow I subconsciously put the word to the tune of the AC-DC song: thun-der-SNOW!

No snow here for us. It's 60 F for the high, though it's going to be rainy with scattered storms throughout the day. It was a real battle to hold onto my umbrella walking in to work this morning, and even with the giant golf umbrella my pants were soaked from the rain blowing in at a sharp angle.

Hopefully I'll be pretty caught up on work before I leave today. I hate those days where I work all day and end up with more than I started with. Off to the gym after work and then (hopefully) a quiet night at home with the kitties.
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Morning All!!

Well we are having a interesting morning here in Cottage Country, I had and early appointment for blood work so when I went to the lab at 8 A.M. it was a balmy 6C and raining, by the time I got home about 1/2 hour ago at 11:30 it was -5C wall to wall ice and snowing like crazy.....Gotta love these Canadian winters.

Nothing much planned for the rest of the day, maybe just putter at the computer and watch some TV. It's been cold all week so I have been staying in and have gotten all caught up on my housework

Having leftovers for dinner, did a pot roast yesterday so it's a hot beef sandwich tonight

The kitties are good, they are napping right now, all sprawled out on my bed not even leaving enough room in case Mom wants a nap Spoiled bunch.

Everyone have a great day
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It is a little warmer and raining right now, but the temperature is supposed to drop to -14c and feels like -22c today. Thats going to make things nice and slippery.

I have to work 3:30-9:30 today. Our new Taco Bell opens today so I am going there for dinner. I love Taco Bell.
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Good afternoon

This morning there was a bit of work drama (see the "Where are we, preschool?" thread!) but the day has been pretty nice so far.

The builders are showing our house off as a model house today to some potential buyers of a home, and if they decide to purchase a home from our builders, we get $500! Of course, Rob left a dish in the sink of course And our guest bedroom/future pole fitness room is full of boxes we haven't sorted yet. But I guess they need to realize people are still moving in/living in this house! They gave us like 12 hours notice that they wanted to come. I just hope they be careful not to let Nero out!

Went to a late birthday lunch with my team leader and DH at Moe's Southwest Grill. Very tasty.

About to weigh up my soil samples and put them on, then I have to somehow stay until 4:30-5pm, even though I'm going to be bored by 3:30pm-ish! It's a BEAUTIFUL 75ºF day out too and the last place I wanna spend it is in here! Then tonight is bowling with the league. We lost our team member due to lack of commitment to it (she's been prebowling early for like 8 weeks instead of bowling that night with us) I told her to quit last week because she didn't show up AGAIN, just bowled during the day, and didn't even tell me this time. So now it's just Rob & I on our team, but that's okay, because the vacant is a 120 consistently, which is better than she usually did. And when we get our place money at the end of the season, Rob and I will get all of it for our team since it's only us!
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Today I can say "TGIF"!!! I'm actually off this weekend! Actually I'm off for a whole 4 days!

They tried their best to guilt me into working days tomorrow, but I stuck to my guns and said "NO!" I have a hair appointment tomorrow that I've been looking forward to all week and I'm not going to rebook it. My hair is driving me crazy.

After my hair is done I'm going to look around the mall and have lunch.

Sunday is my birthday so I'm going to my Brother's for dinner that day. Monday is my day to myself!
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