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A friend had a stroke last night

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Right now I am kinda numb about it all. Last night I was an emotional basket that was not handling this well.

My friend, a 39 yr old female, had a bad stroke yesterday. I understand that you can show small signs of a stroke hours before things get bad, well at 6pm things got bad. She has 0 feeling on her right side, from head to toe. At the time had no idea where she was, what had happened, what was going on around her, nothing. At 7:30pm they transported her to the next largest city (1 1/2 hrs away) so she could receive better treatment than our little hospital could provide.

I am still trying to piece together how this could happen. I saw her Sunday and she was fine. Monday she had some x-rays taken because she was fixing to have some teeth removed so she could get dentures. Tuesday she had 20 teeth removed and dentures placed. I talked to her after the procedure and she was fine. In pain because of the extractions but fine. Wednesday she was fine once again sore and a little swollen from the extractions but fine. Thursday (yesterday) I thought about going out there to visit her but decided Friday would be better because then I would not have to rush. It kept nagging at me all afternoon to go out there and see how she is doing. Instead I pushed those thoughts aside. At 6pm I got the news they took her to the hospital for a possible stroke. I think some of us just thought she was over-reacting after the extractions (and I am ashamed to say that I thought the same way). At 7:30pm her daughter called me and the doctors confirmed she had a bad stroke. I am unsure how bad because I was unable to get to the hospital when it happened.

Me and the husband plan to make the trip Sunday to visit with her and the family. I am close with all the local family she has so no it would not be awkward for me to be there.

Please send her some and a few more for the family.
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Vibes to you coming your way.

My yougest SIL had a severe stroke 2 years ago during a heart catherization at the age of 53. There were other complications as well and we all spent alot of time in the hospital.
She resides in a nursing home now and for the forseeable future.

She has a long road ahead for recovery and will appreciate friends like you.
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and prayers going out for your friend! Let us know if they find the cause. I suspect it may have something to do with the extractions.
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awwww... im sorry

heres alot of vibes to a great recovery

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My mom had a stroke when she was in her 40's while driving on the highway to Toronto. She lost her vision and my sister (who was only about 8 at the time) had to tell her where to go to get her over 2 lanes on the highway so she could stop on the side of the road. When she left the house that day, she seemed fine and it all happened really fast.
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for your friend. Strokes can happen at any age; even babies have had strokes. It probably has nothing to do with the extractions.
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We now had adverts on the t.v. here in the UK regarding strokes, heart disease etc..because their trying to get people to sit up and listen and watch what their eating.

This is the one for strokes and the signs to look for

And this is the one on saturated fat.....horrible!
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Plenty of vibes and prayers heading your way

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Sorry to hear it! My dad had a heartattack a few weeks ago and a stroke. The stroke was caused by a blood clot.
Prayers and vibes for your friend
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Sending my I know how it feels to have friend good one day in the hospital the next for a speedy and successful recovery
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Oh geez, how scary

I am sending many healing vibes her way.

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Lots of and prayers are speeding toward your friend.
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