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Kittens moving around in her long???

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Hello, I'm new here, and a stray cat adopted our family 2 days ago! And she's obviously VERY pregnant. My question, the kittens are kicking around pretty hard in there, about how long do you think she has to go?

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In pregnancy, kittens usually start to move around around 2 weeks prior to birth. Having said that, she could be due any day being that you've only been around her a couple days now. I would ensure you keep her separated from your other cats in a separate room so that she delivers them in a safe place.
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Thanks. She's our only cat, we have a great pyrenees (who is pretty much outdoors) . She is a friendly cat...we posted an ad on craigslist just in case she is someone's pet. If not, I'd love to keep her. She's acting fine, though, sleeping alot in our bathroom sink. we are free feeding her kitten food and this weekend try to get a whelping box set up for her
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You sound ready for her to have babies. Setting up a birthing box for her is perfect. Just be ready if she tries to have them somewhere where you'd rather her not, possibly under a couch or bed. That's why confining her would be the best for all, and she'll feel safe in a quiet room.
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So we set up a box for her with plenty of towels. She just stared at it lol. And came onto the bed...we were watching tv and she started like..jerking, I freaked out and told my husband "omg take her to the box!" turns out, she was about to sneeze lol. I'm really nervous...I don't want anything to go wrong and then not know what to do...
So we're just waiting....hopefully sometime this weekend...
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I'm curious if your cat has had any signs of labor? Milk in yet?
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Has she had any kitties yet? Usually, the kittens start moving, at most two weeks before...good luck!!!
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Tink had 5 babies this morning. Its funny, because all of the signs everyone told me to watch for, none of them were present. She acted the same, was eating fine and even played on the floor! She is a great mother, she needed no help except 2 umbilical cords which we cut with sterilized scissors and got rid of some afterbirth she didn't eat (i think she was tired).
But they are alldoing great! Will post pics when my computer ets back up (at library now).
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oh and we found the kittens homes a week ago. A few were actually through our vet who knew responsible owners! We may keep one, but atleast they all have homes lined up just in case!
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Ohhhh, I can't wait for pictures!!
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Yaay congrats! Can't wait for pictures!
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Congratulations! I am still waiting for our kittens. It seems like this is the week for kittens, so I'm hoping to join in the celebration. What time of the day did she have them?
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Yay! Congrats!
Can't wait to see what they look like!
Good luck!
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congratulations. I can't wait for the pictures
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thanks. I'm just glad everything went ok. Its strange...I had a stillbirth baby girl in 2006 and a SIDS baby so now , even in animals, I can't take anymore death and it would've killed me to have one of her kittens not make it! Ppl say they are not the same, but to me a life is a life...
She started having them at 5:14 am this morning and the last kitten was born 9:21 am.
She is very loving. Her not being with us long, I was afraid once the kittens were born she wouldn't want us anywhere near her, so when we finally went in to do another check in I was helping a kitten find a nipple and she put her paw on me to pet her. She is the sweetest cat in the world.
I want them al to stay here foreverl!!
Tinahaj, goodluck waiting. it seems like it took FOREVER! Everyday I would eyeball her. I would be afraid to pick my kids up from school in fear she would be alone and scared when she gave birth lol..
And now, PICS!

There is a red tabby, 3 gray tabbies and 1 gray one with an orange patch on his head! (so cute!!)He looks like he may turn into a calico, but not sure..

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They are so beautiful! Good job mama!
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Congratulations they are adorable
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Oooh! I love baby pictures. They are adorable.
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Yep, I'm afraid to run any errands even. I think it has been forever! We'll see. My husband says that once I stop waiting for them, they will come. Maybe along the line of a watched pot never boils. I cant help it though!

Your cats are beautiful. It's neat because there is a nice variety of colors. Beautiful. That was a great time of the day to have the kittens too. You didn't lose too much sleep.
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LOL just wait until they are HERE. You won't wanna leave! We went grocery shopping and I hauled a** because I didn't wanna be gone too long..wanted to make sure mama was eating well (she is) and the kittens are all okay and eating.

I , for kicks went ahead and gave it a whirl sexing them. I think we have 3 girls (2 tabbys and the calico with the big orange patch on her head)and 2 boys (the red and a tabby). Ill keep checking within the next few weeks to may sure I am accurate.
thinking of keeping a tabby female.. 4 have homes lined up so that leaves us room to keep one.
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congrats on the kittens, and already having homes lined up!!Mama and kittens are all beautiful
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They are so precious!!! Congratulations on the safe arrivals! I am still in Mexico but TCS is on my mind all the time LOL. Have to come and check in to see who and how many kitties have arrived! I am infatuated with kittens! I miss my kitties at home, but my dad is taking good care of them and my kids are doing good too (18 and 11). My sphynx have adopted my dad LOL.

Can't wait to continue watching all the newborn kittens as they develop and learn new things...such an exciting time for all!!!
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congrats but i have a cat and she has been pregnant for i dont know how long. i have felt little popping bubbles all the time. I dont know what they mean and the babies are kicking REALLY hard. I can clearly see them and a few weeks ago she was strangly pushing ilike she had to use the bathroom. If anyone has an idea of when she will have them i would enjoy the help. Her stomach is huge.rbheart.gif

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Im going through the same i have two female i took in, the one i call fancy is only maybe hald way through her pregnancy but all she does is sleep in the sink i think it feels nice and cool on her belly, as for the other kitty "Lilly" her  babies are moving around so much i've been seeing them move for two days now, so we're on the waiting game here too, good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I have a bit of experience with pregnant cats nursing and delivering, one thing tho if she has so many she cant eat the last sack or cut the cord dont be shy its happened to me a few times now, just give it a cut a few cm's away from their belly and put the kitten in with the mom she'll do the rest :)

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Awww!! :D The Kittens Are SOO Adorable!!! Congrats!!bounce.gifvancat.gif  Right now i have A Pregnet Cat, I feel the Babys Kicking, The Cats Name is Suki, My Dad Named her, She is so Fat cause of the Kittens!!! I hope the Kittens Come soon!!! But i Remember the Last time she Had kittens, It was Last year, And the Year Before, And the Year Before, She had alot of Kittens Since She Was Born :D

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Originally Posted by lizzyme4 View Post

Awww!! biggrin.gif The Kittens Are SOO Adorable!!! Congrats!!bounce.gifvancat.gif   Right now i have A Pregnet Cat, I feel the Babys Kicking, The Cats Name is Suki, My Dad Named her, She is so Fat cause of the Kittens!!! I hope the Kittens Come soon!!! But i Remember the Last time she Had kittens, It was Last year, And the Year Before, And the Year Before, She had alot of Kittens Since She Was Born biggrin.gif

Hi and welcome to the site! wavey.gif just a note that after your cat has this litter you should really consider having her spayed. It's much healthier for her. smile.gif
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I have to agree with abbysmom since I take part in feeding a couple colonies of stray cats and have helped find homes for a lot of them and right now adopted one of my own 
kittens are adorable and fun to have but that's one home a stray or SPCA cat or kitten could have and sorry if I'm coming off as mean just 
so many deserving kitty's out there that don't get what they deserve 

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This thread is over two years old, so it is a bit late to be congratulating onthe kittens! I suggest that those of you who have pregnant cats and might want advice (or jus to post pictures eventually) start your own threads. And, Lizzy4me, I have to agree that it is not good for your poor cat to have so many kittens - it will wear her body out. Maybe you should suggest to your Dad that she be spayed after the new litter is born.
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they are so beautiful, well done mama cat

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Be advised this is an old thread. There is no reason for congratulations here. If you have a pregnant cat,, please start a new thread.
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