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"The Devil''s Journey..

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He was one of a small colony of feral cats at my shop where my fiancee & I work...Recently the owner has been trapping the cats-there were 7 in all, inside the shop, the Mom, 4 recent kittens, an older kitten & the Devil. (the "father" never really hung out with this gang)
It has been breaking my heart to see these kittens taken away, knowing what was going to happen to them & I knew the same was in store for the Devil.
I don't know exactly why I started calling him that, I think it was the look he always had on his face, but he was the one who tamed up to me. I got attached to him because he was silly & cute & it just went from there. He was trapped one day & I let him go, but he was then trapped again on the following day & I knew I had to do something. He had to stay in the trap all of yesterday & I dropped him off this morning at the vet-bless them for taking us in on such short notice! He has tested clean & even free of worms & is chillling out in the bedroom, not really doing much & we are basically leaving him alone & keeping our other 2 out here.
He has been thru hell for the past 2 days, poor little guy! He must be exhausted!
He wasn't the dominant male before we took him in-he would even let the kittens bully him aside at feeding time so I hope he doesn't spray around here (even though he's been nuetered), & also hope he doesn't have any problems with peeing or pooping elsewhere! He's got his own litterbox back there & has walked thru it during his explorations so I hope he will use it. He doesn't seem really freaked out or agressive or noisy...he hasn't made a sound since we brought him home & hasn't gone into extreme hiding mode deep in the closet so I hope things turn out okay. He's been eating, so that's a good thing.
After the depressing spectacle of seeing "Cruella DeVille" having them taken away one by one, I couldn't let the Devil go on to the same fate. I couldn't save them all, just this one.
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Sigh.... I know. You just do the best you can. You can make yourself crazy otherwise. You will make a huge, life-changing difference for this boy, so try to look at it that way.
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He is a sweet little boy & I think he's going to be ok.
He has been in the back room since he got back from his ordeal, he's been eating & hiding out & sleeping alot. He was always kind of a mellow little guy so when we took him in I didn't really consider him as feral...
Today we opened up all of the doors & Tucker & Mini have hissed at him a time or two & are wary of his presence but are not acting out towards him at all. He is minding his own business & slowly coming out of his shell.
He doesn't mind being combed-I found that out just a little while ago, another hint towards a gentle nature.
I'm looking forward to seeing how it all works out & have good feelings about it all in general. No problems so far!
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Oh bless your heart for saving him! and wouldn't be nice if we could save them all!!!You did what you could and I know he is grateful to you for it.
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