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I know I can only post one of these, and I will respect that. Thank you for anyone who reads and/or decides to contribute.

I live in Mexico City, where there still seems to be residual fear and dislike of cats from the strong Catholic background here. The city is over-run with stray animals as it is, and they don't seem to be able to take care of it all. There aren't any no-kill shelters that I've been able to find, and the only interest in people looking for cats seems to be people wanting certified breeds.

So far, we've picked up 5 stray kittens. 4 are adults now, the female had children. There were 5 kittens in the litter, but only 3 survived. One of the kittens stopped eating, and the mother abandoned it. We tried to feed it ourselves as the vet instructed, but it didn't make it. The other kitten was killed when we were robbed by someone who had been renting our second bedroom. He charged into our room to steal our money and computer, and stepped on one of the kittens crushing his lungs. Shortly after that one died, we heard a kitten crying in the street for two nights in a row, and finally found it hiding in the under-carriage of someone's car.

It seems to be a Chaussie, mix or not I can't tell, it was skeletal, covered in fleas, ring worm, and car oil. We cleaned it up the best we could, luckily we had flea soap, although we did end up with a small infestation of both fleas and rinworm and spent a small fortune trying to clean everyone up. The little black Chaussie continued with some behaviors we had thought were just fear from being in a new place. While she seemed to have gotten used to us, she still had shaking of her body particularly her head, difficulty walking properly, jumping, and occasionally her back legs stiffen completely. We took her to the vet with the little we have, and it seems she has mild cerebellar hypoplasia.

So in total, we now have 8 cats, 6 boys and 2 girls. As much as we would love t have a thousand cats, we just don't have the money for it. It's not possible to make much money here in Mexico, the average salary about 200 usd per month, all of which goes to rent, bills, and food for all of us. When neutering at least the 6 of these buddies is going to cost us 80 usd per head. Not to mention it seems they have gotten worms from the flea infestation, and we really need to fix that so they don't have any further health complications.

I have started a donation web page at fundable.com, people can contribute 10 USD or more, and if the goal is met than the funds go through to my paypal account with a fee of 50 usd taken by fundable.com. If the goal isn't met, no money goes through at all and no one will ever miss the 10 usd they were going to contribute.

We are trying to raise 550 (500 after the fee), which will go towards neutering the boys and getting everyone dewormed. This way everyone is happy and healthy, and we never find ourselves in a position to have to send kittens to live in the pound. We would be greatly appreciative to anyone who contributed, and happy to send personal cards of thank you to anyone who wishes.

I read that you prefer to have the name and phone of the veternarian. Which I can and will provide, but she only speaks in Spanish. Most mexican vets don't have websites... probably none do, as very few Mexican families are actually able to afford internet or computers. I'm originally from the US, which is why I can speak English well. If I could take 8 cats over the border with no problems, I would, but I can't even take my human friends over without problems. :/

Maria Hernandez - 01525537525825
You can see a picture of the little ones, and contribute here http://www.fundable.com/groupactions...-26.0722996379
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From the Mod Team Regarding Pleas for money:

If you read about a plight of an animal on the internet and your heart is drawn to help. Check out the story thoroughly. Google the vet's name or call Directory Assistance in the city and be sure this is a legitimate claim.

Do not blindly send money into any account no matter how heart-wrenching the story. Instead reach out to the member and ask for the vet's name and phone number, and arrange to send the money there for the specific needs of the cat in question.

If that information cannot be provided- you have your answer. Report the post to a moderator so that it can be removed for not being on the level.
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From personal experience---I would suggest spaying the females first. I know the boys will start spraying and all if not neutered, but neutering males really doesn't do a lot for controlling the population (a female in heat WILL get pregnant; there's always a tom around somewhere). And, since you only have 2 girls, it would cost a lot less. Just a suggestion .
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