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HEIDI! I am setting out to embarass YOU!

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Laurie just sent me the link to the Nakita/MissHiss/Maya story.

Heidi you did a GREAT JOB! The presentation is marvelous- lord, it is a long story! The pictures and banners compliment it, and I just used the last hour sitting there reading it from start to finish. I had tears in my eyes afterwards reliving it all. THANK YOU for honoring this misunderstood feral. I still think I see her from time to time early in the mornings, but of course it is not her.

I am so glad Laurie had that burst of inspiration and got you involved in her website. You, Christy, Laurie and Kass are doing a PHENOMENAL JOB!

When the other portion of the website is completed, let me know and we will run an ad promoting the website in one of the newsletters. THANK YOU AGAIN! You took me back to a very special bittersweet time.
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You're so very welcome, Mary Anne, and I'm so glad you like it. Maya was a very special cat, and it is so sad that she was taken from you too soon. It is a LONG story, but it is so touching to read through it. I'm honored that we are able to host your amazing journey with her on Save Samoa.

(Psst - if you find any more pics of her, send them along! A story that long can certainly take more pics of that pretty little girl. )
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...just in case anyone was wondering what hissy was talking about, here's a link to her wonderful journal about rescuing Maya:

Maya's Story

MA did the work and wrote the journal of Maya's rescue, and Heidi did a great job of putting it up on the site!
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Wow! You guys have done such an excellent job with the site! It is so professionally and attractively done. I am impressed beyond words.

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All the thanks DO go to Heidi! She did ALL the design work!! (Except for the lovely graphic Lizza did on the site's home page! But then.. Heidi put it in there, and decided where it went, LOL!) But Heidi has designed the banners and stuff... it really is just fabulous, isn't it?

(Heidi - are you beet red yet? Or just beaming? LOL!)
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Gotta say, I love seeing Cleo on one of the banners.
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