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People can be so rude about sphynx

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We took Cleo to the vet last friday and this lady walked in and said terrible things about her.
She looked at her and shook her head and said nasty things about her.
One of the vet techs doesnt like her either when I went to the vets last year.
They asked if she is mean and bites.
I hate when people stereotype breeds when they know nothing about them.
One vet doesnt like Cleo to much either just because she is bald.
This same vet hates Bengals also.
The other vet loves Sphynx and Bengals but does not like Devon Rexes.
She is also the vet my Meeko bit last year.
They have to give Meeko gas just to take tests because she is that mean at the vets.
Most the Techs and Vets love Cleo.
Its very hard to leave because they all want to hold her.
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I've never had a vet that has stated likes or dislikes for certain breeds. They have all been professional and dealt with my cats medical condition or exams.
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Aww. that's too bad. I can see people being curious, since Sphynx do look different, but being mean is just rude. I can see vets having concerns about certain breeds and any hereditary issues, maybe, but not liking them? I have to admit I didn't like the looks of Sphynx from magazines, but after I saw them at a show I feel much more kindly toward them - such friendly little rascals, at least the ones I've seen.
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I know many people who don't like sphynxes. I was showing my boyfriend a pic of a sphynx b/c I was telling him I might consider getting one and he told me not to because he thinks they are ugly My mom thinks it's a deformity and should never be bred.... She saw a pic of a sphynx once and then refused to even look at it again b/c she said it makes her sick...
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The vet is very good but I got the idea she didnt really like cleo.
She said why would you want a sphynx.
She did the exam no problems but you could tell she did not like her to much.
The other two vets there love Cleo.
The other vet knows a lot about sphynx and was in the top 10% of his class at UC Davis.
He knew that they have higher temps then other breeds.
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All the vets, techs and secretaries love my sphynx. I did have one lady the first visit who just made an aweful face until I asked her to touch one of the girls. Yes, sphynx are not your typical looking cat, but they are one of the nicest breeds as far as temperment and personality go.

I took my girls to the post office one day to show the lady who works there, and she LOVED them. There were also other people who came in to pick up their mail that thought they were the coolest animals they've seen.

I am not so worried about people not liking my cats, but if any vet or someone who works in a vet's office made a rude comment or told me they don't like the breed, I would come back and tell them that they aren't being very professional and you are disappointed in them for putting their personal opinions out there for clients to hear and to see.

Cleo is beautiful, and don't you let those people get under your skin...walk proudly with your exotic princess and smile.
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The lady that was rude was some one that had a sick cat.
She doesnt work there.
In fact she brought her cat in a card board carrier.
I already told the vet I am getting another sphynx this year.
My brother doesnt like Cleo lol.
The tech just seemed scared of her.
Everyone else there loves her.
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As frustrating as it is to have to be around ignorant people like that lady, know in your heart that Cleo is a very special girl.

I admit I was not a big fan of sphynx cats until someone I know got 2 of them. I have not seen them in person nor touched them but I would love to. Tell Cleo we are sending extra love vibes to her to make up for those nasty people at the vet's office.
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Thats so rude!and unproffesional of the vet to say he doesn't like a breed and that being the breed you have!I think Cleo is beautiful!I have never seen a sphynx in person myself!I would love to though she is beautiful
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Any time you have something out of the ordinary you will get comments. I had plenty of "ugly" comments about my Cornish Rexes and they had a lot of coat! You either love them or hate them.

Just to warn you, when you get in the show hall be prepared for even more "ugly" comments with Cleo - best you can do is to smile and tell them "once you get to know them, you fall in love with them". You'll have to learn to take the comments in stride and brush them off.

Thank goodness our cats really don't know English very well!
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I have seen some really nasty behavior from people at the vets office. I keep rats as pets, I have nine in fact. I have siamese, satin rex and even some hairless boys. Each one is as unique and loving as any other small animal I have had the pleasure to meet. They are very intelligent and affectionate as well.

Now that being said......on to my story.

More often than not I get looks of disgust and then the "why would you keep vermin as a pet?" Domesticated rats are no more like sewer rats than our dogs are like wolves. Cousins, yes, but not the same. I have spent more time having to defend my choice of pet than should be necessary, but I hate to see ignorance about anything and those genuinely curious I love to educate These so called vermin have costed me thousands in vet bills. While they may be cheap to buy, care for them is outrageous.

I will never understand why people think they have a right to make uninvited nasty comments.

I suppose if I am lucky enough to get my sphynx kitty that I will get the same odd looks, but I dont care. Love comes in many shapes and sizes..some packages furry and others are not

Tell Cleo she is a gorgeous girl!!!!
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I understand what you mean. From mean comments online to in person, it does get annoying. I don't expect everyone to like my cat, really, but don't say mean things please I want to say to them.
People are rude to me too about my Sphynx. Sometimes it hurts my feelings as some comments are really quite mean. But every one of the people who make the comments, if they get the chance to actually know her in person for a minute or two, love her. A lot. She didn't know they talked so badly about her and doesn't care.
The vets, vet techs, and staff really love her a lot. I have been lucky there, I have been to holistic vets and also all cat clinics. They have went above and beyond giving her a lot of good attention, which she loves of course.
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Thanks Everyone,
I understand people will say stuff at cat shows so that does not bother me.
Wait until my step mom sees Cleo.
She already calls my other cats ugly.
My Russian Blue is one of the ugliest cats she ever saw.
I can imagine what she will say about Cleo.
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I don't have an exotic or unusual pet or anything, just a regular domestic short hair, but he's been on his on for years and he's been in a lot of fights so he's a little rough lookin'. Well my future MIL said something about how ugly he was and then I looked at his sweet little face thought how he's so innocent and has no idea someone thinks something mean about him, I almost cried! He's such a sweetheart with a sweet personality. Poor baby!
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thats so ignorant! if some lady in a vet waiting room said something nasty about one of my cats i would say a few choice words to her that i wont write here.

I think all animals are beautiful in their own special way. and i think your sphynx is adorable. My BF didnt like it when i showed him pics of a sphynx online but we were watching this show last nite and he got to see them in action and he was like awwwwwwww!

Theres some dogs that im not too fond of their appearance, but i would never say omg you have an ugly dog!
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I'll admit - I do not like the looks of a Sphinx. They freak me out - you don't see me telling people their cats are ugly - as I know they are beautiful to many....
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Although I am not specifically a fan of the sphynx breed, I love cats in general and i could never think a cat is ugly, hair or no! Well anyway, Cleo is gorgeous I know you know that Only a cat lover can look at a sphynx and not be shocked by the baldness, and simply see the kitty for its beauty that is unique to it, not its lack of hair.
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
Although I am not specifically a fan of the sphynx breed.
I wasn't either until I saw my first in person, a visit with several of them, getting to know them. My cat has converted many non cat people to cat lovers.
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I hate any type of stereotying or generalising at all (about cats, other animals, or humans!) - I have heard so many bad things about Siamese cats - that they are moody or vicious or aggressive for example. I don't know where people get those views, Siamese are usually very loving and affectionate cats.

I remember the first time I met a sphynx, I was quite thrilled and had to pluck up courage to ask her owner if I could please stroke her as I'd never felt one before that - the "warm peach" description is quite accurate IMO Personally I prefer furred cats, but that is just my personal preferance, Sphynx are lovely friendly social creatures though and there is no reason for a vet to say anything negative about them.

Seriously though if you do not feel that your vet cares or has an unwarranted negative opinion of your cats, you need to change vets. When I take one of my boys to the vet, they always get a cuddle and a kiss (Radar especially*, our vet adores him and I always check he is actually back in the carrier and not hidden in the vet's coat when we leave!!!) the vet talks kindly to them and always makes me feel that I have brought in the BEST most loveable cat he's ever seen - which is a really good sign tbh.

*Actually most people adore Radar despite him being my 'difficult child' and they adore him despite him trying to kill their feet at every opportunity. It is a very strange thing that he is so loved despite him having to be physically kept at a long distance from peoples' feet.
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I get the same negative comments about my Luna and also about my Chinese Cresteds. People always make awful faces and make their rude remarks about my naked kids I just smile and tell them that they just can't appreciate them because they've never had one. Don't let it bother you! YOU like her and that's all that matters! I think it's fun having things that aren't "popular", I enjoy being unique right along with my pets
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Thanks Everyone,
I like the chinese crested dogs also.
I plan on getting another sphynx this year to show.
There are 4 vets there and the others love Cleo.
Its hard to leave there.
Not sure why one of the techs thought she would be mean.
My Coco is half siamese and is one of the nicest cats we ever had.
I also had a seal point siamese and she was nice when I was a kid.
I almost told that lady off and would have if my husband was not there.
I took my Russian Blue Mix to the vets a few weeks agi for her shot and a urine test.
I told them do not try to touch her because she is scared of people she doesnt know.
Everyone had to hold her like with Cleo.
It turned out she was not that scared like she used to be.
She was lpo spayedlast monday and it was easy to give her pain meds.
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Try to let it go over your head unless of course these people interfere with her health care. I used to keep pet rats which I was always at the vets with as they often suffered with respiratory problems, I used to get people saying "eeewwww" quite a lot or turning their nose up. When you're worried about your baby it's not very nice to have to put up with that as well! These people are just being ignorant, Cleo is gorgeous and I wouldn't mind a cuddle!!
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Originally Posted by Jupeycat View Post
Try to let it go over your head unless of course these people interfere with her health care. I used to keep pet rats which I was always at the vets with as they often suffered with respiratory problems, I used to get people saying "eeewwww" quite a lot or turning their nose up. When you're worried about your baby it's not very nice to have to put up with that as well! These people are just being ignorant, Cleo is gorgeous and I wouldn't mind a cuddle!!
You will always get odd looks when you have ratties as pets LOL I love my ratkids, all nine are close to the heart. They do require quite a bit of vet care, so I find myself tryng to defend them all the time. People just don't understand.

Im still loving Cleo though, that face is so cute I wouldnt care what anyone said about her....
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My sister tells me that my SunLee ( a modern Siamese) is the ugliest creature she's ever seen. She thinks SunLee looks more like an Alien creature than a cat. Although in truth SunLee is far from extreme, non the less she does have a different look than the Old Style Siamese. I just think a lot of people are not comfortable with cats that look "different" from all the rest.

Here's my little Princess. I see her as a beautiful creature.

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SunLee is quite exotic looking, her face is strikingly beautiful. I love Siamese cats, they have been a favorite of mine since childhood
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I would be concerned about using the vet in that office who expressed dislike for Sphynx cats - you will never know if her care would be compromised by this person b/c of those feelings. The vet is only human, but her comments were really uncalled for .... she should keep that stuff to herself. Try using the ones who DO like the breed and Cleo in particular.
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The old saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" springs to mind. The last thing you want when you have a sick animal is someone saying awful things about it. The day I took my first rat to be put to sleep, my ex's father said "Is it dead yet?" in the most horrible way.

I agree with what AddieBee said and Cleo deserves a vet that is professional!
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Do not worry the other two vets there love Cleo and know about sphynx.
It was just one vet that said that.
In fact I asked should I get a peterbald,sphynx or Rex and she said get another sphynx.
My sister paid 1800 to try to save her rat last July but he died anyway.
Everyone thought she was crazy.
She went to two vets out here first and one said to have him pts.
Then she went to Carmichael which is over a 2 hour drive to try to save him.
The vet is a exotics vet and they sent her a thing with his paw prints and a nice card.
We took her there to pick of his ashes.
She was crying so much and the lady hugged her.
I found her to new rats.
I love how Sunlee looks.
She is so pretty.
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rude comments kinda comes with the territory when you own something unusual or different. However, I agree that the vet should be more professional about it, whether he likes the breed or not.

My Sphynx has the nickname of "Icky Kitty" here in my household. My brother isnt fond of her, and calls her that because "She looks like she feels icky".. it was such a silly nickname, for a silly reason.. it just kinda stuck.

I get all kinds of comments about my Crested.. most are curious questions tho, I rarely get rude comments.. What's amusing is the people who dont think he's cute at all, but they dont want to be rude... "He's so ugly, he's kinda cute"..... and my personal favorite is when they touch him.. "He feels just like skin!"
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My sister paid 1800 to try to save her rat last July but he died anyway.
Everyone thought she was crazy.
I understand this all to well

A few weeks ago I took one of my naked rat boys to the e-vet. He had developed a massive abcess and I was terrified of something happening to him. He was a resuce that had been though several surgeries proir to coming to live with me because his previous owner had not been able to have him vetted for wounds he got from older male rats.

I spent $509.00 for the surgery to debride and clean the abcess up. That was on Sunday, two days later he was to my regular vet and we had to euth him, the infection had spread again and there was nowhere left to go to try and help him.

It is very difficult to try and get people to understand the lengths you will go to for pets, yes, even those a little more unusual. I have learned to ignore most comments, until they are paying the bills... I dont need or want their opinions.
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