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Howdy strangers!! Need your help.

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Hi there all! I haven't been here in forever. Life is crazy and computer playtime is pretty much a thing of the past for me.
But now....I'm in need of your help and advice so I'm coming to the experts.
Some of you may remember I have 4 furbabies. Well I am having difficulty with my eldest Zoey. She's 15 years old and crotchety as hell. She always has been like this. She's just a raging *itch. She always gets a clean bill of health from the vet, nothing wrong with her, just cranky. She wraps around you and purrs like she wants to be pet but you can only pet her for about 2 seconds before she attacks you (biting and scratching). I've tried the whole method of trying to extend my touch time in case that was the problem (oversensitivity?) and it never worked any of the times we've tried. We've learned to deal with it and to pet a couple of times on her head then walk away. Problem is I have the baby in the house now and she's on the move. I obviously watch her when she's crawling around, but as with every other mom I do go about my business as well which I was doing the other day. I was in the same room putting away dishes, Zoey came over to her when I wasn't looking, baby reached out and bam! scratched. Thank God it was only her finger, but my panic is something worse - her eyes? I'm so scared to have them together now at all because zoey is so unpredictible. All I did was turn my back. The baby is on the same level as the cat and will be for a long time...and she didn't go to the cat - the cat came to her which doesn't help.
I am terrified to have them in the same room now, but unfortunately separating them means keeping Zoey in the basement which is NOT fair to her at ALL! I just don't know what to do. She has always been this way and most likely always will be. I want to do what's best for the baby obviously, but what's best for Zoey too. Is keeping her in the basement fair? I don't think so. But is trying to adopt her out at this point fair either? I honestly don't know. I'm looking for suggestions with the mindset that this cats attitude will never change. It's the way she's been for the better part of 15 years. I love the cat (as much as you can love something that bites you all the time...LOL) but I want the baby to be safe. Any suggestions?

I knew this was coming too. I think I was just blocking it out hoping for the best....like the cat completely ignoring the baby. Nope...didn't happen. Wishful thinking. Zoey is just so unpredictible that I don't even normally let her walk within 3 feet of that baby because she swats and bites for no reason, but I can't have my eyes on the baby all the time. I need a safe and happy home for both of them.

As a side note - my other 3 cats are wonderful with her! They rub against her, let her grab at them, she giggles. It's great. I am actively trying to teach her to pet nice, but it's tough for a baby and thank god my other 3 furbabies are so tolerable.
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Wow, I can imagine your worry. I remember the days when my daughter was a toddler. It's always a worry.

Sorry I have not experienced anything like this and would render my suggestions not credible.

My thoughts if it were my child, I would think about finding a feline animal behaviorist. Second thought, even with the age of the cat, would be to ask the vet about medication. I try not to use medicine like that for behavior, but you have a safety issue for all involved.

You may have tried these things already. I hope there is a solution for you soon.
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prior to script meds, you might try feliway diffusers and/or rescue remedy... if those work, then you'd be fixed!
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