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Possible URI

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I mentioned in another post about Gozer and Bastet sneezing..

Gozer seems to be "stuffed up" now.

I have not noticed Bastet sneezing as much, but she just had her spay stitches removed, and her incision was abit red and swollen, so she started a course of Clavamox.. which would also help with any other infections.

My BF asked if we could give Gozer abit of Benedryll to help with her stuffiness.. I told him I wasnt sure if it was safe for cats, or what the dosage was. I know how much to use for dogs, but not cats.

I'll call the vet here in abit to make an appt.. they are out to lunch right now. Gozer is due for shots sometime soon anyways, so I may just get all that done at one visit.
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Running a vaporizer or taking kitty into a steamy bath and sitting with him in there (with the door closed) until all the steam has dissipated.

Kitty probably needs to go to the vet to get a round of antibiotics, too.

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Heh, I'll give James the task of showering with the cat.

I wasnt sure if benedryll was even safe for cats or not. I give the dog some benedryll to help him with mild allergies, but that is only after the vet advised me to do so, and told me the proper dosage.
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You don't actually shower WITH the cat; though that would be entertaining, I'm sure! I just start the shower once the cat is in the bathroom with me, close the door, and let the kitty stay on the counter or floor. I don't open the door until I've finished all my after showering stuff so that the kitty gets more benefit from the steam.
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he actually showered with the cat before LOL.. when we brought Tabbi and Gozer over to the house, we had them in the same crate.. one of them pooped in the crate tho, so they needed a bath. I bathed Tabbi, and he bathed Gozer... he just got in the shower with her.
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