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50 things about me

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one of my other sites started doing this..to get to know people better..
so.I think we should try it here too...
here's mine:

1. my middle name is Elizabeth but i'm not really fond of it
2. I now have light auburn hair
3. I had long black hair for years and a nickname of Elvira
4. my favorite colors are red and purple, black techically isn't a color
5. I dressed completely in black for several years
6. i'm starting to actually wear colors
7. I work for the federal goverment here in Canada in Agriculture helping farmers
8. My eyes are hazel green
9. I am an only child as is my mother.
10. I've never been married but do live with someone or rather he lives with me.
11. I have no kids
12. I have 3 cats - 2 black (go figure) and 1 grey, sabrina, salem and smokey..
13. 13 is my favorite number and friday the 13th one of my favorite days
14 . Halloween is my favorite holiday..go figure
15. My favorite movies are: bram stokers dracula, scent of a woman, the simpsons, 1408 and numerous others
16. I am a movie collector I have several hundred in dvds and a couple hundred still on vhs
17. I am a computer geek and always have been
18. I am on the chubby side but always have been and I will never be skinny.
19. I rarely ever drink alcohol
20. I drink cappacino but not coffee. I like tea too
21. Some people get confused on how I spell my name cause half the time its "Cheryle" which isn't legal yet.
22. I have a cousin with the exact same name. which is why I want to change the spelling of the first name
23. I don't drive - I may get my license in the summer this year but I've really had no interest in it.
24. I use my boyfriend as a chauffeur..which is really..what he's good at ..driving me places..lol up a wall..etc
25. My parents split when I was 4 and divorced when I was 7
26. My dad remarried when I was 8..to a woman who already had 7 kids
27. My mother is in a common law relationship and has been for 20 years.
28. Her partner has 1 son..so that makes 8 step siblings
29. None of my step siblings talk to me...guess i'm the black sheep
30. My boyfriend has a 12 year old son who stays with us every 2nd weekend
31. I like to go camping in the summer yes..in a tent
32. I like to go on hikes
33. I love photography and am self taught
34. I've had a camera in my hands since I was a child and still have the polaroid camera
35. I will be getting a digital SLR this summer
36. I love to travel
37. I've never been on a plane yet, bus, car, train, boat..but no plane
38. I've been published in canadian wildlife magazine
39. I just turned 39 on february 20th....funnily enough my dad's dad..has the birthday of february 20th and his grandmother has the same day...coincidence?
40. I love cartoons my favorite being garfield- I have a collection of stuffed garfields
41. I am half metis and half ukrainian so that makes me a kubasquaw
42. I wear dark glasses most of the day - I have light sensitive eyes. Either that or i'm a vampire
43. I am a gamer. I have nintendo ds, xbox and the computer of course
44. I love crossword puzzles and sudoku
45. I am an avid reader mostly murder mystery, and horror..no romance novels
46. my favorite tv shows are csi, law and order, the simpsons and family guy...
47. I'm just getting started with 3d art. I believe i'm an artist as well as a photographer
48. I am drawn to the darkside ..just like darth vader.
49. I excelled in art class while in school as well as woodworking and metals ...I used to draw cartoons
50. I am witty, funny and sarcastic
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Wow, what a neat idea! Gosh...Im not sure if I can come up with 50 things about myself, I'll have to do some thinking
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1. i was in the hardcore punk scene until 19
2. i used to be straight edge xxx
3. my first actual massive party was april fools 2, 1998, poconos PA, that was the party that really opened up my eyes to EDM, i seen tonz and tonz of flyers at the door and i thought..OMG they have these all the time!
4. i partied with james st james (the original clubkid) and Keoki
5. i met marylin manson
6. in highschool i dressed punk/goth and only had a handful of friends, most people called me freak.
7. i was an overweight kid until i was 13.
8. i was homeless in ibiza for a day...long story lol
9. i love notorious BIG
10. i think p. diddy is sooooo sexy!!
11. i never blowdry my hair, only natural air dry.
12. i love to travel and want to see the world.
13. no showers! only baths
14. i have 3 cats that i love very much, i love spending time with them and can talk and talk to them for hours lol. for now id like to have 5, but my dream is to have a whole cat room, with a bed, toys, everything. im basically a crazy cat lady, but i have a man lol.
15. ive finally decided what i want to do with my life, that is devote myself to helping animals, i start volunteering for the SPCA tomorrow, im looking for a 2nd job as a vet asst, with the hopes of getting promoted to a vet tech. nothing will stand in my way, im determined!
16. i think seals are the cutest animals in the whole wide world and have tons of seal stuffed animals.
17. i can eat a whole can of whip cream in one sitting.
18.i love driving, but im petrified of driving in the rain, if its heavy rain, i start to shake and it practically be in tears, if i know an alternate route to where im going, even if i know it will take longer i get off the highway.
19. EDM has changed my life in ways i dont think alot of people understand. i love the music, the dancing, and i have met so many wonderful people and have had so many wonderful experiences. it will be a part of my life forever, i can honestly say i dont think ill ever stop going out dancing.
20. i think Hindi is a beautiful language and would love to become fluent in it.
21. i read the book "old path, white cloud" and it was very enlightening and changed my views on life, i continued reading many more books on buddhism and def live by alot of the principles.
22. i once told a friend i would marry him to get his citizenship if he really did not want to go back to his home country.
23. i am super interested in space. my favorite show is "the universe". most channels you will find me watching are the history channel, discovery channel, animal planet, i love the shows, dr. g medical examiner, mystery diagnosis, untold stories of the ER, im really not interested in uneducational TV.
24. i strive for healthy eating and follow a very healthy diet, not only that but it drives me crazy when i see other people that have horrible diets, for ex.mark lives on burger king, tasty cakes, candybars, chips..you get the idea, and everytime i see someone with eating like that i always ask if they would like me to revamp their diets.
25. my parents come first above anything else in this world. i love them more than anything and they did a great job giving me a very happy childhood and great life. i dont think i can ever do enough for them to show them my thanks. if i ever won a ton of money, the first thing i would do is make sure mom and dad were set for life and got everything they have ever dreamed of having but couldnt afford because they put their heart and soul into raising me.
26. I am an only child, but i consider my cousin annette my sister
27. my dream vacation is DUBAI, and i will get there!
28. I will do anything for my friends, im always there when they need advice, and have had to help them thru difficult times...i actually have alot of friends i consider "best friends"
29.im yery open minded and have many friends of all ages and all walks of life.
30. i judge my friends on how they treat me, not by things they do or have done in the past.
31. My fave color is Sky blue
32. Most people know me as "Sky"
33. So far ive been to: ibiza, amsterdam, london, virgin islands, bahamas, hawaii, miami, san fran, los angelos, stockton CA, ummm other places in the states i cant think of right now.
34. I worked as a collection manager at a company for 7 yrs and walked out because i couldnt handle the stress anymore.
35. im a lazy messy unorganized pig!
36. im on meds for depression and bipolar, and anxiety. I never bought into the fact that i was bipolar but hey im feeling alot better on the meds. it just seems nothin helps for the anxiety
37. my parents gave me a wonderful loving childhood.
38. sometimes i just like laying on the bed with my eyes open and just relax for like an hour.
39. TV, i can take it or leave it.
40. i love to read and am about to get some new books.
41. I peed my pants in 1st grade lol
42. im not ticklesh
43. i never thought i was going to find my soulmate and i did!
44. im very silly and totally have the mentality of an 18yr old, but in the same respect im very independant and hold down a job and support myself.
45.when it comes to jewerly im very practical, the only stuff i wear is what BF told me, and i told him i dont want anymore jewelry unless its the big one lol.
46. my mom and dad are still married but hate each other and are on the brink of divorce, it bothers me seeing them so unhappy, and im really upset because if the divorce happens my dad is going to lose everything he worked so hard for his whole life.....whenever i think about this it upsets me.
47.ive always been the type in my relationships where ive always spoiled the guys ive been with, i just love doing nice things and buying gifts, like with BF, when we first started dating and we would go to a bar id throw a 20 down and say what would you like, he said i was the 1st girl hes been with that ever did anything like that. The cool part with BF is we both spoil the crap out of each other, i love it
48. i was on the highway with some friends and we slammed into the back of a tractor trailer going about 40mph, totally thought that was going to be the end, i was in the middle and smashed my face off the dashboard, the pain was aweful. blood was gushing down the back of my throat and out of my nose, i fractured my nose in 3 spots and had to go for surgery to get it fixed.
i still think i have a funny nose but i wouldnt go for a nose job id be scared to death.
49. speaking of plastic surgery...i have breast implants
50. ive never had chicken pox

EDM- electronic dance music
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Well, I'll try to come up with 50 things about me.

1. My name is Melanie
2. Im allergic to guinea pigs.
3. I was in the military for a short time after I graduated high school.. I enlisted at the age of 17
4. I have raised puppies for Pilot Dogs, Inc
5. I have one child.. a 7 week old baby named Sienna
6. I was married for 5 years.. I've been divorced for almost 3 years
7. I dont look old enough to be married and divorced.. my lawyer thought we were playing some sick joke and was ready to kick us out of his office.
8. I am a twin.
9. We were born 1 month premature by emergency cecarian, and appeared in a local newspaper.. mom still has the clipping somewhere.
10. I've worked a variety of odd jobs, security guard, dog groomer/bather, and as an aid in an MRDD home. I also worked a lemonade stand at a fair one weekend as a favor to a gypsy friend of mine.
11. My favorite colors are black, purple, and green
12. I'm "line bred".. my parents are somehow related (3rd cousins 5 times removed or something like that.. mom did geneology and she's not 100% sure)
13. Im mostly of French and German ancestry. The German lines are line bred.
14. I took 4 years of French in high school.. I still remember some of it.
15. I am artistic.
16. Im not very musically inclined at all, however I am related to a music professor, and an opera singer.
17. I once spent a week in a mental hospital for clinical depression. It was a nice vacation away from my (now ex) husband!
18. I did not get my driver's licence until after my divorce.. i just didnt have a need for it until then.
19. My ex husband drove truck and I rode with him often.. I have been to all but 4 states.. Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico.
20. The only surgury I have ever had was a tonsilectomy when I was 3 or 4 years old.
21. I have seen Webber's Phantom Of the Opera on stage 6 times.. my goal is to see it at least 10 times.
22. One of my best (and most interesting) friends is a pre-op transexual.
23. I never played with dolls as a child.. I had stuffed animals and plastic zoo animals and dinosaurs.
24. I always asked for something weird for Christmas when I was a kid.. I never did get my bonsai tree, but my aunt did get me a set of plastic flamingos a few years ago.
25. I want to make clothes for my plastic flamingos.. why? because its just so freakin tacky! Those stupid geese can have clothes, so why do plastic flamingos have to be nekkid?
26. I have a birth mark on my left leg thats about the size of a nickle.. I hated it as a kid.
27. KFC stole my idea.. I was eating mashed potatoes mixed with corn and cheese long before they came up with their mashed potato bowls... it tastes better with salsbury steak than chicken.
28. Im addicted to World of Warcraft... so is my BF, that's why we have 2 puters!
29. I like my steak to be "dripping with blood" rare.
30. I dont like the color pink.. but my daughter has lots of pink things.
31. I dont like needles.. blood doesnt bother me tho.
32. Im allergic to McDonald's hamburgers.. but not beef.. hmmm?
33. I hate driving.
34. I like flying tho.
35. I'd like to visit Paris, France someday.
36. I'm a nite owl.. I dont like getting up early in the morning.
37. I eat cheese on almost everything.
38. I'd like to show dogs someday.
39. Im afraid of snakes.. but I like lizards.
40. If I could repaint my car.. it would be either metallic royal purple, metallic forest green, or white with yellow/red color shift flames.
41. I wear glasses.. I have since 5th grade.
42. The school I went to when I was in early elementary put me in speech class because I said "taties" instead of potatoes. I knew they were potatoes, but it was just a silly nickname I had for them. However the school was abit backwards. I enjoyed speach class tho.. I went with my best friend.. she couldnt pronouce the "sh" sound properly.
43. At same school, I got paddled twice.... for drawing cats on my art projects!
44. My first pet was a black cat named Tommy.. I was about 4 years old. I wanted a white female with blue eyes.. but I picked him out at the pound.. because he was sticking his paws out of the cage and saying "PICK ME! PICK ME!"
45. I once looked into doing surrogate pregnancies, you get paid $10,000 for it. I wasnt a candidate at the time because I did not have my own children tho. My ex-hubby was against it because "I'd be carrying another man's baby, and that would be like cheating".. he didnt understand that I'd be carrying another WOMAN'S baby as well.
46. There was a time when I was not comfortable with my gender, and even started doing a little research on transgender operations.
47. No, Im not lesbian, bi-sexual or even bi-curious.. but somehow people always make that assumption.
48. If I could get a tattoo.. I'd like one on my ankle.. pawprints going around my ankle with a crested leaving them behind... but Im scared of needles.
49. I delivered an 8 1/2 pd baby vaginally with no epidural.
50. I actually found out about my pregnancy right before mother's day last year.
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I did 1/2 of this on Facebook recently, and I'm just going to copy and paste the first 25 since I had a hard enough time coming up with those. I'm just not that interesting. I'll do my best coming up with 50.

1. My first and middle names are Kara Leigh, hence my forum name. lol As far as I know I was not named after anyone.
2. I went to the same elementary school that my son goes to.
3. The teacher that my son has this year for 4th grade, Mrs Assman, was the same teacher I had for 4th grade. This is the first time she has ever had the child of a child she taught. I'm proud to be the first.
4. My favorite animal is the Prairie Dog.
5. I have pretty bad social anxiety. I have yet to get up the nerve to go to a "Mom's Night Out" with the other moms from Greyson's class. Hopefully one day I will.
6. I won 2nd place in a drawing contest when I was in 2nd grade.
7. I have loved babies ever since I can remember and all I've ever wanted to do was be a mom.
8. I want to be a nurse some day.
9. I am going to use cloth diapers on our next child.
10. If I could pick any car to drive, it would be a Dodge Charger.
11. I once spent Christmas Day with my family on a beach in St Martin. It was 85 degrees, clear blue skies, a white sand beach, and absolutely wonderful.
12. I have Addison's Disease. I don't tell very many people. I'll have to take steroids for the rest of my life.
13. I ran away from home for 3 days when I was 17. I stayed at my friend Jennie's house. I lost contact with her when she moved in with her dad during our senior year of high school and I still miss her. She was the best friend I ever had.
14. My favorite scents are laundry detergent and fresh cut lumber (pine specifically).
15. I love watching surgical procedures. I find them fascinating, but most people think they are gross. My husband does.
16. My favorite tv shows are Lost and Heroes.
17. My father didn't know I existed until I was 2 years old.
18. I have an obsession with pens. I love all sorts of pens, and I have tons of them. My favorite type of pen to write with is the Pilot G-2.
19. I've known my brother in law since 8th grade, but I didn't meet my husband until I was 19.
20. I get aggressive when I drink wine, but I don't when I drink beer.
21. I would love to be a photographer for a living, but I don't have the patience for it. My social anxieties also kick in and I get too nervous.
22. My son has many more traits from his father than he does from me. He is the coolest kid ever.
23. I hate winter, and I absolutely hate snow. I've always said I swear I was born in the wrong state. Someday I hope to move to some place where it is always warm.
24. I spent one semester at Iowa State University. I was going to become an Interior Designer. I couldn't handle being away from home, so I dropped out.
25. I love dragonflies. Once when we were canoeing at the Niobrara River, I found a dragonfly that was drowning in the river because its wings were wet. I picked it put out of the river and it sat on my finger until its wings were dry. I thought it was the coolest thing.
26. During my senior year of high school I skipped an entire 1/2 semester of band and no one noticed.
27. I used to hate school so I skipped class all the time. I didn't even finish my final project in Chemistry my senior year, but my teacher gave me a D rather than failing me so I could graduate and he wouldn't have to teach me again the next year.
28. I love school now and was the top of my class in my CNA course when I took it a little over a year ago. I didn't even skip a day! LOL I was very proud of myself and can't wait to go to school for nursing.
29. I also never blow dry my hair, I only air dry it.
30. If I had my way, my family would eat nothing but organic food and use only organic products. My husband thinks it is bogus, though, and refuses. The only thing "natural" I can get him to use is Ecover dishwasher tablets b/c he admits they work better. He refuses to use the Ecover liquid dish soap, though.
31. When my father found out I was pregnant he told me it would be the biggest mistake I ever made. I couldn't agree less. The reason he told me that was b/c I was 21 and unmarried when I gave birth (his father is my now husband). My father was 25 and not married to my mother when I was born, so I knew he meant that I was the biggest mistake he ever made.
32. I have been with my husband for 11 1/2 years and married for 8 1/2. Our son just turned 10.
33. I have been trying to have another baby since our son was 18 months old. In May it will have been 9 years since we started trying. I had 6 miscarriages in the first two years and I haven't gotten pregnant since.
34. I want to adopt a baby in the worst way, but my husband insists on waiting until we are financially ready. I have a feeling it will never happen. *sigh*
35. I didn't have a date to my Senior prom (didn't even have a boyfriend that whole year) so I went with one of my female friends.
36. I love magazines, but I rarely read them. I just like looking at the pictures! lol
35. I love to read. I have probably read thousands upon thousands of books in my life. I can't narrow myself down to a favorite, though.
36. I have a lot of health problems, but for the most part I'm a healthy person. My husband always tells me that I am broken and he needs to trade me in for a new model. lol
37. I have a pituitary tumor in my brain, but it is small and so far hasn't grown at all, so it won't be removed.
38. I love to eat cake. Especially cupcakes. I prefer cupcakes to be vanilla with no frosting. My husband likes them the same way. When I make cupcakes I only put frosting on a few of them for our son.
39. My favorite brand of shoes is Keen. I have a bunch of pairs of Keen shoes.
40. My son and I collected all of the state quarters. Just recently we found the last one so our collection is complete!
41. I have kept every single tooth my son has ever lost or had pulled out.
42. My favorite colors are blue and lime green.
43. I'm a huge slob at home, but I'm OCD about being clean and organized at work. I have no clue why.
44. I haven't eaten fast food other than sandwiches from Subway or Jimmy Johns in almost 2 years.
45. My family always had cats when I was growing up. The first when I was born was a big fluffy cat named Tam. Once both my sister and I moved out my mom stopped having cats and now only has dogs. Weird.
46. I have a small stuffed bunny sitting on a shelf on my computer desk. I got that bunny for my first Christmas when I was 12 days old.
47. My parents don't like each other. They just built a new house a couple years ago, and they each have a bedroom on opposite sides of the house. They only see each other in the kitchen.
48. My son is 80% deaf in his right ear. Most likely he has been that way since birth, but we didn't find out about it until the summer after he was in Kindergarten.
49. I collect Willow Tree figurines. I have a whole bunch of them.
50. I went to London and Scotland when I was 18 and I absolutely hated it.
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Wow...I did the 25 things for Facebook, too. I had a hard time with that. I'll have to do some thinking to come up with 25 more.
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1. My name is Melissa

2. I am a welder

3. I really enjoy being able to make steel and other metals bend to my will (mostly hehehe)

4. I refuse to be a Buckeye - I will always be a Duck or Beaver

5. I am really a dog person

6. I like really good beer.

7. I love good espresso and drinks made with espresso - you just can't find good espresso stands out here. I miss Dutch Bros.

8. I have a younger sister

9. I have been married for almost 4yrs

10. I love Tillamook cheese

11. I miss Oregon and Alaska

12. I was a tour guide in Skagway, AK for a season

13. I love to read

14. Tom Bodett and Robert Fulghum are two of my favorite authors

15. I like Robert Service's poetry

16. I love to write, but I don't think I will ever be published

17. I have a crush on Garth Brooks

18. Smartwool socks are my favorite

19. I have completed the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride twice

20. Smoked Salmon is awesome. Keta and Sockeye are the best

21. I was engaged the summer after I graduated from high school.

22. I have 4 tattoos - three lizards and some flowers

23. I have had my tongue pierced 4 different times

24. I have had my lingual frenulum pierced

25. I have my nose pierced

26. I used to want to be a radiologic technologist

27. I have worked as a landscaper - both for a private company and for a municipality in the parks dept.

28. I have had my tonsils out

29. I like Subarus

30. I like fishing for trout

31. I like going to the coast and crabbing

32. I love garlic - too much is not enough

33. I love celery

34. I like to downhill ski and cross country ski

35. I like to rollerblade

36. I feel like people don't understand me

37. I often get mistaken for a guy

38. I am 6'1" tall

40. I am a very firm believer in God

41. I think that maybe I should have been a guy

42. I have been mistaken for a lesbian

43. I am not going to have children

44. I would like to have a Japanese foreign exchange student

45. I am really curious about the Japanese culture

46. I like growing a garden

47. I like sushi

48. I am very detail oriented - very black & white

49. I like to make people laugh

50. I love fire
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I've enjoyed reading these, and WELDRWOMN I SmartWool also! I hope I can think of 50 things about me
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1. My name is Natalie

2. I am an insurance adjustor

3. I really enjoy spending time with my man

4. I am not a girly girl

5. I like dogs, but am too lazy to train one.

6. I don't really like drinking alcohol

7. I like coffee..but I don't love it. I could live without it.

8. I have an older sister and a younger brother

9. I am getting married in 4 months

10. I love Trout

11. I miss being in high school

12. I climbed a mountain

13. When reading a book, even if its terrible I have to finish it

14. I love the Transformers Movie

15. I like perfumes and body sprays, and I probably have like 20 different ones

16. I have terrible hand writing....we're talking 5 year old boy

17. I have a crush on Jason Statham

18. Fuzzy warm socks are my favorite

19. I am learning how to run..and want to run a 5k this summer

20. I hate seafood

21. I chew the skin around my fingernails

22. I have 1 tattoo - a blue sun

23. I have had the little stretchy thing under my tongue pierced

24. I have my navel pierced

25. My teeth are very sensitive

26. I used to want to be a marine biologist

27. I have worked as a door to door salesperson

28. I have never had any type of surgery...thank god

29. I love Subarus

30. I like fishing for bass

31. I love fast food so much. Its terrible but I love it.

32. I love Saturday mornings.

33. I love my neices

34. I like to workout and keep active

35. I like to rollerblade

36. My sense of humour freaks most people out

37. Apparently I look like Sarah Chalke

38. I am 5'6" tall

40. I am trying to develop faith

41. I secretly wish that my mom put me in dance classes when I was little

42. I have fallen in love with shawarmas

43. We are planning on having 2 children

44. I would like to have a house with a garage

45. I am really curious about how the male mind works

46. I haven't shaved my legs in ove a week

47. I like nerds candy

48. I am a little OCD

49. I am skilled at making people laugh

50. I love my new computer
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Get ready to snooze.......

1. My name is Cat, my birth name is Catherine.
2. I have no children.
3. My Dad just passed away 3 weeks ago from a heartattack which is still painful.
4. My Mom just moved in with me. Aside from my cat, she's my best friend.
5. I am the youngest of 3 siblings, 2 older brothers and we are very close.
6. I smoke and so does my mom and most of my friends. Will be quitting next month
*thanks Chris!*
7. Married for 16 years and divorced for 13. (guess my age lol)
8. I have 1 kitty, Maggie a DLH 1-1/2 yrs, and 1 dog, Auggie 10 yrs.
9. I've had cats all my life.
10. Casey, my DSH black cat, died from a brain tumor a week before I adopted Maggie.
11. I don't drink because I simply don't like the taste.
12. I'm more of a tomboy and not girly.
13. One of my hobbies is gardening.
14. I've never had a cavity.
15. I was in a car accident which smashed every bone in my right foot. I've had 3 seperate
surgeries complete with pins and plates for it and hip surgery used to replace the foot bones.
16. I use a cane due to severe foot arthritis for long walks and can only wear flat shoes.
17. I love to read and have a huge book collection.
18. I'm a night owl that never sees a sunrise.
19. I am 5' tall, medium frame, long brown hair, brown eyes.
20. I seldom wear make-up.
21. Hot or cold tea or water. No coffee or pop/soda.
22. I am deathly afraid of spiders but can literally handle snakes, mice/rats, or lizards.
23. I do not have a favorite color, I love all of them.
24. I love dolphins, fairies and dragonflies.
25. I have no tattoos, no piercings other than 2 on either ear.
26. Seldom wear jewelry -just a watch and earings.
27. All through school I was great at all subjects except Math.
28. I've only visited 6 states (eastern USA) and never been on a plane, train or large boat.
29. Been to Daytona Beach, Florida twice..just to make sure the ocean was still there.
30. I love science, especially earth science.
31. For tv I watch: House, Eureka, Ghost Whisperer, Life on Mars, the History Channel,
Learning Channel & Discovery.
32. I love chocolate but allergic to it.
33. I have a large selection of DVD's and VHS tapes on all genres of movies.
34. I like music from the 40's (big band) to todays music but mainly listen to 70's-80's.
35. My OCD is organization. Even if it doesn't make sense, I know exactly where everything is.
36. My friends and family call me a clean freak. I just like things tidy.
37. I don't cuss because I feel (for me) it's disrespectful.
38. My heritage is 1/2 Italian - 1/2 German.
39. I was baptized Catholic. The last 20 years I haven't believed in 'organized' religion but am
40. I've had a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago due to a large benign tumor.
41. I developed severe colitis 3 weeks after the hystercomy and almost died of dehydration. I was
hospitalized for 7 days. I still have bouts but not 1/2 as severe.
42. I've had 1 OBE 20 years ago and never had one since.
43. I am very interested in Near Death Experiences.
44. I have broken every toe on both feet and 2 toes twice.
45. I have no dream destination because I love where I am and can find 1,000 things to do in Missouri.
46. I'm not a spender, I'd rather save money.
47. I would only swim if I absolutely had to.
48. Been through an F4 tornado when I was 11.
49. I'm also interested in dream analysis and psychology.
50. I've worked customer service for over 20 years and lost my job before Christmas. But working on getting a new one!
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Had a hard time thinking this up:

1. My name is Christa but prefer Chrissy
2. I have 4 tattoos. My oldest tattoo is about 17 years old.
3. I've had my tongue pierced along with my nose, eyebrow, and ears. All that's left is the ears and eyebrow.
4. I'm not brave in any way.
5. I have a 7 month old son.
6. I vow to never have anymore children.
7. It took 7 years and 12 miscarriages before he came along.
8. Number 13 is now my favorite number thanks to my son.
9. I've been with hubby for 14 years and married for 12 years.
10. I have 2 older brothers and now a younger, adopted, brother
11. My adopted brother used to be my nephew.
12. My first car was a "rolled in an accident" Chevy Chevette.
13. I've owned several Camero's through the years.
14. My current car is a 2001 Kia Rio.
15. I'm a natural brunette.
16. My sons eyes change color just like my oldest brother and my deceased Grandfather.
17. My favorite color is Dark Green.
18. I rescue "retarded" cats.
19. I have 2 super spoiled bottle babies who will be 4 years in November.
20. I have another bottle baby that belongs to my hubby.
21. My one baby, Jake, is very aggressive. He will attack anyone he doesn't know.
22. I've been told, repeatedly, I should have him put down.
23. I have several feral colonies that allow me to take care of them.
24. I'm tired, a lot! LOL
25. I have a PS1, PS2 (broke now), Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 elite (in the shop), several computers, and wanted a Wii.
26. I love games.
27. Currently playing Left 4 Dead.
28. Have zero friends.
29. People really don't like me. I'm mouthy and perverted and have a seriously twisted sense of humor.
30. Horror/gore movies make me hungry. Dunno why but when the blood and guts flow, my tummy rumbles.
31. I cuss like a sailor/truck driver
32. My Dad has been a truck driver for over 40 years.
33. Both my brothers and Dad have been in the service.
34. We heat by wood stove.
35. Love the smell of cut wood
36. Love the smell of burning wood
37. Want to start a garden this year.
38. I love to cook.
39. I like trying new foods.
40. I have hazel/gold eyes
41. I have dogs.
42. I'd like a puppy for Devin (son) but don't want to train it.
43. My Grandmother is in a nursing home and she has Alzheimers.
44. She used to have a "farm" with horses, cows, pigs, dogs, and cats.
45. She abused all her animals.
46. She never claimed my Dad as her son.
47. I've been in several accidents with my brother. He wrecked his motorcycle and car with me there.
48. I will never ride in a train or plain or boat if my brother is behind the wheel. LOL
49. I hate driving in snow and do not like the cold. I have panic attacks if I have to drive in the snow.
50. I quit smoking. Have been a non-smoker for almost a year and a half. (Forgot to add I smoked for over 20 years and DH quit, too)
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1. My name is Meda but everyone mispronounces it wrong. It is pronounced Meedah with the accent on the Me

2. I am the youngest of three children and the only girl in my family.

3. I have been married for almost 30 years.

4. DH and I do not have any children.

5. I have never lived anywhere else than the town I was born.

6. I have never traveled out of the US except for Tijuana, Mexico.

7. My favorite colors are blue and lavender.

8. I am a distant relative to Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's wife.

9. My mother was an only child.

10. I am afraid of spiders.

11. I am not afraid of snakes or lizards.

12. I hate bugs!

13. I have always have had cats in my life.

14. I had a stroke in Dec 2004 at work, 5 days after my 47th birthday. It was a real wake up call for me. I had to learn to speak again, but miraculously it only took about 5 weeks. I was off work for 7 weeks.

15. I love country music. Last concert I went to was Carrie Underwood and it was an awesome concert. I won the tickets to it.

16. I am a computer geek and have been online since the 80's

17. My screen name has always been CatKiki.

18. I am a senior customer service specialist for a student loan company.

19. I am on a diet and just joined a gym. I was proud of myself yesterday at work. It was "donut day" and I was able to resist eating any.

20. I am a Survivor Fanatic! I love that show

21. I am a low maintenance girl. I do not wear make-up as I am allergic to a lot of it.

22. I am a pack rat. I really need to get rid of the clutter.

23. I collect shot glasses. I don't have many yet and a couple DH insists on using but I do have a few.

24. I love the ocean and have several paintings from the Santa Barbara Art Show they have every Sunday.

25. My FIL does awesome carvings. He makes Santas that we have displayed around our apartment. He has won "Best of Show" a few times and lots of ribbons.

26. I do not like steak. Give me a grilled boneless chicken breast and I am happy.

27. DH and I sleep in twin beds. If we didn't, I would have about 18" as DH would take up all the space.

28. I have satin sheets on my bed. I love the feel of them.

29. I love teddy bears. There are several in our bedroom and we have several teddy bear figurines. It is a good thing DH loves them too.

30. I am part Cherokee Indian but cannot trace it back far enough to get our roll number.

31. I have an AA Degree but it really doesn't do me any good with my career.

32. I love chocolate! But I only limit myself to 4 chocolate kisses per day. That is only 25 calories per kiss.

33. I am one of the youngest children of a WWI vet. My dad was 56 when I was born.

34. My Dad was a "cradle robber" He was 51 and my Mom was 21 when they got married

35. I have neurofibromatosis. It is a genetic disorder that causes deformities.

36. I have had only one speeding ticket in my entire life and the one I had was over 30 years ago.

37. I have had 2 major car accidents, but that was over 30 years also.

38. The last "fender bender" I had was when a police cruiser didn't look and turned right into me. HIS fault!! His tire hit my right bumper.

39. DH says I cook better than his mother!

40. I love oak and have a solid oak desk, entertainment center and dresser.

41. I am right handed

42. I have golden brown eyes

43. I hate to shop! I would much rather shop online.

44. I am not obsessed with shoes. I have a pair of flats for work and a pair of joggers. I have a couple other pairs but don't wear them that often.

45. I love to soak in a nice, hot bubble bath.

46. I have never had a White Christmas.

47. If I ever got a dog, I would want tiny dog. Maybe a toy chihuahua or just a tiny mutt.

48. I have always wanted a Bengal or a Ragdoll. I love both breeds

49. I am a homebody. I don't like big crowds.

50. I love watching The Food Channel. I get great tips on making things.

Whew..... now THAT was hard!!! LOL
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1-I'm a christian
2-I have bi-polar disorder or manic depression
3-I love watching T.V.shows and movies over and over again
4-I love to read but haven't been much lately
5-I don't like kids and never want any
6-My favorite foods are orange chicken,fried rice and almost anything sweet
7-I have had cats all my life and will never be without one
8-At the moment I am owned by 2 tabby cats and a drawf hamster
9-My favorite animals are cats,drawf hamsters,betta fish,dogs,and horses
10-I drink at least 4 cans of soda pop a day
11-I am very close to my mom's side of the family
12-I am obsessed with the T.V.show NCIS and watch it everyday
13-I have alwas loved animals and used to want to become vet
14-My favorite singer is Jimmy Wayne and favorite group is Rascal Flatts
15-I love taking pictures.I want to take a photography class sometime.
16-My mom is my best friend
17-I love to shop but not for clothes
18-I love fantasy books and movies
19-I can't sleep without the T.V. on or music playing
20-I was homeschooled form 7-12 grade
21-I someday want to learn tae-kwon-do
22-I love chatting on pet forums and belong to 5
23-I love learning and loved school.
24-I love board games but rarely play them
25-I learned to play chess in 5th grade
26-I love thinking up names for future pets
27-I dream of someday writing a fantasy book
28.I can't watch any kind of car races that circle a track,It makes me dizzy and sick
29.I love collecting cat stuff(stuffed animals,plaques,keychains,figures,ect..)
This started a year ago and am building up a nice collection
30.I would love to someday have a dog but most likely never will because I would worry about my cats and dog getting along.
31.I dream of someday owning a sphynx cat.My whole family thinks they are ugly.
32.My oldest cousin thinks I should open a bed and breakfest called the Sphynx Cat Inn
33.I love unicorns and have for years
34.I love the beach and my favorite place in the world is Surf City,NC
35.I have lived in 4 states in 20 years(IN,NC,FL,and NM)
36.My first name is Nicole but I go by Nikki online
37.I love going barefoot
38.I get online almost everyday inless I am sick or don't have the time
39.I love country and christian music.Can't stand rap.
40.I look forward to buying a new calender every year
41.My favorite holidays are Easter and Christmas
42.I am not a very organize person and really hope to become one this year
43.I used to not watch much T.V.or many Movies
44.I own only 3 purses(black lab one,corgi one and pink backpack purse)
45.My Late Aunt Tammy made one of my dreams come true-to ride a horse
46.I would love to learn how to ride western and dressage
47.I have one brother and I am 4 years older
48.I can't cook and have messed up easy mac
49.I was abused by a teacher in 3rd grade.I was scared of teachers for a while after that.I then meet some of the best teachers ever.I then wanted to be a reading teacher for a while.
50.I never go to the movies and alwas wait for the DVD
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1. My name is Rena.
2. I am excited to get married on July 18.
3. I feel like I still have so much to do for the wedding and not enough time to do it.
4. I can't sleep if my fiance is snoring (which is always), but I have trouble sleeping when hes not around because its too quiet.
5. I want to move to Cambridge (Ontario). There is stuff to do but its not too big of a city that it creeps me out.
6. I only want to have 1 kid. If that kid is a boy, I might change my mind because I really want a girl. I would not have more than 2.
7. I work at Claire's, and I like it.
8. I absolutely hate putting away laundry.
9. I check my email way too often and get a lot of junk mail.
10. I love my cats and wish I could have more.
11. Someday I would really love to have a bengal cat but probably won't because they are expensive.
12. I love hoodies. I have a lot of them, but I only wear a few.
13. I have my cell phone with me wherever I go and it never gets turned off.
14. I only have my g1 and it expires in May.
15. I want to start eating better, but find it very hard.
16. I can't stand centipedes and in the summer I usually see one every few days.
17. I have a container full of coins, but I don't know where they all came from because I pay for everything with my debit card.
18. I want to be a photographer, but I find digital photography boring.
19. I really want to go back to school, but have no idea what I want to go for.
20. I love the colour pink. I find that odd, because I am not a girly girl at all.
21. My favourite tv shows are One Tree Hill, House and Dexter.
22. I have a whole rack full of dvd's/video games that I never watch/play.
23. I love my pvr and don't know what I would do without it.
24. I suck at cooking and want to take a cooking class but have nobody to go with.
25. I'm almost always cold.
26. I like to read but rarely find time to.
27. I really want to buy a lap top so I can sit on the couch while I'm on the computer.
28. I have a lot of random stuff sitting all over the place.
29. I love going to the movies, but haven't gone in a little while because its too expensive.
30. I rent a lot of movies.
31. I text way too much.
32. I miss my first job as a dishwasher. I hated it then, but now that I look back it was so easy and when it wasn't busy, we just stood there and talked.
33. I have an exercise bike thats facing my tv, but I don't use it.
34. I am right handed, but I do everything with my left except for writing.
35. I eat with my fork upside down and my knife in my right hand. I can't figure out how to comfortably hold a fork in my right hand and cut with my left.
36. I hurt myself way too much (not on purpose). I constantly notice new cuts/scratches popping up and have no idea where they came from.
37. I have no idea where we are going on our honeymoon, but I am very excited.
38. I don't like big dogs, but I would love to have a Newfoundland dog.
39. I rarely ever drink alcohol.
40. I have never smoked a cigarette or done any type of drug.
41. I have my ears pierced 4 times and 1 cartilage.
42. I also have my bellybutton pierced but I am thinking about taking it out.
43. I have 2 tattoos. The leo symbol and a memorial for my dad.
44. I can't stand the town that I work in.
45. I hate reality tv, but loved 13--fear is real.
46. I did not know until last week that I am part German. My 15 year old sister told me after my grandpas funeral.
47. I really hate the snow.
48. I would love to live somewhere warm, but don't want to move out of Ontario.
49. I love the smell of vanilla.
50. I had a really hard time thinking of 50 random things about myself.
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50 Things About Me

1. I'm a massive procrastinator if it is something I don't feel like doing.
2. My middle name is the same as my mom's, grandmother's, cousin's, and half sister's. It is my great-grandmother's maiden name, Lee. (my half-sister having that middle name has no relation to the reason I have it)
3. I've been on two Caribbean cruises in my life, and could live on a cruise ship haha.
4. I pole dance for fitness, and it is so extremely fun!
5. I got married twelve days before I turned 21.
6. I am an Italian food nut.
7. I could do word searches and/or read all day.
8. My dad calls me Mini-Rachel and my mom Rachel in reference to Rachel Ray because we experiment with cooking a lot.
9. My half-sister is 21 years older than me.
10. I never thought I'd be working in a chemistry lab.
11. Sometimes I wonder how life would be like if I still lived in New Jersey.
12. I have a huge dislike for children and don't even allow them in my house.
13. My cats are my babies, and finally the family is getting used to this.
14. I owned a house at 21. (and will be paying for it until I'm about 42!)
15. My eyes and hair are brown. I think I fell in poop.
16. I met Rob on the internet through a car message board.
17. I've lived in three states and three towns. [[Hopatcong, NJ; Kannapolis, NC; Charleston, SC]]
18. I'd love to have a German Shepard again, but probably not til we retire to part-time/work at home(when the house is paid off)
19. I've weighed the same for the last 5 years or so.
20. My maternal grandma and grandpa pretty much raised me for the first few years of my life.
21. My maternal grandma is the only grandparent I have left, and I cannot imagine life without her.
22. I'm cat obsessed ... cat decor, cat calendars, cat books ... (as if this is a surprise!?)
23. I bowl on a Friday night league and love it. Working on hitting a 120 average this season. My high has been a 191.
24. My dream car is a 67 Camaro *dreamy sigh*
25. I haven't seen my best female friend in over 4 years...and I miss her!!
26. I drank more at 16 and 17 than I have since my 21st birthday in 2008.
27. I prefer paying thing online and doing paperless billing.
28. I am putting a pole in the former guest bedroom of our house for my exercise. And maybe other things
29. I never was very girly, but the last few years I've been wearing skirts and sundresses more.
30. My wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, and my birthday are all within two weeks of each other.
31. My PARENT's wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, and my birthday are each 3 days away from each other.
32. I have a 19 year old younger brother.
33. Seems like most of my parents' siblings have a bunch of $$ and we got the short end of the stick haha. (my dad's sister and brother are both multi-millionaires).
34. I prefer to work for what I have, rather than have it handed to me though.
35. I surf the internet on a 46" LCD tv at home. Sweet.
36. I've built a transmission for a 98 Ford Mustang, and it worked!
37. Rob and I have six cars and a boat. Time to downsize to 3 cars and a boat!
38. I prefer to drive places rather than fly or take a train.
39. I've taken a roadtrip from South Carolina to Indiana on three hours notice.
40. I have two kitties that live with us. Katina, our 1.5 year old tabby and Nero, our 9 month old black ball of crazy.
41. I have three kitties in NC at my parents' house. Chassis, a 6 year old tuxedo; Caliper, a 5 year old tortie(?), and Tailpipe, a 3 year old Siamese mix.
42. I love taking cute pictures of my kitties, and pictures of Rob & I together.
43. I love taking picture while on roadtrips.
44. I wish Rob would move to New Jersey. He says it's too cold. Cars rust. Too expensive. You name it.
45. I'm unsure of what I want to get a degree in, although lately I've been leaning towards Biology/Chemistry to further myself at my current career.
46. I LOVE to go on rollercoasters and thrill rides with my mom.
47. I have fourteen piercings and five tattoos so far.
48. I am VERY pro-choice.
49. I feel very successful at 22.
50. My husband and cats mean the entire world to me.
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1.\tMy name is Amy Elizabeth.

2.\tI sometimes wish for a different first name, but like my middle name – it was my mother’s name.

3.\tI take after my mother. I’m proud of that fact as she was a wonderful person.

4.\tI have red hair and green eyes.

5.\tI have a rarer blood type (A-). Along with the red hair and green eyes, I like to think I’m a rare person.

6.\tI’m generous to what most people would call a fault. I don’t care in this matter.

7.\tI’ve been working in the IT field for 30 years this October. I’d like to say I started when I was 2, but that would be a stretch.

8.\tSome people tell me I have a sarcastic sense of humor.

9.\tI was married at 23 and divorced at 26.

10.\tI remarried at 29 and am having a big anniversary this year (guess my age).

11.\tNo kids. I do better with older kids than babies.

12.\tI love dogs as much as my cats.

13.\tI realized that I was intuitively using the Dog Listener’s techniques for years before I picked up her book and read about it.

14.\tI love my cats (I know, duh).

15.\tI believe that cats are without a doubt one of the more intellectual challenges of my life. I enjoy the challenge.

16.\tI can be highly competitive. I like challenges.

17.\tI love to travel. Would like to visit every continent before I die.

18.\tI really need to make a “bucket listâ€.

19.\tThe most exotic place I visited was the jungles in Panama. I canoed up a crocodile laden river there.

20.\tI climbed down a 300 foot cliff for my 38th birthday.

21.\tI scaled the pyramids in Mexico for my 40th birthday.

22.\tI absolutely loved Paris, France.

23.\tMy extended family consists of many faiths. Various Christian sects, as well as Jews, Muslims and atheists.

24.\tI believe people are people, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

25.\tI was born and raised in Chicago, the majority of the time on the south side.

26.\tI’ve lived in 4 states – Illinois, Texas, Missouri and Kansas.

27.\tI like to think 27 is my lucky number. It’s the day of my birth.

28.\tI have 4 brothers and sisters. We all live in different parts of the country. Mom and Dad are both gone.

29.\tI don’t drink a lot of alcohol, but when I do, it’s the good stuff.

30.\tMy motto: life is too short to drink cheap booze.

31.\tI work at my job for the paycheck. The mental stimulation is long gone.

32.\tI would quit my job in a heartbeat if I won the lottery. Powerball is up to about $187 million right now. DH is buying a ticket today.

33.\tMy side business (Auntie Em Creations) is not for the money, but to give me a creative outlet and to help animals in need.

34.\tI am a creative person. Not so much artful, as crafty.

35.\tI’ve had 4 surgeries where I was put under. The longest time I spent in a hospital was a week.

36.\tI’m actually very healthy, just have weird medical things happen to me.

37.\tI’m allergic to most antibiotics. I do have a deep fear that I’m going to pick up something one day and they won’t be able to treat me for it.

38.\tI don’t open up to a lot of people. I hold my real deep thoughts for my handful of close friends.

39.\tI played the piano for years and want to get back into playing it again.

40.\tI survived a tornado with only a minor injury to my knee when I was blown to the ground.

41.\tMy one big phobia is related to water. I can’t put my face into it.

42.\tI white-water rafted over a waterfall to try to get over my fear of water. It didn’t work. My head left a head sized bruise on my husband’s back.

43.\tI’ve had 4 marriage proposals made to me in my life. I took 2 of them up on it.

44.\tI’ve realized how love grows and changes the longer you are married. It is one of life’s hardest lessons sometimes.

45.\tI love to eat, therefore I’ve taught myself how to cook. I cook better than most restaurants in town.

46.\tI hate to bake.

47.\tThe most cats that I’ve ever cared for at any single point in time was about 25. That included a feral colony. I had 5 dogs at that time also. I’m happy to be down to a more manageable 11 cats and 3 dogs.

48.\tAs my gang of critters grows old and crosses, I’ve made a personal vow to never exceed 4 cats again. I’m getting to old for this.

49.\tI am very good at understanding my limitations.

50.\tI won’t be 50 until next year.
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1. My full name is Teresa.
2. The nickname “Tari†came about because of a misspelling when I registered as a professional actor. They put my name in the computer wrong and wouldn’t let me correct the spelling. It was easier to just take the typo as a legal nickname.
3. My middle name is Mae.
4. Mae is after my grandmother, and several of my cousins also share the middle name. It wasn’t until after her death that everyone looked at her birth certificate and realized that she actually didn’t have a middle name.
5. I have no children of my own, but I have a 24-year-old stepson that I love like crazy.
6. When my stepson was growing up he and his friends would hang out at our apartment most weekends. At the time I felt annoyed occasionally at the invasion, but now I really miss them.
7. I have a handicapped cat, Forest. He was born with cerebellar hyperplaysia, which is kind of the feline version of cerebral palsy. Besides moving funny, he’s perfectly fine…no health problems whatsoever.
8. I believe Forest was sent to me as a constant reminder that some of the best things in live are imperfect.
9. I also have another cat, Tailer, that’s normal and looks just like Forest. We have to explain this every time new people come to our house.
10. I’d really like to have a dog, too, but I travel so much and work such unpredictable hours that I think it would be unfair to the dog.
11. I’m the only female living with a bunch of males…DH, my stepson, both cats...fortunately the organization I work for is staffed mostly by females, so I do get some balance.
12. I’m trying to talk DH into adopting a female cat, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful.
13. I love animals…pretty much all animals. The exception is spiders, which I hate, but I’m trying to be tolerant of them.
14. I’m a terrible bowler. I once bowled a 3 (that’s not a typo).
15. Despite my lack of bowling skills, I let DH talk me into joining a summer bowling league, in which I have the lowest average (87).
16. I have no desire to improve my bowling because I find that it’s fun being the worst person in the league…everybody roots for me.
17. My hair is naturally curly now, but as a kid it was stick straight. When I hit adolescence it started getting curly, and it seems to get curlier as I get older.
18. My hair is currently red, but not naturally…the red is by Clairol.
19. I’m the oldest of four kids, and my siblings say I act just like a typical oldest child.
20. Growing up, my sister and I never got along.
21. Now that we’re adults, though, my sister and I are very close.
22. I was a dancer in my youth, and a pretty good one.
23. I was accepted to the apprenticeship program of a nationally recognized ballet company, but I broke my foot badly and ended my dance career before my apprenticeship started.
24. After I could no longer dance I got into acting. I worked as a professional actress for several years before the money ran out and I had to get a real job.
25. I also worked as a waitress in a 50s diner and as a cocktail waitress at a semi-sleazy pickup bar in my youth.
26. My mother is the youngest of 12, so I have a HUGE extended family. I have oodles and oodles of cousins, including many I’ve never met.
27. Since my aunts and uncles have started dying, I’ve been trying hard to preserve our family history. I’ve created a website for our family, and I’m also trying hard to recollect some of the old family recipes.
28. I enjoy baking pies. To me, it’s a very calming activity. I learned from my grandmother, so I’m really pretty good at it.
29. I spent the first several years of my life in downstate Illinois, so when we moved to the Chicago area I had a downstate accent. They sent me to speech therapy to get rid of it. It worked, except it still creeps back sometimes when I’m overtired or have had too much to drink.
30. I had to go to speech therapy again in high school. My speech team coach sent me to make me less breathy. It didn’t work.
31. Despite the ineffective speech therapy, I was a national speech champion in high school and college. My specialty was in poetry reading.
32. I was my high school homecoming queen.
33. I’m a really, really lightweight drinker. Two drinks in less than a couple hours will usually do it. (Insert cheap date joke here.)
34. I really love corny old Hollywood musicals. My favorite is Top Hat.
35. Most of my life I didn’t want to get married. DH felt the same way, so we were together for 12 years before we decided to tie the knot.
36. Now that we’re married, I love it and I can’t imagine why we didn’t do it sooner.
37. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have wonderful in-laws. I love his family as much as my own. It doesn’t seem like many people I know can say that.
38. I have a very rare disease called Fibromuscular Dysplaysia that has affected the arteries in my neck. It’s also caused a few small dead areas in my brain. It’s not a big deal, and it’s all under control. All in all, I’m lucky they found it. It’s most commonly diagnosed through an autopsy.
39. I like to blame the dead spots in my head any time I forget anything.
40. I have allergies to some really weird stuff…avocados, corn silk (not corn…just the silky stuff), neoprene, and the state of Idaho.
41. Even though I hate guns, I try to keep an open mind about everything, so I’ve been to a shooting range with DH and a friend of ours. Turns out I’m a really good shot…which makes DH a bit nervous.
42. I love most music, but I don’t get serious about it. I have no idea who sings what. I’ve even been to concerts where I’ve said “I didn’t know he sings that.â€
43. My current job is doing leadership development and training with the volunteers for a medical association. Most of the volunteers I work with are doctors, which can get trying at times.
44. I travel every couple months for work, usually to pretty nice places. At first it was exciting, but after a while it wears off a bit. I’ve seen the scenery between the airport and the hotel (and nothing else) in a lot of cities.
45. I really hate traveling to the city of Dallas.
46. I believe that Dallas hates me back, and that’s why I can never travel there without delays, mix-ups, bad weather, and various other problems. Once I ended up in Omaha while trying to get home from Dallas.
47. I do really love most of the people I know from Dallas (including several members of this site).
48. I’m working on becoming certified as a professional group facilitator.
49. At the age of 40, I’ve accepted that there are a number of things I just don’t understand and likely never will. This includes, but isn’t limited to, advanced calculus, how the Federal Reserve works, soccer, what my cats are up to when they go tearing across the house for no apparent reason, Rush Limbaugh, and intolerance in any form.
50. I had a really hard time coming up with 50 even moderately interesting things about myself. I wonder what that says about me.
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1. My name is Sherice. I was named after a villan on the 80's movie Buck Rogers in the 24th Century.

2. I love learning and have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a Master's Degree in Media Studies.

3. I enjoy drawing "furry art" (animals with human features).

4. I own my own company designing websites and writing sales letters. I love what I do so much that it hardly seems like work!

5. I met my husband online. I've known him online since I was in high school (I'm 29 now). He is from Germany.

6. I live in the same town where I grew up.

7. It took me a 2,000 mile trip to the other side of the country and back again to realize I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

8. The road trip I took back home with my husband and mom is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

9. I'm part of a pop/hip-hop dance group and love it even though I don't listen to that kind of music regularly.

10. I don't have children and don't feel comfortable around younger kids.

11. I've named all of my recent cats after mythological characters. Including my two cats and my parent's cats.

12. I'm an only child but I've insisted that I work for everything I have in life.

13. I am blind in my left eye.

14. I love Native American crafts and my entire office is decorated in authentic pottery and carvings.

15. I can't stand peppers of any kind.

16. I am not religious but I have unshakeable faith. I am fascinated by other religions.

17. Despite being connected to the computer 24/7 - I have never sent a text message.

18. I'm very pro-gun!

19. I can't stand watching sports on TV.

20. I wrote a book and it's on Amazon.com!

21. I wish I knew how to cook. I'd burn ice if it were possible.

22. I don't drink or smoke. I've never smoked and drinking other than a glass of wine every now and then really doesn't appeal to me.

23. I was meant to be left-handed but my parents and teachers forced me to use my right hand. I still write like a leftie.

24. I strongly believe in karma and that what you do to others in this life will come back to haunt or bless you in your future.

25. I was born 3 months too early and almost didn't live. My parents never could have any other children.

26. I love the smell of cloves

27. I am quite the coffee connoisseur and love vanilla cappuccino.

28. I am seriously allergic to aspartame - the artificial sugar that's in everything: Splenda, Nutrasweet, Equal. I can't even have a stick of gum with the stuff in it.

29. My favorite movie of all time is the 2002 version of the Time Machine. One of my most prized possessions is a pocket-watch from the movie.

30. I like many different kinds of music except where the singer is screaming the words.

31. I have always owned at least one black cat.

32. I'd like to own a home within the next 2-3 years.

33. General George Custer (of Custer's Last Stand fame) is my 3x great uncle.

34. My online nickname has always been Sparkie. Sparkie is my company mascot, a purple cat.

35. I've traveled all over Spain and would love to go back one day!

36. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor that most people don't expect when they first get to know me!

37. To this day I still love playing video games and have even designed one. My dream is to submit it to a publisher one day.

38. I miss the coffee carts in Montana where I lived for a year.

39. I scored in the top 1% of all students in the U.S. in English on the SAT test when I was 15.

40. I have Native American ancestry (my great grandmother was Cherokee but we don't have her birth certificate so I have no proof for any reason). I still go to pow-wows whenever I can.

41. I get the irony of that because of Custer in the family tree.

42. Astrology (real astrology, not newspaper horoscopes) fascinates me.

43. I can type 120 words per minute

44. I've been able to play piano "by ear" since I was 2 years old.

45. I could live at Bath and Body Works and practically own every lotion they've ever made.

46. I don't have any piercings. Not even my ears.

47. My dad does woodworking as a hobby and to this day, every time I smell cedar or fresh-cut pine I think of him.

48. I don't know anything about cars and could barely change the oil if you asked me to. I wish I knew more about how mine worked in case of an emergency.

49. My license plate says WEBDESNR. I pulled into a gas station once and the lady at the desk thought it read "We Bed Sinners"

50. I collect patches from places I've visited.
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Here we go then

1. My Name is actually Ashley Jayne not AJ

2. I am 22 years old

3. I have been with my partner for 4 and a half years

4. Been engaged for 2 years

5. Blaine proposed in the most romantic way down on one knee and the ring was in a little box in a big box of PJ's from La Senza haha

6. I like red wine and black coffee

7. Coffee I couldnt live without

8. I am a service advisor in a Car dealership

9. I love reading crime books

10. I love conspricy theories the best one is the Paul McCartney one

11. I drive a Fiat 500

12. I love Classical Cars

13. I love chinese artwork

14. Chinese is my favourite takeaway

15. I love watching motor racing

16. I try to go and see NEwcastle UTD play as much as I can

17. Im a facebook addict

18. I have two kittens Flash and Sooty

19. I hate working weekends

20. I live in an upstairs flat

21. I also keep tropical fish

22. I hate going shopping

23. I prefer Laptops to computers

24. I have 3 Alevels and an AS level

25. I also own a Megane which my mister man wont let me drive yet haha

26. I used to be a machinist

27. And before that a barmaid

28. I loved working in a bar and miss it very much

29. I collect socks and mostly toe socks love'em

30. I dont eat enough fruit and veg

31. I eat too much red meat

32. My fav colour is purple

33. I have two little brothers that are taller than me

34. I have a qualification in Health and Safety, I dont go nuts with it like the government but I like to think people are safe at work

35. I have brown hair and Blue eyes

36. I am not religious, but am a realist

37. I have a purple and orange lava lamp haha

38. I am quite random

39. Christmas is my favourite holiday

40. Im not that fond of walking

41. I have a four foot teddy bear called Grizz

42. I hate whiskey

43. I also collect model cars

44. I love horror films

45. I tend to watch documentaires on TV

46. I prefer gold to silver

47. I go to Scotland quite a lot

48. I have only been abroad once and that was to france for a day

49. I am petrified of flying although i have never been on a plane

50. I am saving to go to china for my honeymoon

that took some thinking haha
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1.My name is Angela
2.I am Italian
3.I am short
4.I am happily married
5.I have 4 gorgeous kids
5.I am guardian to my younger brother and sister
6.My Mom passed away in 2006 and I miss her like crazy!
7.I love cats
8.I am almost a vet tech
9.I love to cook
10.I am loud
11.I live in NC
12 I was born in Florida
13.I have lived in 18 different states in my lifetime
14.I am opinionated
15.I can be bossy
16.I love being a Mommy
17.I have 5 cats
18.I love the south
19.My favorite color is pink
20.I have small feet
21.my favorite drink is coke
22.I don't drink alcohol
23.I don't smoke
24.I think it is rude and inconsiderate to smoke in public
25.All my children are on the honor roll
26.my favorite season is spring
27.I hate cold weather
28.My main purpose in life is for my kids to grow up happy and be productive well educated adults one day
29.I make my children say Maam and Sir,please and thank you and also excuse me...I don't let them answer people with what.
30.All my animals are spayed and neutered
31.I rescue cats and kittens (and occasionally dogs) and find them homes
32.I am a neat freak
33.I love the smell of Gain detergent
34.I love scary movies
35.I love to read
36.I love veggies
37.my favorite potato chips are just regular plain flavor
38.my husband and I go on a date once a week
39.I am on a diet
40.I have 5 brothers and 1 sister
41.I love to spend time with my family
42.I don'yt have very many friends,just a few very close ones
43.I voted for Obama
44.I live in a 4 bedroom house
45.I love to have my windows open and let fresh air in
46.I have severe allergies and a sinus problem
47.I love to work in the garden
48.My favorite food is spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce
49.I put garlic in almost everything I cook
50.My first cats name was Cali she was a shorthaired petite calico cat.
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1 I love to cook (anything!)
2 I have six cats (five are brothers) and two dogs
3 Only child
4 Havent been on a date in a few years (I’m ok with that)
5 Somewhat emotionally crippled, I function fine and everything but there’s a little trouble when it comes to a SO
6 I’ve always said my dream date would be a vet
7 and I just happen to have a huge crush on my vet
8 I dabble in photography and have been published (once on the cover)
9 I love old movies and have the entire Astaire/Rogers dvd collection
10 My favorite actress is Barbara Stanwyck (whos real name was Ruby Stevens, which I love)
11 I’ve been to the UK and Ireland and loved it, would move back in a second
12 I really want to be a vet tech and have been thinking about it a lot lately
13 Cant bear the idea of being in debt (the reason I’m not currently in school to be a vet tech)
14 I have a tattoo on my right shoulder blade of my first cats face all done in black/greys (it really does look like her)
15 I love to read. Patricia McKillip is my favorite author (I found a signed book in a second hand store for a few dollars!!)
16 I love Disney movies
17 I’ve been mistaken for a lesbian because I go places with my mom and we don’t look anything alike (sigh)
18 I’m as loyal as they come, but I don’t put up with being treated badly by anyone
19 the only person I really feel any attachment to in my family is my mom
20 I’ve got a sarcastic sense of humor
21 and not a scrap of self esteem
22 I don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke and never have
23 I’m an animal person, not a kid person
24 I’ve never broken a bone, had surgery, and havent been to the doctor in 10+ years
25 Im terrible at flirting, and responding to flirting
26 I’m not a girly girl, I like jeans and a tshirt, wont spend more than five minutes on my hair and only wear a tiny bit of makeup
27 I like doing nice little simple things for people, like I sent a copy of Tolstoy to a friend who had never read anything by him
28 I don’t have a lot of friends (especially not my age) because I don’t feel that I fit in at all with the way people think these days
29 I think every single person in the world should see “Meet John Doe” (with Gary Cooper) because it has a fantastic message
30 I don’t have a great memory, and seem to only remember the low points instead of all the great things in my life
31 I don’t have a faith, and I believe that the saying (roughly) “If you don’t have faith you don’t have hope”
32 I’ve never been anywhere that really felt like home (somewhere where I felt like I could spend the rest of my life)
33 Brown hair, brown eyes, 5ft7in
34 I can never remember if the ‘ means feet or inches
35 I’d love to start running
36 but sometimes I forget to breathe when Im walking so running could be an issue..
37 I’m fairly quiet and reserved
38 I love to travel and hope to see Europe
39 I moved from Washington state to Maine just over a year ago…just because.
40 I’ve never been in a car accident
41 Never been in love
42 I don’t bend to peer pressure
43 I listen to classic rock and classical, sometimes oldies
44 Im meeting a friend and I really should be getting ready now (ek!)
45 I raised and trained a horse a few years ago
46 Im a worrier, I worry about just about everything
47 I have a splitting headache and it’s been lingering for two days now
48 I don’t like feet and the world would be a happier place if everyone always wore socks
49 I consider myself to be fairly boring and for my most part am ok with that
50 I talk to myself sometimes because when I say things out loud its easier for me to remember them
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This sounds fun! I'll try it too!

1) I in graduate school studying to be a forensic psychologist
2) I currently work at a juvenile hall and write psychological evaluations for the court
3) The strangest job I ever did was being an extra actress
4) My neighbor was Gary Coleman (from Diff'rent Strokes) when I grew up in Los Angeles
5) I was in Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video (in the crowd)
6) Sometimes I like cats more than people
7) I collect vintage clothing and go-go boots
8) I've been dying my hair black for nearly 15 years
9) I love to dress up in 60's mod clothing
10) I collect vintage dolls from the 60's and 70's
11) My favorite music is anything from the 60's (garage, bubblegum, psychedelic, pop, soul, etc.)
12) I love vintage snow domes
13) I love watching classic TV shows
14) My favorite movies are independent, foreign, and documentary
15) I have one sister but we don't really get along
16) I don't know how to cook and prefer to eat at restaurants
17) My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican
18) I eat chocolate at least once per day
19) I can't function unless I drink Diet Coke on a daily basis
20) I once broke my foot when I tripped on a hill in San Francisco
21) I was held up at gun point when I was a child (my family was there too)
22) I am a disorganized mess
23) I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult
24) I am Jewish but not religious
25) I was born and raised in California
26) I am allergic to cats (even though I own three!)
27) I am very bossy and impatient
28) I love talking on the phone
29) I love watching Lifetime movies when I'm feeling lonely on a Saturday night
30) I wish I was married and had kids already
31) I am 35 years old
32) I have been a vegetarian since January 1992
33) I don't drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke
34) I love to play music on my vintage Vox organ
35) I love antique fairs and estate sales
36) My favorite style of architecture/design is mid century modern
37) I love rainy weather
38) I love reading and studying about true crime
39) I get panic attacks on airplanes but I've been flying my whole life throughout the world
40) My favorite holiday is Halloween
41) My first concert was Iron Maiden in 1988; I was really into metal in the 80's.
42) I am left handed
43) I am an Aries and am very into astrology
44) I hate sports
45) I love taking road trips and stopping at unusual places
46) Snoopy is one of my all-time favorite characters
47) I love shopping for bargains at outlet malls
48) I went to high school with kids who had celebrity parents
49) I love Broadway musicals
50) I am a liberal (politically)
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I love these!!

1. I always rent movies and then don't watch them.

2. I can never return things on time, even when I worked at a video store, I rang up over $200 in late fees (we weren't allowed to delete them, I thought they would know if I did)

3. I have ADD and have discovered it is NOT conducive to a job where I have a lot of freedom (I spend a lot of time on the internet!)

4. I have two younger brothers and one younger sister

5. I haven't seen my mom in almost two years, I don't ever want to see her again.

6. My first nephew was born in February.

7. Jon and I already know what are kids names will be, but it's a secret.

8. I've always had a weakness for funny guys.

9. Jon and I moved in together after only dating a month, could have been a disaster, I know, but it works for us.

10. I love photography.

11. I'm a democrat,

12. I love cooking, and I'm good at it.

13. I never thought I would meet the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with so soon, or maybe ever but I did.

14. I REALLY want a dog,

15. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I grow up.

16. I think my little sister, Shannon is pretty much the coolest gal ever, and I love spending time with her.

17. I don't really have many friends, I'm not sure why.

18. I'm part Swedish.

19. I think Tina Fey is awesome and I wish I was just like her.

20. I love The Office, and I could quote it all day, Jon and I have seen every episode probably 20 times each.

21. Jon and I have been together three years in March.

22. I freaking love Diet Coke.

23. I started a screen play when I was 18.

24. My dream wedding is a destination one to St. Lucia and will never happen

25. If I won the lottery I would probably spend more on other people then I would myself.

26. If netflix thinks I will like a movie, I will watch, no question.

27. I love kalamata olives.

28. I love sushi, so much. I could eat it every day.

29. I love seared tuna with black sesame seeds sliced on greens with a dressing of olive oil, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar...

30...and now I'm hungry.

31. I love trying new cocktails, I have so much liquor in my liquor cabinet, but I don't really drink that much.

32. I haven't seen The Bodyguard, but an episode of 30 Rock I just watched made me want to see it.

33. Growing up, both sides of my family (other than my parents) lived really far away so I didn't know them and that makes me sad.

34. When one of my little brothers was little he watched Blue Clues and I would sing the mail time song with him, and now I haven't seen that show in ten years, but when I get the mail for my work I sing the mail song in my head. Every time.

35. I love going to Target, and I'll go there for no reason.

36. I'm an atheist.

37. I did a lot of stupid things when I graduated from high school.

38. I own every season of Friends on dvd.

39. I own every season of Grey's Anatomy on dvd.

40. I worked at an authentic italian restaraunt for two years and that's where I met Jon.

41. I love Neil Patrick Harris.

42. It pisses me off when people say they didn't know Colin Farrell could act.

43. I'm thinking about buying a bottle of wine tonight.

44. Sunday morning is when we do our grocery shopping.

45. I love french doors.

46. I've started lots of books lately but haven't been able to finish them.

47. I want some soup.

48. This is hard.

49. That's what she said.

50. I hate cold weather.
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All right, all right. You roped me in.

1. I love animals much more than I love people.
2. I have only fallen in love twice and fallen out of love once.
3. I am very computer-savvy because I don’t like not knowing how to do things.
4. I am an elite Pokémon trainer.
5. I think I would be a top-notch housewife.
6. It is okay for me to make black jokes, but not okay for you to do it. I don’t know why, I’m just touchy about it.
7. If I don’t write something down in my planner, it will not get done, I promise you.
8. My purple Sigg water bottle travels with me everywhere.
9. I thought I was a morning person until I met D. He is a daybreak person.
10. I never dreamed up my wedding when I was a little girl.
11. BUT, if I have a wedding, I want a bluegrass band at my reception.
12. I like the social element of drinking alcohol, but I kind of hate the after-effects and wish I didn’t drink at all.
13. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I think it’s gorgeous, but it won’t be tamed. I still haven’t found the perfect way to style it.
14. I have a deep interest in the occult. I have two decks of tarot cards and innumerable books on the zodiac, and I read palms and consult the I Ching. However, I do not believe in horoscopes.
15. Even though she is very protective of me (I’m an adult!), I love my mom so ridiculously much. I miss her and wish I got to see her more. She is my best friend.
16. I am a neat freak. I hate clutter and disorder to any degree.
17. Anything anyone says, writes, or posts on the internet is subject to my linguistic analyses.
18. I think my little brother is one of the most underrated, outstanding people on Earth.
19. I will only write in blue ink.
20. When I was little, I didn’t have an imaginary friend, but I wanted one.
21. If I don’t like the way I’ve set up my notes in class, or if I make too many mistakes, I will tear out the offending notebook page and copy it down on a new one.
22. My favorite place in America is Brooklyn, NY. I've never been there.
23. I hate carrots.
24. I have turned off a movie because I couldn’t stand listening to a poorly imitated British accent.
25. I have met my last three boyfriends on the internet.
26. I hate it when my toes touch each other.
27. I never read instruction manuals.
28. I can crack most of the joints in my body, including my sternum.
29. I have been vegetarian for 2 years.
30. My favorite type of food is Indian.
31. I practice yoga and Buddhism but have been slacking on both lately.
32. I am scared for when my cat dies.
33. I draw hearts starting with the left side first.
34. I love red wine.
35. I don't drink coffee, soda, or energy drinks, just tea.
36. I am trying to be better about taking more pictures. I want my kids to see what my life was like.
37. I am absolutely terrified, beyond reason, of spiders.
38. I rarely lose my cool, but when I do, you don't want to be around.
39. I just learned how to play chess this month.
40. I love video games. I'm not very good, though. My favorite is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
41. I don't say 'bless you' when people sneeze.
42. I spend too much money on my cat. I don't think she really gives a crap, either.
43. I have two stuffed cats. One is named Puppy, and one is named Deedee.
44. I think I'm going to join a soccer league in May.
45. I am obsessed with HGTV. My boyfriend is hooked now too. We love House Hunters!
46. My current boyfriend is my best friend, and I love him more than I can explain. He's "the one".
47. I seem cynical, but I am a hopeless romantic.
48. I hate waking up to an alarm clock. It's frightening.
49. My iPod has the best shuffle mix EVER.
50. I went on a date with someone 13 years my senior once.
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1) i love cats
2) i have 26 barn cats
3) the three housecats are my fault
4) i work on a dairy farm
5) i'm sixteen
6) i haven't worn a dress/skirt since fifth grade
7) my favorite shoes are romeo's
8) i'm blonde
9) i'm dutch
10) i'm 5' 11"
11) i'm short compared to many people in my school
12) i'm in 10th grade
13) i hate snow and driving in the snow
14) i couldn't live without having atleast one cat
15) i like to keep things at both farms neat, but when it comes to my room...
16) i went a small school before highschool (7 people not counting me in 8th grade)!
17) i love to take pictures of cats
18) i listen to country music all of the time, especially when driving
19) i hate school, and count down the days until the next vacation
20) i love to read books, especially ones about animals
21) most of the breaks at school i spend on the computer
22) i hate shopping! unless it is at petsmart
23) i love national treasure 1 and 2
24) i've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
25) i am horrible at spelling
26) my most favorite class in school is study hall
27) i have the same thing for breakfast everyday and the same lunch everyday if in school
28) i find coming up with things about myself very hard
29) i've never had a boyfriend
30) i can't do a sumersault
31) my least favorite thing in PE was tumbling
32) i love to feed calves every night
33) the family farm quit last year, now i work at another dairy
34) i find it hard to believe that 1/3 of the cow's in the county i live in will be gone in 6 months
35) i hate obama with a passion
36) i'm a conservative republican even though i can't vote yet!
37) the only thing i read in the newspaper is the comics
38) i love to go on sites that are about cats
39) i hate science diet cat food
40) i spend atleast $200 for food for the farm cats each month
41) my favorite number is 251
42) at this moment i am wondering why it is snowing
43) i hate the spring time change, and hate going to school the day after it
44) most people in my school make fun of me for being so horribly completly obsessed about cats
45) every outfit i wear has cat hair on it
46) i wonder why school won't let people on facebook
47) i love to go kayaking and camping
48) i have 3 sisters, one of whom is adopted from china
49) i enter a picture of a cat in the fair every year
50) i'm glad i am done with saying 50 things about myself because i ran out of things to say
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1. My name is Kate, full name is Kathryn
2. It bothers me when people spell Kathryn differently, :-P
3. I've changed majors twice and am still not happy with my current one (English)
4. If I had the guts, I'd start all over with a degree in bio and on to vet school
5. I'm on a search for silicon ice trays
6. My car and apartment are very messy, but I'm insanely organized when it comes to school and work
7. I WILL one day own a boxer, a pit bull, and most importantly a GREAT DANE!
8. I have a wonderful family
9. My brother is in the Army and has served one tour in Iraq and is going back this year
10. I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and House
11. I get migraines far too often
12. I'm almost consider legally blind without glasses or contacts
13. I smoke
14. My mother has Parkinson's Disease
15. I can't walk into PetSmart without spending at least 30$
16. If my boyfriend weren't here to stop me, I would be the crazy cat lady
17. I love my job (vet tech)
18. I'm more likely to cry over a homeless animals commercial than homeless children
19. That ^^^ makes me wonder if I'm a terrible person
20. "Loveshack" by The B-52's ALWAYS makes me happy
21. I have blonde hair
22. I would kill for a washer and dryer in my apartment
23. I can not stand drama
24. I hate writing in pencil
25. I'm constantly covered in cat scratches (hazard of the job I guess!)
26. I love The Sims
27. I love Harry Potter!
28. I could read for hours
29. I make a mean fettucini alfredo
30. I buy way too many calendars
31. I've had mono. Twice!
32. It takes me forever to fall asleep
33. I have terrible dreams about my cats dying
34. I love yogurt
35. I want kids one day
36. I love Halloween!
37. I hate my car because it has the turning radius of a yacht and gets bad gas mileage
38. I'd like to go skydiving
39. I spend way too much money at Bath & Body Works
40. I love movies
41. Both of my cats are names from movies (Cool Hand Luke and Harvey)
42. I could sleep all day
43. I have 3 different coffee makers
44. I prefer half and half over milk in my coffee
45. I wear a size 10 shoe
46. I'm 6' tall
47. I buy way too many pairs of panties
48. If I have a daughter, I'm naming her Amelia after my Mamaw
49. I hate talking on the phone
50. My favorite color is emerald green!

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I'm going to give this a go too

1. My name is Samantha

2. My middle name is Ann which is also my Great-grandmothers middle name

3. My Mum knew she was going to have a girl called Samantha when she was 5

4. My Mum had me when she was 16

5. I've lived in 11 different houses

6. I've only ever owned Persians & Exotics - never any other type of cat

7. I want to adopt an older dog when I get my own place

8. My boyfriend's name is Kieran

9. Kieran & I have been together since November 06

10. I took a 2 year break from TCS and missed it

11. I used to be addicted to the internet

12. I am addicted to junk food

13. I should visit the dentist more often then I do

14. I'm in my 2nd year of a Bachelor degree

15. I want to do a Masters degree

16. I love the colour pink

17. I'm a night owl but often have to get up early

18. I'm the junior vice president of the Wellington Cat Club

19. I'm also currently owned by one dog

20. My birthday is March 23rd

21. I like watching TV but it's not something I'd miss

22. I prefer reading and that is something I'd miss

23. I like to eat roast dinners

24. I work in a gourmet burger place

25. I like pickles and beetroot on my burgers

26. My Nana is my best friend

27. I have never met a TCS member in person

28. I want to meet Kellye from TCS

29. I'm a NZCF Longhair Cat Judge

30. I've been judging for 2 months

31. I'll be 19 this year

32. I love to eat leeks

33. I equally love onions

34. I brought my first lap top in July 2008

35. I don't use another computer at home any more

36. I enjoy chatting on the phone

37. I'm looking forward to chatting to Susan on the phone

38. I've recieved lots of real mail from TCS members over the years

39. I've got a post card from Rigel on my wall

40. I currently have 4 cats and 1 kitten

41. I'm a home body

42. I don't like corn

43. I don't like rice

44. I've owned 3 pet rats

45. I've owned 2 pet bunnies and 1 guinea pig

46. I've always wanted a pet horse

47. I don't like smoking

48. I like drinking

49. I'm poor!

50. I want to win lotto!

OMG I have a headache!
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OK here goes nothing...

1. My real name is Justin but since 3rd grade everyone knows me as J.R. (my initials). Some of my closest friends don't even know my real name.

2. I'm well over 6 feet tall. My driver's license says I'm 6'6" but I think I'm a bit taller than that.

3. Aside from cats, music is my life. I currently play 6 instruments and I sing a bit as well.

4. I started taking piano lessons before I could run. I took lessons for 9 years (age 3 to 12)

5. When I was 6 I played Für Elise in a piano competition and won first place.

6. Over the past few years I've taught myself guitar, drums, and saxophone.

7. I used to be quite fond of the drink. I was hospitalized once because of it.

8. I still drink socially but nothing like I used to.

9. In grade 4 I invented a form of non-alcoholic rum. It looks, tastes, and smells exactly like rum.

10. I'm somewhat of a computer geek. I love working with computers but there's still a lot I don't know about them.

11. I love animation and CGI from the mid 1990's. Most of the animation on today is just terrible.

12. I have all seasons of Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, ReBoot, and Beast Wars on DVD.

13. I also love the dramas and things like that on in the 1990's. I have all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD.

14. Cars are another passion of mine. My uncle is a mechanic and has taught me everything he knows, which is quite a bit.

15. He actually got kicked out of university because he out-smarted one of his professors and made him look like an idiot.

16. I love to drive. I have no problem driving in snow or rain or anything.

17. 2 days after I got my license, I was driving a 5-tonne truck.

18. Currently the only vehicles I can't legally drive are emergency vehicles, an airplane, and a submarine.

19. I'm a gamer. I have 3 computers, a Wii, XBox 360, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, the original Sega console, and I'm 1 of only 4 people I know who has an original NES.

20. I love strategy games and RPG's.

21. I go to the gym religiously.

22. I use free weights mostly.

23. My max bench press is currently 425 pounds.

24. In the summer one of my favorite things to do is ride my bike (bicycle not motorcycle).

25. The farthest I've gone with it is to Calgary, Alberta (about 754 Km or 469 miles)

26. I hope to take it to the west coast of BC (about 1724 Km or 1071 miles).

27. As some of you may know, my favorite band of all time is Dream Theater.

28. I have seen over 50 music concerts but I've only seen Dream Theater once.

29. I don't have a favorite genre of music but I'm not a fan of rap, hip hop, or country music.

30. I like to travel.

31. In September, my cousin is getting married in New Zealand and I'm planning on going even though me and maybe 10 other people in my family will be able to/want to make the trip.

32. I've been almost everywhere in Canada but I've only been to 5 states.

33. I've never been anywhere in South America, Europe, or Africa.

34. My brother is currently teaching English in Beijing, China.

35. I've been to Beijing twice to see him.

36. I used to read a lot. I still do now just not as much.

37. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and Robert Ludlum.

38. If you can't tell from those authors, I like mystery, suspense and horror novels.

39. My favorite TV shows are Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, House, and CSI.

40. My favorite sports to watch are football and hockey.

41. My favorite sports to play are football, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and curling.

42. In my first year of competitive curling in high school me and my team got a bronze medal. I've been doing it ever since.

43. In 2003, my cousin was a world junior champion in curling.

44. I have 3 cats: Eric, Marie, and Meezers.

45. Eric and Marie are litter mates and when I got them they looked so cute together that I couldn't break them up so I took both.

46. They were named after my grandfather's cats. He had 2 cats that looked a lot like my 2 black and white cats and he names his Eric and Marie.

47. When he died, nobody in the family knew how to care for cats and nobody seemed interested in taking them so we took them to the humane society.

48. Meezers just appeared in my neighbourhood one day and never really left. I tried to find who he may belong to but after a few weeks with no one claiming him, I took him in.

49. I hope to get more cats and eventually adopt a cougar.

50. I'm currently in University to become a Vet.
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  1. I am 31 yrs old, 32 in May.
  2. I was a single mom up untill 5.5yrs ago.
  3. I've been married 2yrs in June.
  4. I own alot of snakes.
  5. I have 2 bearded dragons.
  6. I used to breed leopard geckos.
  7. I used to breed fish (livebearers, bettas, cichlids, synodontis multipunctatus).
  8. I like unusual fish (polypterus for one).
  9. I have 1 cat, Kizzy (Kizmet: means fate/destiny)
  10. I have 1 dog, Brandy (adopted from my mom, who got her from a shelter)
  11. My husband is not an animal person.
  12. My husband does not smoke. (never has)
  13. I do smoke.
  14. My husband does not drink alcohol much.
  15. I enjoy alcohol more often.
  16. My husband has never been addicted to anything.
  17. I have been addicted to many things.
  18. My husband has no tattoos.
  19. I have alot of tattoos. (hard to count because I'm working on a full leg, and full back.... But if I had to put a number on it, I would say 11)
  20. I got my first tattoo at 19. A baby bottle with my daughter's name in it on my ankle.
  21. We finished building our home 6yrs ago this August.
  22. We did all the electrical work ourselves.
  23. We redid work some of the contracters did because they did a bad job.
  24. We usually do one major project per year.
  25. One year we put in central air and central vac.(year 2)
  26. Next year we did our driveway. (Stamped, coloured concrete....its gorgeous)(year 3)
  27. Next year we did landscaping. ( Raised beds in the front, two along the one side, red maple in the front yard, 2 maples in the back...just the beginning) (year 4)
  28. Last year we built our deck and added the hottub. (3 tiered deck, hottub on the upper level off our bedroom... we planned this in the original building of the house, so all we had to do was basically cut a hole in our bedroom and stick a door on it)
  29. We've been working on finishing the basement throughout. ( my snake room has been done since year 2, laundry room is done, rec room only needs carpetting. We still have to do the bathroom and the furnace room but we're in no hurry for that. The idiots put the drain for the bathroom in the wrong place, in fact they put it under the hydro panel It was the only screw up that we missed. So we have to bust up the concrete and reroute the drain into the bathroom)
  30. Our project for this year, we're building a shed. We poured the concrete for it last year when doing the deck.

  31. I have 2 daughters, Kendra and Kayleigh.
  32. I am estranged from my biological father.
  33. I have a wonderful stepfather and a father in law.
  34. I have 4 brothers.
  35. I have 2 sisters.
  36. I am the 2nd oldest out of 7.
  37. My baby sister is 16yrs younger than me.
  38. My mom and stepdad are trying to sell their house to move to a different province because of no work.
  39. My mom is my best friend. We didn't used to be.
  40. My mom was at the birth of my second daughter.
  41. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 13.
  42. I was institutionalised at 13.
  43. I spent a good chunk of my teens in group homes and psych facilities.
  44. I have chronic depression and panic disorder. Mental illness runs in my family.I used to have a very bad anger issue.
  45. I am a reformed self abuser.
  46. I am a former drug addict.
  47. I have lived on the streets.
  48. Ironically I have never been in jail, but I do have a criminal record. When I was 19 I was caught shoplifting. (it was a way I earned money to support my daughter, I was a single mom on welfare at the time)
  49. I do not regret anything I've been through in my life. It has made me who I am today.
  50. I think I'm a pretty good person considering everything I've gone through...I'm stronger for it.

Hope I wasn't too deep for ya'll.
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I'll TRY to make 50...
1. I have red hair
2. I have 7 cats (had 9 until Feb.)
3. I love vegetable gardening, but not flowers (much)
4. I work in a library
5. I once rode an elephant bareback
6. I grew up in the 'burbs, but next to a cow pasture
7. We used to ride their ponies as kids
8. I can milk a cow
9. I used to be a Civil War reenactor, and made all my own clothing and bonnets
10. I am currently a Revolutionary War reenactor, and ditto!
11. I met my DH on a dating service online; I had to joined to meet NON-reenactors; guess who I met???
12. I painted my entire house
13. I am pretty good at home improvements (LOTS of experience around here)
14.I love to give small parties, and do so often
15.I love to cook for other people
16.I love history, esp. military history
17.I usually only read non-fiction books
18.I love flea markets
19. I catered my own wedding, and made my own dress, etc. ,and my Matron-of-Honor's dress; and decorated my reception.
20.I'm only 5 ft tall
21.I twice made 2 would-be rapists or burglars run from me
22.I have seen a few ghosts (or what I believe to have been ghosts)
23.I once saved someone's life; a diabetic friend, when I was 17
24.I have an 11-year old car
25.I'm known to put funny answering machine messages on the home phone
26.I don't mind cleaning toilets, but hate buying gas!
27.I love a nice fire in the fireplace, and do this very often
28.I had to take my driving test 3 times!
29.I've always paid my credit cards in full every month
30.I once had an abusive boyfriend
31.I had planned to become a professional artist or librarian
31.I never went to college, only took a course here and there
32. I speak 6 languages (no longer fluently, apart from English, and even that'd doubtful at times..)
33.I used to be a volunteer literacy tutor for foreign students
34.iI hand-sew all my Rev War clothing to be authentic; no sewing machines then!
35. I just took up knitting
36.I will need to learn how to cook over a fire soon (Rev War)
37. I love Christian homekeeping blogs
38.I am a borderline diabetic
39.I have no kids
40.???? I'll stop boring you all now!!!
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