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guess who got a bath???

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Since the vet said Sabastian was all good he was way overdue for his bath, hes pretty well behaved in the tub.

he let me towel dry him a little but wasnt down for any blow drying, this morning he so clean and smells so good, i brushed him and he started purring.
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lol poor kitty..mine cling to me with claws if I take them into the bathroom...
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Bastian will kinda keep facing the edge of the tub like he wants to get out but then i just tell him only a little longer, i know he doesnt exaclty love it, but at least hes a good boy for me, prob since ive been giving him one since he was a baby
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Wow. What a good boy he is! I wouldn't dare try to bathe my boys. I like my skin intact.
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Awwww, cute wet furbaby! He almost looks like he's falling asleep in the fourth pic.
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How cute, actually looks like he/she is enjoying it!
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so adorable
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Poor baby! He looks like he actually didn't mind too much. Good that you started bathing at an early age! Good job!
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