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5lb 9oz out of a 6lb bag.

I bought it because it was on sale, expiry date of May 2009..... Unfortunately Kizzy's BUTT doesn't like it. I only used about 7oz of it when trying it... I mixed a little in with his normal formal for about a week, which resulted in the most smelliest poops, plus diarrhea. So I quit feeding it.

I'm offering it for shipping costs, which will more than likely be cheaper than buying a bag of it on its own I believe it was $30 plus tax, but I had a coupon for $10 off....

If you are local to the London area, and drive, I'm outside of London (35mins) I'd be happy to give it to you if you come pick it up.

PM me if you are interested in it.

Wellness Core
opened 6lb bag, with most of it remaining.
Expiry date of May 2009
cost me $20ish, I'm offering it for free to someone who will use it, needs it, etc.
Cost to you: shipping or gas to drive here and pick it up.