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Keratectomy in cats

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Hi all.
My 1st post here, great site

Unfortunately, some bad news in my 1st post. My little Himalayan who is almost 2 years old had a corneal sequestrum as diagnosed by the vet. It seems that he has a brown spot forming within 1 of his eyes. This was found out when we took him to the vet due to a a corneal scratch.

He was usually squinting and didnt like to be in the light. This was about two weeks ago. Over time weve given him the medication that the vent perscribed. But when he was taken in for his check up today, the doctor said we can have 2 choices to go from here....

Either continu eto treat with medication, or have a near $3000 Keratectomy surgery (unfortunately, I dont have insurance). He said the medication treatment may only cost $300 (per perscription - may need more thsn 1), but its not a sguaranteed as the surgery.

He also mentioned that my cat is not likely to go blind from this sequestrum.
Does anyone have any experience with this? The surgery cost is a bit much for me... but I dont want to see my cat in any pain (although right now he doesnt seem to ion any) and I definitely dont want him to lose vision in 1 of his eyes.

Would love a 2nd opinion on things... what should I do?
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If you want a second opinion that will really count, I would get it from another specialist.... However... For what you are describing, there is no real need for the surgery. IMO only, surgery should be used as a last resort - you have the possibility of treating the problem with medicine, for much less in cost and in risk. Yes, the medicine is not guaranteed, but likewise, no surgery is ever guaranteed. Keep in mind also that any surgery carries multiple risks.

You also mentioned that cats don't usually go blind from this condition...

I can't tell you what to do, but if it was with my cats, or myself for that matter, I would definitely go with the medicine and use the surgery as a last resort.

Good luck!!
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the problem with the medication is that even tho its only $300, it will likely need to be purchased a few times... Which will add up. Plus, the vet would want to see him every 2 weeks, which is another $150 or so each time... i also read that the chance it gets better with medication is lower than with surgery. Can anyone confirm this?
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I am sorry I can't help you more... I think the feedback you are looking for should be given by an specialist. Talk to another one, tell the whole story, show all the records, and see what they say...
We really can not give medical advices in here - you can get opinions, but advices will be in between you and your vet...

Now - this might be helpful... Again, I did not find the results for the surgery all that comforting - here is the link.
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