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SO I feed my cats wet food ONCE a day ...and that's their breakfast . THEY love it. THEY wake me up for it lol.

Now...I've been finiding a LOT of poop everywhere...adn It hink it's Lilly.

I don't think she's ever been fed wet food.

My boyfriend keeps telling me that its because I feed them wet food that they get like that.

I don't wanna stop feeding them wet food, bcuz then they'd starve in the morning bcuz that's all they'll eat in the AM.

what do Id o???
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No, I really doubt that then eating wet food would make them poo out of the box...

The poo-is it solid or the runs? If it's the runs separate the cats and take the cat you think is doing it to the vet, it may be a problem-well it IS a problem, the runs arn't normal, lol. Have you changed FOODS or LITTER brands lately? How many litter boxes to you have and what size? How often do you scoop? Has anything changed recently (new furniture, new brands of litter, new cats, cats/dogs in yard, carpet, ect)?

You should separate the cats to find out WHO is doing it, and if thee is more than one doing it. If it turns out to be that it's solid poo & she isn't sick, then it's just a kitty who doesn't want to use the box. You would have to re-train her and put her in a small room that has a easy to clean floor (think bathroom) with her food, water, and a clean litter box. Then you would gradually increase her access to the rest of the house over weeks, and under constant supervision until she stops.
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It's possible that the food is too rich for her system and you just need to find a different food for her. Make sure you clean all the spots where she's pooped with enzymatic cleaner or she'll go back to that spot and use it again.
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I have no kitty who poops outside of the box when she has a UTI. Pees in the box, but poops outside. I'd consider getting her vet checked to rule out any health issues.
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